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This page is all about our Student Parliament which was elected for the first time in March 2103.
This is the result of our first Student Parliament Election which was held in March 2013.

Robins - 83 votes which gives 11 seats
Puffins - 80 votes which gives 10 seats
Herons - 72 votes which gives 9 seats
Magpies - 71 votes which gives 9 seats

This means that Robins (who are in the photo) got the most votes but that there is no overall
winner. This is good because it will force our children to work together in what gets grandly called a Coalition.

Our Student Parliament has a budget of £500 to carry out their work.
In addition to this they can decide to fund raise and may also ask for extra money for special projects.

Elections will take place every six months.

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Our Students Parliament's first meeting took place on Friday 19th April 2013.

Meeting Agenda - 19th April 2013
Meeting Minutes - 19th April 2013

This is a summary of the actions and decisions that occurred in this meeting:

There will be a vote about buying new football goals and on a football netball rota at the next meeting.

We are going to find out how many children would be interested in cycling at school and discuss starting to do this at the next meeting.

We decided to set up a tennis or hockey club for younger children.

We want to buy some board games but we need to find out what sort of things children would like to play.

We are going to hold a non-uniform, fancy dress, "Scottish Day", to raise money for new books for the library.

We are going to set up a book swap scheme so that children can swap their old books for other children's old books.


Meeting Agenda - 26th April 2013
Meeting Minutes - 26th April 2013

This is a summary of the actions and decisions that occurred in this meeting:

It was decided not to start a cycling or recorder club.

It was decided that older children would start a tennis club for younger children next week.

It was decide to spend £48 on a set of football goals for the small playground.
It was decided to start a rota so that football wasn't the only sport played on the big playground.

A committee was set up to organise a non-uniform day and set up a book swap scheme.

Spending some money on board games will be voted on at the next meeting.

It was agreed to spend £4,000 on a path across the back of the football pitch to Tucker's Park.
This money wouldn't include seating or a garden area an things like that but there is still plenty of money left for this.


Meeting Agenda - 10th May 2013
Meeting Minutes - 10th May 2013

This is a summary of the actions and decisions that occurred in this meeting:

The playground rota will start on Monday.
A tennis club will start next week (run by older children).

The board game survey will be completed so that a vote can take place next week.

One of the Wii's will be moved to Class Four so that children can play on it more easily.
We will find out what sort of new games there are.

There will be a non-uniform, cake sale and competition day on Friday 17th May.
£25 will be spent on prizes for this.

The book swap scheme has still not been set up.
This will be done next week.

We are going to try and organise trampoline lessons, either in school time or as a club.

The cost of swings will be looked in to.

A committee has been set up to plan and run and end of School Year, Year Six Disco.


Meeting Agenda - 21st June 2013
Meeting Minutes - 21st June 2013

This is a summary of the actions and decisions that occurred in this meeting:

Nothing has been done about moving the Wii.
The book swap scheme has started but isn’t being used much.
The new football goals haven’t been ordered.

Fundraising events like a History Week and Cinema Day are being planned.

We are going to start an annual End of School disco for Year Six.

The playground rota has been changed because it isn’t working.

We will be spending £75 on board games.

The path has been started.
Year Six will be developing this area.
Year Four are planning the growing area.

The Around the World Day was a huge success and raised £416.
We are going to spend £371 on new books.

Younger children will have rugby training from September.
There will be a Trampoline Club from September.

We are still looking into Swings / Slides.


Date and Time of Next Meeting - Friday 28th June 2013 at 11.45am


#1 NATHANIEL 2013-04-21 17:36
I am so glad we won. I can't wait to change the school grounds and make the school a better place.
By Josh
#2 Euan Scott 2013-04-25 11:00
Love the idea of the parliment its very fun.
#3 Kira Schiffer 2013-04-30 16:54
I am so happy that we won but well done to all the other groups that took part. I am glad that some of the clubs have started, I hope that the younger age groups will be glad to.
#4 Marie 2013-05-26 09:36
Well done to all the teams but i am glad we won! I'm really looking forward to the netball and football rota to happen. Also I hope the younger children enjoy the clubs that have started for them.

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