About School Context and Overall Judgments

This section of our web-site has two distinct sections. In the first instance we will be writing about the local and national contexts in which the school operates.

This includes things that have a positive and negative impact on what we are trying to do.

This section is also the place where we record our overall judgements and views on our work and how well we think we are doing.

Central to this are the outcomes for individuals and different groups and the extent to which we believe that we can continue to progress in the future.

We will finish by making a final, overall statement which will put the things that we do and our success in the important context of the value for money which we believe that we are giving.

Reader's Comments

We are committed to putting every aspect of our school’s work into the public domain so that all of the things that we are doing and working hard to improve are available to everyone for their comments and input.

We are always delighted to receive input from people who have an interest in the work that we are doing.

On all articles on this site you will get the chance to leave your comments and read the comments of others.
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