North Wales 2017

Hello everyone.  It's Mrs T here again with an update from the day.  The children have had another really busy day, kayaking, climbing and gorging.  They are currently at the cinema - although I imagine there are lots of tired eyes watching the film! Everyone is in good spirits and looking forward to a very different adventure tomorrow. 

Hi everyone - Mrs T here again!  After a busy day of climbing we are very proud to report that all of the children safely reached the top of Snowdon today.  As you can see below we have some pictures of our brave conquerors - apologies for the lack of photos of one of the groups - technology is really not being cooperative with us at the moment!  After such an eventful day the group are now dry slope skiing - and having an amazing time I am sure.   Tomorrow will see them carrying on with their outdoor activities - either kayaking and climbing or gorging. 
Thank you all for your comments and emails.  We will update as soon as we have some more pictures to share!


Another update - some photos of the children enjoying the walls at the climbing centre this evening!  Simon would be very proud! Weather permitting the group are planning to climb Snowdon tomorrow - we will keep you updated!




Hello again everyone - Mrs T here with some photos from the past two days.  Technology has been kind and allowed us to get some photographs of the group who went gorging today.  As you can see everyone is having a great time and enjoying the challenging activities.  While one group have been gorging today, the other group have had fun kayaking and climbing outdoors.  At the moment we are not able to get any photos from the kayaking group - fingers crossed!!   As soon as we have more photos to share I will update again.

Hopefully tomorrow or Thursday will see the group climbing Snowdon - I am sure we will be able to share lots of happy smiling faces at the summit!

If anyone is having problems leaving a comment please feel free to send it to, and I will upload them for you.




Hello everyone.  Mrs T here with a quick update.  I've 'borrowed' this picture of the hostel from a previous year, as unfortunately technology has not allowed the sending of any pictures yet.  We heard from the group earlier and they were on the way to the hostel following a fantastic day in the Black Country Museum.  They were expecting to arrive at the hostel at around 7pm, so I imagine they have just enjoyed a hearty dinner!

The children are all in very good spirits - and looking forward to the adventures to come this week. 
As soon as we manage to get some pictures sent across I will update the page.


London 2017

We've had a great day at the Tate Modern, Globe Theater, St Paul's and The British Museum.
This evenings performance of Romeo and Juliet was fantastic.
We're safely back at the Youth Hostel and looking forward to Thorpe Park tomorrow.

We still can't upload photos - sorry.

We'll see you all tomorrow evening.
If we're running much later than 11.00pm we'll ring.



Morning everyone (Thursday morning that is).

We've found another hot-spot (good old BT !!!) so we can leave a quick message. I can't get photos to upload but I'm sure Becki will be able to get something up later.

We're all having a great time.
Wicked was fantastic last night and we're heading for the Tate and Globe and stuff like that this morning.

Everyone has slept well and we're all looking forward to another great day.

It's a bit cooler today - thank God !!



Hello again everyone.  Mrs T here with a quick update.   Here are a few photos from the visit to the Natural History Muesum today.   The children are currently at the theatre, no doubt engrossed in Wicked!  Hopefully we will manage to get some more photos from the day transferred over later on!

Hi everyone - Mrs T again.  This is just a quick update to add some pictures of our ten pin bowling teams!  The games were close, but I can reveal that the winners for each lane were: Laura, Abby P, Oliver, Ellen and Ali.  The overall winner, with an amazing score of 130 was Laura!   Following the bowling matches the children were going for a stroll along the embankment on their way back to the youth hostel.  I imagine there will be lots of sleepy heads finding their way to bed at the moment!

Hello everyone, Mrs T again.  As promised, here are some pictures which show some of the landmarks our travellers have visited today! It's been a very busy day, and they are currently enjoying what will no doubt be a competitive game of ten-pin bowling.   Today's adventures have included a trip to Westminster Abbey, The London Dungeons and the Royal Observatory.  As you can see from the pictures, the children are certainly getting around, and seeing as much of the city as they can!  Thank you again for all of your comments!


Hello Everyone.

I've managed to find an internet hot-spot !!!

We've had a great day exploring London and we're back in the hostel for tea before
bowling tonight.

The children have been brilliant and everyone is safe and well.

If possible I'll get a few photos on line later - if not I'm sure Becki will.

Hi Everyone - Mrs T here with some pictures the intrepid travellers have sent through!  The internet isn't being too co-operative so far - hopefully this will improve!

Everyone is currently safely at the cinema, after a very long and hot day! After the delays getting into the city, everyone enjoyed the scenic tour in, taking in the sights such as Picadilly Circus, The Ritz and Harrods (hopefully Sir will be bringing us all back some lovely gifts!!).   Once they arrived everyone enjoyed the London Eye - spooting landmarks and working out how far they will be going in their adventures this week.   After they had completed their journey on the Eye, everyone enjoyed a walk through the city - taking in many sights such as Trafalgar Square, Nelson's Column, Downing  Street and Horseguards Parade.


Following their dinner the group have headed off to the cinema - I don't think we would be surprised if there were some sleepy heads during the film!

Fingers crossed, and internet allowing there will be a few more photos added later on.   Thanks for all your comments!


Hello Everyone.

As usual we've been having internet problems - in the middle of one of the World's great cities !!
You really wouldn't believe it would you !!!

Everyone is fine and having a great time despite the heat - which there is a lot of !

We had a journey from hell getting here. It took nearly eight hours to get here .....

I'll get some photos on later.

Sorry about the delay

Class Five Survival Day

As part of our 'Shipwrecked' topic, the children in Class Five have been lucky enough to complete a Survival Day, working with Rowland Jones from 'Bear Track Survival' at Julians Farm.  The day involved loads of different activities and challenges, which helped us to understand the key principles of outdoor survival.  Everyone had a great time, and we even had some really brave tasters for the 'meal worm omlette'!  Please check into the Class Five page next week when there will be a report from the children based on their day.

Gardening Updates

As we move into the summer months, our gardening project is in full swing!  Each class is currently cultivating a chilli plant as part of our chilli competition, along with their own potatoes which are happily growing outside of school.   The Year Six children spent a very muddy day planting up rhubarb and raspberries and many other plants in the barrels outside of school, along with preparing the ground ahead of the construction of our poly tunnel.   We have also built a new bed near the climbing boulder, and introduced a range of other herbs and plants in all sorts of places around school.

The children in gardening club have been busy planting up new vegetables from seed, including squashes, beans and pak choi! They have sewn the seeds into trays of starter plugs. Once they are ready, the gardeners will plant them out in the vegetable beds to continue their growing journey outside! We look forward to tasting the produce!

During half term the PTA hosted a plant sale to raise funds to support all the gardening going on at school. A massive thank you to everyone who bought plants and to all the stalls which donated 10% of their sales to the school.

This has certainly been a very busy term so far, and our gardening club have big plans for the rest of the summer.   We must thank Mrs Musson and Richard Hart for all of their hard work with this project – the school grounds look amazing at the moment and it is fabulous to see so many children enjoying gardening!

In-House Gym Competition

On Tuesday 23rd May we held a school based Gymnastics competition, in order to raise some funds for gymnastics equipment and leotards.   The number of children who chose to enter the competition was amazing to see - and watching them complete floor routines and a vault competition was fantastic.  All of the children competed to a high standard, with all of our Gymnastics coaches expressing their pride at the attitude the pupils demonstrated.   At the end of the day the whole school gathered for a presentation in which the top 6 children in each category were awarded medals or ribbons.

Year One Competition:

Bronze - Freya Pitt.                Silver - James Wilmot.            Gold - Lacey Osborne

Year Two Competition:

Bronze - Bradley Starr           Silver - Finley Shadrick          Gold - Azalea Wooldridge

Key Stage Two Novice Boys Competition:

Bronze - Harrison Grubb       Silver - Cory Stevens              Gold - Nathan Bewes

Key Stage Two Novice Girls Competition:

Bronze - Eden Downing        Silver -  Charlotte Conway       Gold - Lara Bird

Key Stage Two Intermediate 'B' Boys Competition:

Bronze - Joshua Lui              Silver - Ewan Shadrick            Gold - Stanley Waters

Key Stage Two Intermediate 'B' Girls Competition:

Bronze - Lucy Baker.             Silver - Eleanor Foster            Gold - Imogen Spencer

Key Stage Two Intermediate 'A' Mixed Competition:

Bronze - Emma Wright          Silver - Archie Waters             Gold - Holly Chamberlain

A special mention must also be made for Imogen Spencer and Lara Bird, who won the overall Intermediate and Novice categories respectively!   We also need to say an enormous thank you to Kerry, Sarah, Aaron, Ashleigh and Claire for all of their hard work before, during and after the competition.  It is such a pleasure to see the children being able to take part in these activities, and as always, their effort and attitude was exemplary.

Shebbear Football Competition

Recently we were also able to take two football teams to a tournament at Shebbear College.  This competition saw a Year Four and Year Five team taking part, and both teams clocked up several victories before they ended up facing each other!  Both teams played brilliantly in this match, and after winning, our older team went on to appear in the final of the overall tournament.  We were very proud of both teams of children during the tournament, and it is good to know that we will have very strong football teams over the next few years!

Book Buddies

We have recently enjoyed getting stuck into our 'Book Buddies' project again.  This involves children sharing books that they enjoy with children from another class.  The older children choose a librray book to share with their younger partners, while the younger children read their own reading books to their older counterparts.  Sometimes we also get to share books we have created ourselves.  Everyone enjoys the opportunity to read and share books and stories with a new partner!

Class Three have been sharing their 'Viking Books' with the children in Class Two in their Book Buddies sessions!

Year Four Residential

Hello again everyone!  After an action packed day we all returned to school this evening.  I thought I would take the opportunity to share some pictures of today so that you can all see what we have been up to!  I also wanted to say an enormous thank you to Mr Lapham, Mrs Carey, Sarah Lewis and Caroline Stevens for giving up their time, energy and general wonderfulness so readily!  We have had a fantastic few days away, and throughout the trip I have been blown away by the amazing attitude and enthusiasm of the wonderful children in Year Four.  They have been an absolute credit to themselves, their families and their school.   We are all incredibly proud of them, and hope they have a well deserved rest this weekend!!


Good Morning! We have just eaten enormous breakfasts and are now busy packing to get ready to head towards Crealy! Everyone slept brilliantly and the teachers enjoyed waking all of the children up this morning!! We are now looking forward to a fun filled day to finish off our trip.   We will see you all back at school at around 6pm - traffic allowing!  If we are due to be much later than around 6:30pm we will call and let you all know.   Here is a photo of us shortly after our breakfasts - some sneaky children were hiding behind the back row - sorry!!


Hello again!  It's 11:30pm on Day Two and all of the children are soundly snoring!  We have had a really busy day with loads of activities and tours crammed in, before a brilliant laser quest tournament this evening!  As you can see from the pictures below we have been really enjoying all of the attractions we have visited - everyone is certainly in high spirits!

We started the day at Bristol Zoo, with an opportunity to explore and see all of the animals. We also took part in an African Experience session, where we were able to meet and handle meal worms, beetles, a Plated Lizard and a Pancake Tortoise. We found out lots about African habitats and were able to see many of the animals we discussed when we continued to explore the zoo.

At the SS Great Britain we were able to build on our recent topic and both ask and answer lots of questions as we went around on a guided tour.   We also explored the underside of the ship, and the museum based on the different journeys the ship has been on.

Finally, this evening, we took part in a laser quest tournament.  We split into teams and took part in team based matches.  Mr Lapham's 'Legends' were the victorious team this evening, with the individual leader board showing Mrs T back in top position - shortly followed by Caroline, Mr Lapham and Callum (who was in the top 5 scores twice!).


Hello everyone! We have had an amazing day visiting the Zoo and the SS Great Britain.  We are off to laser quest very shortly, so spirits are high, as I am sure you can imagine!  We will get the photos from our day uploaded when we get back to the hostel this evening - sorry for the delay - we've been having too much fun!



Hello again everyone! Miraculously everyone is asleep by 11:30pm, after a fantastic evening exploring the harbour on our Pirate Walk.  As the photos show, it's been a very busy day with wonderful activities and shows.  The children have had an amazing attitude today, and we are all certainly looking forward to another action packed day tomorrow.

Thank you for all of your lovely comments so far - we will read them over breakfast in the morning!


Hello everyone.  We have safely arrived in Bristol, and have had a brilliant day at @Bristol.  After a very hearty dinner we are about to head out on our Pirate Walk!  We will get photos uploaded later so you can all see our adventures from the day.  If anyone is having trouble leaving comments please email them across to me at, and we will get them uploaded.


As you can see, the children in Year Four are getting ready to go on their residential trip.  We will use  this page to keep everyone up to date, and share lots of pictures of the things that we have been up to (hopefully with a few more children looking at the camera!!).  Please leave comments below for us to read to the children during the trip!

Year Three Residential

Hello again everyone!  By now I am sure all of Year Three are fed, washed and probably gently snoring somewhere!  I wanted to get the final update online to show you all some of the pictures from our brilliant day at Camel Creek.  We had great fun exploring the attractions, with plenty of rides, play areas and even a 5D cinema to enjoy!  As you can see from the pictures below, we certainly kept ourselves busy up to the last minute, only stopping once for a sneaky ice cream!

Now that the trip is over I want to say an enormous thank you to everyone who has been involved and helped us along the way.  In particular a huge thank you goes out to Mrs Musson, Caroline and Alex, who have worked tirelessly to keep everything running smoothly and ensure everyone had a fabulous time!

Over the course of the trip we have received countless compliments about the children's behaviour, manners and fabulous attitude from everyone that we have met.  They have been an absolute pleasure to spend time with, and I know I speak on behalf of all the staff when we say an enormous well done to them for being such superstars.  Their exceptional approach to their first residential has left everyone involved feeling really proud of them - they truly are a huge credit to the school and their families!


Hi everyone!  One last update before we head off for our final day of adventures.  Everyone slept well, and after a peaceful night Mrs Musson and Mrs Turner really enjoyed waking everyone up this morning!

We are currently tucking into a huge breakfast before we finish packing and head off to Camel Creek!  Thanks again for messages, we will finish reading them at lunchtime today!

See you all at school at 6pm!


One final update for the evening, everyone is fast asleep and dreaming of rides, play areas and ice cream!

As you can see we had a fantastic time bowling this evening - with lots of strikes and spares!

Hi everyone!  Just a quick update to let you all know that we are safely back from bowling and that we are settling into bed as Mrs Turner types.  Unfortunately the wifi isn't quite fast enough to get photos uploaded at the moment - we will aim to get them up during breakfast tomorrow!  Thank you for all of your lovely comments - we are having an amazing time and it's great to get such lovely messages from home to keep us all going!

Hello once again!  We are just eating dinner after a very busy day!  Everyone is eating incredibly well and enjoying the homely food.

As promised, we have the pictures and results from the Boat Races below.  Following our morning at the Maritime Museum we visited Pendennis Castle and had a great time exploring the different buildings and forts.  Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to play in the beautiful sunshine and admire the gorgeous scenery.

The National Maritime Museum: Boat Racing Results!!!

We lined up to start the races.  As you can see below the boats we built were very impressive!


'Dark Eye'

'E H Friends'


'K9 Golden Waves'

'Scarlet Silver'

'Silver Tide'

'The Black Cat'

'The Florence'

Obviously the teachers had to have a go too.... Mrs T & Mrs Musson vs Alex & Caroline!

'The New Hampshire'

'The Working Towards National Expectations!'

We had loads of fun racing the boats across the indoor pool - the picture below shows the winners of the children's races.  Our children's champion also challenged Alex & Caroline, the winners of the teacher's race.  This ended in inevitable defeat for the adults!!!

Our champion of champions!!!

This evening we are heading to Truro to go Ten Pin Bowling - watch this space for some more photos around bedtime!






Hello again!  We are currently eating our lunch at the Maritime Museum, before we race the wonderful boats we have been building this morning.   As you can see from the photos we have had a very busy morning, learning about how boats are built , and then putting our learning in to practice!  The races are coming up straight after lunch, and we will let you all know the results when we update later on!


Good Morning Everyone!  We've just settled down for our breakfast after an incredibly quiet nights sleep!  Everyone was soundly asleep by 11:30pm, and there was not a murmur through the night! The teachers even had the pleasure of waking everyone up this morning - and there were lots of sleepy heads!!

As promised below are the photographs from the laser quest last night, we had the most amazing time playing a tournament in teams, and then a full class game as well.   Mrs Turner's team won the tournament (thank goodness), and Caroline's team won the class match!

Today we are looking forward to building boats at the Maritime Museum and and exploring Pendennis Castle - I will endeavour to post pictures during the day - fingers crossed for wifi!!

Thank you all for your lovely messages, keep sending them, and if anyone is having problems feel free to email them to me at and I will add them from an email!  The children love to hear from home, and the messages are certainly making everyone smile!!


Hello everyone!  We are currently having huge amounts of fun in Laser Quest - to be honest, the teachers are having just as much fun as the children!  We've settled in to the youth hostel, and ate lots for dinner - sausage and mash is always popular!  Our day at Flambards was action packed, and we were able to explore the Victorian Village as well as sneak on to a few rollercoasters!!  We will hopefully get lots of pictures up here now for you to enjoy!  Keep checking back for more updates!

We really enjoyed looking around the Victorian Village and finding out what life was like!  Everyone asked lots of fantastic questions and kept Mrs T, Mrs Musson, Alex and Caroline on our toes!!

Then we had lots of fun on the rides!!


As you can see, the children in Year Three are very excited about their residential trip!  They will be leaving school at 8:30am on Wednesday morning and heading to Penzance for three days.  We will post updates, and pictures here as often as we can - please leave us lots of messages from home!

Arts Festival Performance

As part of the Bradworthy Arts Festival we were delighted to be invited to perform in the village square.  This gave us a wonderful opportunity to showcase some of the many musical groups we have in school.   We performed an hours set, with songs from our Rock Band, Brass Band and Ukulele Choir.   The children all performed amazingly and we are incredibly proud of them all.  Their commitment and practice has certainly paid off, and I know we are all looking forward to their next performances!

Art Exhibition

This year our Art Exhibition ties in with the Bradworthy Arts Festival once again.  The theme for the festival this year is 'Energy' and each class has been hard at work making exciting entries to be displayed during the exhibition weekend.  We have a huge variety of projects being completed, involving machinery, sound waves, mobiles and our very own wind farm.  The children in Years Three and Four have also recorded short films as part of their work towards the exhibition, and these will be on display throughout the weekend.

The school exhibition will be open from 10am - 4pm on Saturday 29th April, Sunday 30th April and Monday 1st May.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Mrs Recycle

We were thrilled to be visited by Mrs Recycle this week.  Mrs Recycle visits school to teach us about how to recycle, and the importance of taking care of the environment around us.   During her visit this year we were all able to find out more about recycling in an assembly, and then the children in Year Three were able to take part in an extra session.

We all had loads of fun meeting Mrs Recycle, and we can't wait to see her again soon!

Gymnastics Competition

On Sunday 26th March 50 gymnasts competed at the North Devon Schools Gymnastic Competition with some truly outstanding results. The gymnasts have been practicing for the last few months and their hard work has really paid off, and they have made their coaches, teachers and parents very proud.

The team results were as follows:

Under 7 novice girls – Silver

Under 7 novice mixed – Gold

Under 7 novice boys – Gold

Under 9 novice Girls

Under 9 novice mixed – 4th

Under 9 novice Boys – Gold

Under 11 novice boys

Under 9 intermediate mixed – Gold

Under 11 intermediate boys – Gold

Under 11 intermediate mixed – Silver

The individual results:

Under 7 novice boys – Silver – Finley Shadrick

Under 7 novice girls – Gold - Azalea Wooldridge

Under 9 novice boys – Bronze – Rory Piper

Under 9 intermediate boys – Bronze - Stanley Waters

Under 11 intermediate boys – Bronze – Josh Lui

Under 11 intermediate boys – Gold – Archie Waters

A special trophy was presented for the highest vault score of the whole day to Archie Waters with an amazing score of 9.80 out of a possible 10.00, and although there was not a trophy for this amazing achievement, Azalea Wooldridge deserves a mention as she had the second highest combined floor and vault score of the day with a whopping 18.10.

Class Four Museum

'The children in Class Four have been working hard to make a museum about World War One and World War Two. They have been working in pairs to research a specific area of the war and then present their research in the form of a museum. They also brought in items from home that their families have kept which relate to the wars.

On Thursday the 30th March we set up our museum in the school hall and invited families, friends and the rest of the children in the school to come an have a look at our museum. It was a great success and everyone had a brilliant afternoon. Well done to all the children in Class Four who worked very hard to make some amazing museum stalls.'

Easter Egg Hunt

Our fabulous PTA have been very busy again this term, and they helped us break up for the Easter holidays in style!  We were lucky enough to have an Easter Egg Hunt set up for us throughout the school - with children in Key Stage One hunting for letters all across the school, and children from Key Stage Two finding clues and solving riddles.

After decoding some fiendish anagrams everyone found the 'code words' and we were rewarded with a delicious Easter Egg to enjoy during the holidays.    We must say an enormous thank you to everyone on our amazing PTA who spent time hiding clues, helping us to find them again, and delivering the eggs to some very happy children!

Seed Tray Competition

Children across school have been taking part in a seed tray garden challenge. The children have planned and created miniature gardens in groups around a theme of their choice. As you'll see from the photos, we had a variety of different gardens from jungle to pirate themes! The children have all worked extremely hard over the coming weeks to complete their gardens and have worked together very well developing their imaginative ideas. There were two winners on the day, a class prize and a group prize which were judged by our school gardener Richard Hart.

The class prize went to Year 5 for their fantastically colourful Caribbean gardens!

The group prize went to the 'Green Garden' in Class 3 for your neat rows of mini carrots!

Well done to everyone for creating such detailed and creative gardens - they all looked fantastic!

Red Nose Day 2017

We had lots of fun celebrating Red Nose Day this year, with a fantastic cake sale and dance competition in school to raise money for the charity.  Everyone enjoyed wearing their own clothes or fancy dress to school, and the wonderful cakes that were contributed for the cake sale provided welcome refreshments for our hungry dancers.

As you can see, the dance competition was lots of fun, and everyone enjoyed throwing some shapes (even the teachers!!).

Thank you to everyone who donated cakes for the cake sale and helped to raise money for such a wonderful cause.


Our Comic Relief Dance Off Champions.....


Bradworthy's Strongest Man

At the end of the Spring Term, our Athletics coach Alan Denyer organised a 'Bradworthy's Strongest Man' competition.  We were drawn into teams, and each team had to complete lots of fun challenges.  As these photos show, we all had an amazing time, and worked hard to compete as a team.   The winners even received their very own commemorative 'Atlas Stones' as a trophy!




World Book Day 2017

On Friday March 17th we celebrated World Book Day across the school.  Everyone had great fun getting into wonderful costumes, and we took part in many book and reading themed events during the day.

In the afternoon the whole school gathered in the hall where we were thrilled to award some prizes to the ‘Top Library Borrower’ from each class.  These prizes were awarded to the child in each class who has borrowed the most books from our library so far this year.

Following these prizes our World Book Day Quiz began.   This saw all of the children competing in many different rounds, and having lots of fun along the way.   Congratulations go to all of the children who took part, especially those children from Years Three – Six who represented their teams.   This year the competition was incredibly close, with only four points separating all of the teams at the end of the final round.    This year’s winners were the Herons, with an impressive score of 27 points.

We must thank Mary Weblin, our wonderful School Librarian for all of her hard work in preparing this year’s quiz, along with everyone else who helped and took part.  Thanks must also go to everyone at home who created some amazing costumes!  We hope you all enjoy using your book day tokens towards something new and exciting to read!

Class Two - Kenya

We have been learning about Kenya in Geography this half term. On Friday 10th March, we had a ‘Kenyan Day’ in Year Two. Throughout the day, the children had the opportunity to take part in a range of exciting activities with Mrs Carey and Miss Kempton.

In the morning, the children took part in an African Safari with Miss Kempton and made ‘Mama Panya’s Pancakes’ with Mrs Carey.  As part of our English this week, we have been looking at writing instructions, after the children made and ate their pancake they wrote instructions to explain how we made them. In the afternoon, we made African thumb pots, African masks and colourful Maasai necklaces. We finished the day listening to African music and sharing an African story.

Everyone had a fantastic day and the children have created some lovely pieces of art work which are on display in the classroom.

Class Three at Julians Farm

Class 3 spent the afternoon at Julian's Farm exploring the wildlife, trees and colours around them. We were very lucky with the weather and enjoyed an afternoon of sunshine! The children searched the farm for different colours, bugs and twigs. They also collected things throughout their walk on the farm and added them to their journey stick which we will be using in class for some map work. The children will also be writing some Spring poems using everything they collected with their senses in our afternoon on the farm.

Steel Drums

This term we have hired a set of Steel Drums to use in our music lessons and activities.  The children in Class Five have started to explore the drums with Mrs Turner, and had lots of fun setting them up and putting together our first piece of music.  As you can see from the photographs and the video below, the children were very quick learners, and they are already looking forward to their next challenge.

Dental Nurse Visit

Kim from Torrington Dental Practice came in  to talk to the children in Reception, Class One and Class Two on Friday. She explained how we should be looking after our teeth and how to brush them correctly. Kim organised lots of different activities to encourage us to think about taking the best care of our teeth. She even gave everyone a brand new toothbrush and some toothpaste. We hope to see lots of extra sparkly smiles on Monday morning!

Football at Holsworthy Community College

We took 3 teams to the Holsworthy Community College football tournament and all 3 teams did very well. All the teams played 4 games. The C's won 1 drew 1 and lost 2 finishing in 6th place. The B team won 2 and drew 2 finishing in an impressive 3rd place. The A's won 3 and drew 1 beating Holsworthy in the Final to win the Tournament overall. Some excellent football played all afternoon in very poor weather conditions. George Wellington and Lara Bird received certificates of recognition for excellent play throughout the afternoon. Well done everyone that played.

Pyjama Party!

On Friday 10th February 2017 Bradworthy Academy held a Pyjama Party to raise money for Cancer Research UK. This event was organised by Holly Chamberlain, Evie Hoddinott, Lily Drake, Olivia Guy and Charlie Orsler with help from others from Year 6 during the cake sale.

The children all contributed £1 to come to school in their PJ’s and purchased cakes during break times with all proceeds going to the great cause. The children really enjoyed themselves and there were big cakey smiles all round!

Pupils and parents from across the school worked to produce cakes and sweets for the sale.  Thank you to everyone who donated cakes - we are incredibly grateful for your efforts.

They were delicious… and sticky!

Holly and her team would like to thank everyone for being so generous and helpful. A good time was had by all and the children managed to raise a brilliant total £262.84p!


Goldilocks and the Three Bears

'It's behind you!'
Children from Reception and Year One had a wonderful evening watching a pantomime of Goldilocks and the Three Bears at the Hats Theatre, Holsworthy on Friday. They laughed, sang and danced. Many other visitors commented on how much the children were enjoying themselves and how well they all behaved. 'Oh no they didnt'...

Art with The Plough

Class Five were lucky enough to work with Sophie from The Plough Arts Centre and Sue Cottam this week, in a school workshop preparing for the Bradworthy Arts Festival.

The children had a great time creating mobiles which reflect the theme 'Creative Energy'.  These will feature in the Arts Festival, and are currently on display in Class Five!

We must say a huge thank you to Sophie and Sue for all of your hard work - we all had a wonderful time and the finished products look wonderful.

Chinese New Year

We have been learning about Chinese New Year over the past week, and children in many classes have taken part in lots of different activities linked to the celebrations.

Class Two enjoyed eating noodles with chopsticks, and making lots of wonderful crafts based on the 'Year of the Rooster'.  Class Three tried noodles and green tea, while the children in Class Five have been making lanterns, learning how to write their names in Chinese, and having chopstick races.

The children have also had some fortune cookies, and we are looking forward to finding out what they said!

Check in to our Class Pages for more photographs, just click on the 'About' tab and choose the class you want to see more about!

Gymnastics Success

The 2017 gymnastic season started with our first competition held at Kingsley school on January 29th. Our two teams of intermediate gymnasts and novice individuals competed alongside some very talented gymnasts from school all over the South West.

The intermediate under 11 boys’ team, Josh Lui, Stanley Waters and Ewan Shadrick had the judges giggling with their cheeky trio team routine when they ‘dabbed’ at the end. With that, their vaults and individual routines they achieved 2nd place which qualifies them for the National finals held in Stoke-on-Trent where they will compete against schools from all over the United Kingdom.

Our mixed under 11 team, Archie Waters, Holly Chamberlain and Megan Fry also achieved a very well deserved 1st place when they impressed the judges with their ‘Bollywood’ team routine, vaults and individual routines. They will also be competing at Stoke-on-Trent representing our school, and the whole of the South West.

Individually our gymnasts had some fantastic results with Archie Waters winning first place in the under 11 intermediate boys category, Holly Chamberlain an impressive 3rd in the under 11 intermediate girls and in the under 11 novice category, Olivia Guy won 3rd place.

Year Six Band

Following the hard work involved in Killer Queen, the Year Six band is now starting a new term with some new challenges...

The Year 6 band is going very well we meet every Wednesday in after school sessions. We’ve started learning a few different songs, one that has been popular with the group is “Whisky in the Jar.” We’re also learning “Baba O ’Riley” by The Who. For “Baba O ‘Riley” Lara and I are playing the steel drums. I really enjoy playing the steel drums it’s so nice playing something different. The steel drums are only oil barrels but they have been tuned and bent so they make a cool sound. They are more challenging to play because of how different they are.

Alex is always teaching us new chords and we always try our hardest to learn them. We play different instruments in most of our songs it isn’t just the guitars being played, there also the ukuleles, Bass, Drums and the Piano. We always have on going projects, one is a song called “St’ James Infirmary” which we hope to record later in the year with Alex and produce a CD or Video to go on our YouTube channel.

By Lara and Jess

Class 6

Bikeability - Year Six

Year Six have been completing a Bikeability course this term, as part of our Outdoor Education programme.

We liked Bikeability because we went to the playground to ride around courses.

First our teachers Ian and Tom talked to us about clothing, what we should and should not wear while on a bike.

Next we learnt how to move around cars on the playground first and then on the road.

Then we went onto the roads and rode up to a lane to learn how to do something called a right turn in a safe manner, just like cars.

After that we went to a lane to do a formation called the snake.

It’s where we all follow the leader in a single file and make a long line of cyclists which looks like a snake.

We enjoyed Bikeability a lot because we liked working with Ian and Tom and it was a challenge to complete all of their tasks.

By Oliver, Thane,  and Sam

Board Games Club

As many of you will already know, this year we have started to run a Board Games Club on a Friday evening.  The children have really enjoyed getting stuck into a range of games, as you can see from the pictures.

If anyone has any old games that are no longer being played at home, we would be very grateful to accept these to add to our stocks!  Please feel free to drop them at the school office, or give them to Mrs Musson or Mrs Disney.

Climbing Competition

We recently took part in our first Climbing Competition in Exeter.

There were 23 participants from Bradworthy, and we were the only school team in the competition.

Group D had the dark greens as their first route. The dark greens were group D’s easiest climb.

Their second climb was the floral greens that had three small ledges.   Their last climb was floral pink which hardly anyone completed and was very hard.

Group C had the yellow as their first route.

Their second route was the fluorescent orange the had a small ledge.  Their last route was the salmons which was very hard.

Also all the Groups had to do three boulder challenges.

You got three attempts at each bouldering challenge and were graded on the furthest hold that you got to.

The wall we climbed on was a lot higher than the one that we have in school which felt daunting, however we gave it our best shot and enjoyed ourselves very much. We look forward to training more with Simon and hopefully competing again in other climbing competitions.

By Stephen, Lily and Evie

Fire Service Visit

Bideford Fire Station visited Classes 2 and 5 this week and talked to the children about fire safety in the home, and at school. The children learned how to protect themselves in the event of a fire, and how to prevent accidents in the home.

Class Two looked at the protective uniform and Farrell and Azalea even had chance to dress up as Firefighters, while Class Five were shown how to check their smoke alarms at home, and how to call 999 in the event of an emergency.

Bird Boxes

Earlier in the summer some of the children from gardening club went to Mole Valley in Holsworthy to buy materials and tools for different gardening activities. One of these activities is making bird boxes which the children have been hard at work making over the past few weeks in gardening club. We are hoping to put up several bird boxes around school to encourage the wildlife and then sell the rest to make more money to support the gardening that is happening in school. A big thank you to everyone who supported us in the Christmas sale by buying pots of plants and Christmas decorations - we raised over £100!

Gardening Updates

Children who have been coming along to gardening club have been busy making their very own bug hotel in the gardening area with Richard Hart. Thank you to everyone who donated bits and pieces for this project. We are hoping that this bug hotel will shelter all kinds of creatures from hedgehogs to toads and ladybirds! On a Wednesday children have also been preparing and filling up the beds in the afternoon and in after school club with top soil kindly donated by David Luxton.

Killer Queen

Our Key Stage Two Christmas performance this year was called 'Killer Queen', and was the third part of 'The Ballad of Bobby Pilgrim'.

The play started 40 years after the end of the last installment, in a land where a 'Killer Queen' was in control of a very subdued and brainwashed city.

The story was based on two members of the brainwashed city, who found their freedom, and joined the resistance before hatching a plan to free everyone and defeat the evil leader, with the help of some old faces and a soundtrack based on the music of Queen.

The children worked incredibly hard learning their lines, and the words to all of the songs that featured in the show.   Their dedication paid off and they performed three sold out shows during the last week of the Christmas term.

The performance is now available on the school YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy again!

The Landlord's Cat

This year our Key Stage One children performed a fabulous nativity called 'The Landlord's Cat'.  This told the Christmas Story through the eyes of the Landlord's Cat, who watched the exciting events take place.

The children worked very hard for weeks to learn their lines and the wonderful songs and dances that featured in the show.   They performed the play brilliantly, and everyone who saw it was very impressed, not only with their singing and dancing but also with their confidence on stage.   It was wonderful to see the children enjoying the performances, and showing off all of their hard work with such smiles!


Year One - Julians Farm

Class One enjoyed a trip to Julians Farm recently.  We enjoyed being 'minibeast detectives' and went in a tour around the farm to see the animals.

On our return to school we created habitats that we thought woodlice would be happy to live in.  We all enjoyed learning about the different habitats we have in our local area.

The Polar Express

This year our wonderful PTA arranged an amazing Christmas party for us all to attend.   For one day only, the school hall was transformed into a Winter Wonderland featuring our very own Polar Express.   Children from Key Stage One enjoyed games and music during the afternoon, along with a visit from a very special guest!  They also had cookies and hot chocolate while they explored the train which had appeared in the hall.

In the evening the children from Key Stage Two had the opportunity to gather in the hall under hundreds of blankets and duvets, and watch the Polar Express.  They were organised and escorted by our very own Conductor, and had a special visit from dancing waitresses who served them with movie treats, cookies and delicious hot chocolate!  At the end of the evening the children were treated to a snowy scene as they left school, making sure everyone was in the Christmas Spirit.

We must say a huge thank you to everyone who was involved in setting up this amazing event, as well as everyone who helped on the night.  It was a perfect way to kick off the Christmas celebrations in school, and was certainly a fantastic festive experience for all of the children.

Christmas Dinner

This year we enjoyed our Christmas Dinner on the 9th December.    This is a really special day in school, as all of the staff serve children their dinners and we get to have lots of fun with crackers and balloons and party poppers!

Janet, Angie, Tara and Natalie worked really hard in the kitchen to cook us a delicious dinner, which we all thoroughly enjoyed!!  Thank you to everyone in the kitchen for all of their hard work.


On the 11th of November 2016 the whole school went down to the Bradworthy Mar memorial.

We went to remember everyone who fought and died during the wars.  Sir spoke to everyone about Remembrance and then read out all the names on the memorial.

Then Sir and all of Year Six read out a poem about the wars.

When it was 11 o’clock the bell on Bradworthy Church rang and everyone was silent for two minutes to think about everyone who fought for us.

We wore poppies, to show respect, because they grew in the fields that the war took place in.

by Tegan and Olivia.T

Year Two - Dartington Crystal

Class 2 have been studying Materials in science so we visited Dartington Glass in Torrington to see how glass is made. We watched a film about the history of glass making in Torrington, then had a tour around the factory. The heat from the furnaces was incredible, we can see why the glass blowers all wore shorts and were drinking lots of water. One of the children said the molten glass looked liked honey! It was fascinating to watch the glass blowers working in teams to make beautiful glasses and vases.

Road Safety with Emazdad

We were lucky enough to be visited by the wonderful Emzdad recently, who specilaise in teaching children all about road safetyl.  The children in our Reception Class, and Years One, Two and Three spent time learning about how to cross the road safely.       The children had lots of fun as well as learning some important lessons about how to be safe on and around the road.


Sponsored Read

To celebrate Children’s Book Week and encourage a lifelong love of reading at home and school, we will be running a sponsored read between Monday 31st October and Sunday 6th November.

The project is being organised in conjunction with our local Usborne Organiser, Kate Cleave, and all the money raised will go towards brand new books for our school.

In addition to the sponsorship money, Usborne will also donate up to 60% of the total raised in EXTRA FREE BOOKS to the school. If we reach the target of £600 we will get at least an extra £360 in FREE books!

If you have not already received a letter you can download one using the link below.   Sponsorship forms and Reading Logs will be handed out on the first day back in school, and we will be completing challenges and activities through the week to help children boost their running totals!  Check back during the Sponsored Read Week to see how we are all getting on!

images/Documents/bradworthy school rsr.doc

Harvest Festival

It was lovely to see so many parents joining us at our Harvest Festival on Wednesday.

We all went down to the village church, and enjoyed singing songs based on Harvest and Autumn.

It was a lovely opportunity to see all of the children performing, and the first of many this year!

Our older children did a fantastic job supporting the music, with our brass band and rock band accompanying songs.

The children in Year Five also demonstrated their new Sign Language skills by performing the Harvest Moon by Ted Hughes in Sign.

Halloween Disco

As you can see from these pictures we had an amazing time at the Halloween Disco on Thursday Evening.

We are very lucky to have such a fantastic PTA who provide these events for us all to enjoy.

A big thank you to everyone involved in organising and helping at the Disco - everyone had a fabulous evening dancing away!

Netball League 2016

The 2016 - 2017 Netball League is officially underway!  Our netball team played their first match of the season on Monday evening, against Holsworthy Primary.  They started their campaign with conviction, winning 3 - 0.  Everyone is now looking forward to the next match!

Cross Country at Shebbear College

We were blessed with amazing weather and fantastic results at the latest race in the Gliddon & Squire Cross Country League.

This week the race was held at Shebbear College, and our runners continued to build on their fantastic start to the season.

Our Under 9 teams had brilliant results, with Eleanor winning the girls race, closely followed by Imogen.   The boys followed suit, with Callum,

Niall and Ewan all finishing in the top 25.  This means our girls team are currently placed in 3rd, with the boys in 4th across the league.

The Under 11 Races also saw good results, with Imogen, George and Saul all finishing within the top twenty.

We are now training ready for the next race on 6th November at Coxleigh Barton.

Year Four Bikeability

Year 4 completed their level 1 bike ability on Wednesday with Ian Jewell. They had an excellent day with lovely weather which meant that they could do it outside on the playgrounds. All the children thoroughly enjoyed the day and they all received a certificate and a badge for passing the course.

Class Five at Poundstock

On Tuesday 11th of October class 5 went to Poundstock Gildhouse to see what it would be like to be a Tudor. In the morning we were poor Tudors and we made cob, bread and ginger beer.  We were split into three groups, one was called Penfound, Trebarfoot and Calmandy.   Each group swapped around the activities so we all did everything in the morning.  We were all dressed up as poor Tudors which was really fun.

When we were making cob everyone got messy because we had to use are hands to put the mixture into the mould. But it was very fun because we got to jump on it to mix it. When we made bread we all made a piece of bread each to take home! We had to make a special mark so we could remember which was which and who's was who's when we made ginger beer we all got a grinder there were wooden ones metal ones and normal ones after that we tested all of them the wooden ones would not crush the ginger metal ones did crush normal ones worked well to.

After that we had a long lunch - it was yummy.

Then we dressed up as rich Tudors – the girls wore dresses and jewellery and the boys wore suits and hats.   Then we played games, like cup and ball, chess, 9 men’s morris, fox and goose, bowling and cards.  When we were rich we also did dancing and learnt about what Tudor people would do at a feast.

By Eden and Thomas

Cross Country at Holsworthy

Our Cross Country Teams have been really busy so far this term, with lots of fixtures and training taking place.

Recently we were invited to a local schools Cross Country Competition, at Holsworthy Community College.

All of our teams performed amazingly, and we won the competition for each Under 9 Boys and Girls, and the Under 11 Boys and Girls.

We also saw some fantastic individual results in these races, with Eleanor and Niall winning the Under 9's races, and Imogen and George winning the Under 11's races.   Millie, Callum, Holly, Aleksandra and Saul also all came home in the top 3 within their races - in all a very successful day!


Macmillan Coffee Morning

We were delighted to hold a Macmillan Coffee Morning in school on Friday morning, to raise money for a very special charity.  

The children were spoilt for choice with so many amazing cakes, and we must thank everyone who donated cakes for us to use.  Special thanks must also go to Teena, our wonderful PTA and our fabulous Year Six helpers.   It was also wonderful to see so many parents in school to help eat the cakes and raise money!  

We will let everyone know how much was raised as soon as we have finished counting!

Roald Dahl Day

On Friday 7th October we celebrated Roald Dahl day in school.  We dressed up as our favourite Roald Dahl characters and had lots of fun with some Roald Dahl activities in class.  As you can see everyone looked amazing in their costumes, and we enlisted the help of our fantastic librarian Mary to help us award prizes for the best Fancy Dress in each class.  Thank you to everyone at home for all of your help in making us all look so wonderful!

Our Costume Prize Winners...

Class Three Visit Julians Farm

On Thursday 29th September 2016 Class 3 went to Julian's Farm for a morning. We met three people called Izzy, Amber and Harry. They were going river dipping and we helped them. We carried the things to the river. We found all sorts of bugs like flat bodies, shrimps and lots more interesting things. We also found a grass hopper. By Olivia

Alice in Wonderland

This week we were lucky enough to be visited by the M&M Theatre Company, who treated us to their performance of Alice in Wonderland.   We all enjoyed the show very much and everyone got stuck in!  After the show our Year Five class took part in a workshop with the actors, learning about the equipment they use to put the show together, and getting a glimpse of life as an actor!

Jabberwocky - Class Five


As part of their English work this term, Year Five have been studying the poem Jabberwocky.   To support their work they spent the day at Rosemoor Gardens, taking part in a range of activities.  Brooke and Oscar have written a report about the day to explain what they got up to!

Class 5 have recently been on an exciting trip to Rosemoor. We got put into group,s and each group learnt a different verse of the poem Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll. We did it in sign language and learnt it by heart. Then 2 week‘s later we filmed the whole poem  at Rosemoor.

We found a good spot and started to film with Alex, we all had the best time in the world. We did the filming in the forest and the park.   We are going to put our video on the YouTube page when it is finished.

Also we did Jabberwocky Go, with our awsome teacher Mrs Turner. We also counted the petals on some of the flowers so we can do an investigation when we get back to school.

Mrs Brauns and her group went down to the forest and started to get lot‘s of ideas, describing words and vocabulary ready for the stories we are going to write.

After that we sadly went back to school, but the next day we wrote a Jabberwocky story in our own version!!!

By Brooke and Oscar

Scary Guy

This week our Key Stage Two classes were visited by Scary Guy who is currently visiting many schools in North Devon and working with pupils from Route 39 Academy.   We all enjoyed spending time with Scary, and learning about his work.   As the photos here show, everyone had a fantastic time, and it was lovely to see so many parents joining in with the visit.

Gliddon & Squire Cross Country

The Cross Country season has officially started again.  This year we have over 25 children taking part in the Gliddon and Squire Cross Country League.  The first race of the season took place at Kingsley School, in perfect cross country conditions.  The children performed brilliantly, and after the first race we have some fantastic results.

In the Under 9 Girls Race both Eleanor Foster and Imogen Spencer came in within the top 20 runners, and currently the team is sat in 3rd place overall.   The Under 9 Boys also raced well, with Callum Brown finishing in the top ten, and the boys team currently holding 4th place.

Our Under 11 Girls team  made a good start to the season, with Imogen Sutton coming home in the top 15, despite losing both of her shoes halfway around the course!

Finally our Under 11 Boys had a great start to the season, with George Wellington and Saul Barraclough both finishing in the top 20, putting the boys team into 4th place.

A great start to the league – everyone is keen to get stuck in at the next race!!

KS1 Trethorne Trip 2016

trethorne 2016 1
trethorne 2016 2 trethorne 2016 3

Our Key Stage One children
(Reception and Years One and Two) 
had a fantastic day out at
Trethorne Leisure Park
as an end of year treat
this July.

trethorne 2016 4
trethorne 2016 5

Kayaking Ckub 2016

kayaking 2016 1
kayaking 2016 2

We've been kayaking each Monday and Friday afterschool this term as part of our programme of water-sports.

As well as learning lots of new skills we've also had loads of fun playing games like "Chicken Run".
Obviously these games inevitably lead to water-fights, capsizing and lots of sitting in the canal rather than in kayaks - at least this gave us an opportunity for some decent "selfies" !!!

kayaking 2016 3
kayaking 2016 4

Support Staff Vacancy


Bradworthy Primary Academy
Mill Road
EX22 7RT

E-mail –


To start 1 September 2016
20 Hours basic per week.

Duties will include working with KS1 children covering maths and phonics intervention as well as general class duties.
All applications welcome, including those from qualified and experienced personnel

Applications in writing to Richard Stephenson, Headteacher, by 12 noon Tuesday 19th July 2016

This post will be subject to satisfactory pre-employment checks and enhanced DBS checks

"Ten Tors" 2016

dartmoor 2016 11
dartmoor 2016 12 dartmoor 2016 13
dartmoor 2016 14 dartmoor 2016 15

We're heading back onto Dartmoor this Sunday for the final part of our 2016 Ten Tors Challenge.
This will involve three days on the moor, which means two nights camping, and a twenty-five mile walk; and this is certainly our biggest sporting event this school year.

We've been training on Dartmoor all year, as these photos show, and in addition to this we've also been developing our skills in school.

Check back next week to find out how we get on. 

dartmoor 2016 16
dartmoor 2016 17 dartmoor 2016 18
dartmoor 2016 19 dartmoor 2016 19a
dartmoor 2016 19b

North Wales 2016

north wales 2016 50
north wales 2016 51 north wales 2016 52
north wales 2016 53
north wales 2016 54 north wales 2016 55

Sorry it's taken so long to get the photos from Day Five of our North Wales trip on-line. As the parents of the children on the trip know we didn't get back until 1.00am on Saturday morning and in the "excitement" of getting back so late I managed to misplace my camera - clearly I've found it now !

As you can see we had a brilliant last day at Alton Towers.

It was a real pleasure to be away with this group of Year Five children and a wonderful experience to see them rise to the challenges that they faced on this trip. Speaking for myself I had a wonderful time and if the children take their attitude to the things they did on this trip with them into Year Six, as I'm sure they will, I know that we'll have a brilliant year together.

I'd like to thank Lisa, Maurice, Helen, Caroline and Teena for their help and support throughout the week. Our North Wales residential wouldn't have been possible without them and I know that everyone appreciates everything that they did enormously.  

north wales 2016 56
north wales 2016 40
north wales 2016 42 north wales 2016 43
north wales 2016 44 north wales 2016 45 
 north wales 2016 41

Day Four

It’s been swap over day today – which means that we’ve been doing all of the things that we didn’t do on Tuesday.

As you can see from the photos we’ve had loads more fun kayaking, climbing and gorging. The weather hasn’t been quite so good today but it’s been warm and once your wet your wet – lets be honest it wasn’t really the rain that drenched the kayakers!

Everyone is safe and well and we’ve had another great day in the mountains.

I’ve got to say that we’re all very impressed with the children’s energy levels. We’re four days in and everyone is still going strong – just about anyway!

It remains to be seen how many stay awake at the cinema tonight – We’re currently down at Llandudno watching “The Secret Life of Pets” (thank you MacDonald's for the internet) and we're confident that the snoring will be at a minimum this year.

We’re hoping to get away fairly early in the morning so that we can spend as much time as possible on the rides at Alton Towers. It’s fair to say that the adults are just as excited as the children about this!

This will probably be the last update before we get back to school.

See you all at midnight tomorrow and apologies for any tiredness related grumpiness that you get over the weekend!!

 north wales 2016 46 north wales 2016 47
 north wales 2016 48
north wales 2016 49a north wales 2016 49b
north wales 2016 49
 north wales 2016 49c north wales 2016 49d
north wales 2016 49e
north wales 2016 49f
north wales 2016 30
north wales 2016 31
north wales 2016 32
north wales 2016 33
north wales 2016 38

Day Three

It's fantastic to report that everyone has safely climbed, and descended, Snowdon and we're all feeling justifiably proud of ourselves.
everyone put in a huge effort and this is an incredible achievement - something that I'm sure we won't forget for a very long time !

As you can see the weather wasn't exactly tropical !!
At the summit the extent of our view was pretty much the person infont of us and the temperature wasn't much more than three or four degrees in the wind, however it was quite an experience to be "inside a cloud".
Lower down the weather was kinder and it really was a day when we started off in T-shirts and ended up in full waterproofs and every layer we had with us.
Who would want to spoil an experience like this by having to suffer sunshine ?

We've finished tea and as this update is being posted the children are just starting their skii session in Llandudno - and I'm off to join them !!

There'll be more posts tomorrow so make sure you check back then.

We really appreciate all the messages so keep them coming.

north wales 2016 34 north wales 2016 35
north wales 2016 36 north wales 2016 37
north wales 2016 29b

Here's the promised photo of our amazing climbers at the Beacon Climbung Centre this evening.

We're about to head back to the hostel to get some rest ahead of our Snowdon Challenge tomorrow.

Check back tomorrow to find out how we get on.

Thanks for all the messages - we'll read them to the children back at the hostel before we head to bed !

north wales 2016 28 
north wales 2016 21 north wales 2016 22
north wales 2016 23 north wales 2016 24

 Day Two

It's got to be said that the weather was pretty terrible last night with strong winds and haevy rain through the night.
The good news is that we woke to a different day today and the sun is out. It's been a lovely warm day in North Wales although we obviously still got completely soaking.
We've had loads of fun and lots of challenges taking part in things like kayaking, rock climbing and gorging and it's been wonderful to see the children rise to the things they've been asked to do - and to do eveything with such enthusiasm.

We're currently at an indoor climbing centre (with and internet connection) and if the noise I can hear coming from the children is anything to go by they're having a fantastic time.
(I'm off to join them any second now !!)
We'll try and post a couple more photos of our evening out before we go.
We'll also post any messages you leave in the next hour or so.

Tomorrow is the "Big Day".
We're heading up Snowdon !!!

north wales 2016 25
north wales 2016 27 north wales 2016 26
north wales 2016 29 north wales 2016 29a
north wales 2016 20

Here are some of the promised photos from our visit to the Black Country Museum yesterday where we had a brilliant time exploring the past !

Everyone settled into to the hostle really well last night (which isn't surprising considering the long day everyone had) and we hd a very peaceful night.
As you can see from this photo, which was taken at breakfast this morning, everyone is full of excitiment for the days ahead.

Photos of our day are coming soon so check back in half an hour or so.

Thanks for all the messages - keep leaving them.

north wales 2016 17
north wales 2016 15 north wales 2016 16
north wales 2016 12
north wales 2016 13 north wales 2016 14
north wales 2016 1

Hello Everyone !!

Here's an unexpected picture of us at the Black Country Museum - we've actually managed to use a "hot-spot" to get on line (isn't technology wonderful)

Everyone has had a great time exploring the Victorian Town; including the Victorian School, Mine and Narrowboat trip . We're all very happy and full of energy for the week ahead. We're heading for North Wales any second now (when the gift shop queue has gone that is !).

There probably won't be any more up-dates until tomorrow - sorry !!
We'll get more photos posted as soon as we can.

Please leave lots of messages for us. 

Sailing 2016

sailing 2016 1
sailing 2016 2 sailing 2016 3

In addition to kayaking and surfing our school water-sports programme also involves sailing.

We spent two full days on the Upper Tamar Lake this week working to obtain our Royal Yacht Association level 1 Certificates - which was a big achievement and a lot of fun.

The course invloved leaning to rig the Pico Sailing Dinghies that we were using, how to control the speed and direction of the boats so that we could tack and travel into the wind, and follow courses.
We also had to do things like cap-size drills so that we could get the boats back up, and get back in them, when they tipped over; and we even had some races.
We're feeling very proud of our achievement.

sailing 2016 4

London 2016

london 2016 52
london 2016 54 london 2016 55
london 2016 56 london 2016 57

As you can see our final day in London wasn't actually spent in London !
Having braved the Underground with our cases to get back to our minibuses we spent all day at Thorpe Park.

 Now that we're all safely back in Devon I'd like to say what an absolute pleaseure it was to be away with this group.
I know I'm speaking for all of the adults who were on the trip when I say what a credit all of the children were to themsleves and their school, and of course to you as their parents.
Their attitude and enthusiasm, even when tired, was quite exceptional and the way that everyone coped with the demands of the city, and the demands of our itinerary, was something that I wish you all could have seen.
We are all feeling very proud of all of the children.

  I'm sure that this trip will have given the children many wonderful memories which they will take with them; and I also know that the experiences that they have had will play a big part in their developemnt as the fully rounded, independent and confident people that they are so clearly already becoming.

I'd like to thank Caroline, Teena, David and Meg for their endless hard work and support on the trip. It really wouldn't have been possible without them.

Trips like this are obviously a great deal of hard work, however I can honestly say that when you get to share your time with exceptional individuals like these children it is worth every second.

london 2016 58 london 2016 59
london 2016 501 london 2016 502
london 2016 503 london 2016 504
london 2016 53
london 2016 40

It's just gone mid-night and we're safely back at the hostel and heading for sleep. This is probably only a few minutes away for most !
Everyone is keen to be fresh for tomorrow's big event - which is obviously getting home and nothing to do with Thorpe Park !!

Believe it or not there wasn't a single sleeper at the IMAX !!

I don't think there will be any chances for any more updates so see you all tomorrow at mid-night.

 london 2016 45 london 2016 47
 london 2016 41
 london 2016 48 london 2016 49
 london 2016 42

 Day Four

Loads of photos to look at but unfortunately only enough time for a short report.
The internet has been coming and going and the laptop battery is about to go flat !

We've had another brilliant day and
have just finished tea ahead of an evening at the IMAX.

Everyone is safe and well and full of energy; although I would imagine that one or two will sleep through most of the film !!

 london 2016 43
london 2016 402 london 2016 401
 london 2016 44
 london 2016 403 london 2016 46
 london 2016 404
 london 2016 405 london 2016 406
london 2016 39

We're safely back in the hostel and everyone is asleep.

Wicked was amazing and after a brilliant evening in the theatre we took a "break away" group to see Buckingham Palace.
As you can see the lighting wasn't exactly spectacular however we can tick it off as another site.

The thunder storm was spectacular though, although we obviously got soaking wet on the way back to the hostel - who said that we wouldn't need coats ?

london 2016 301 london 2016 302
london 2016 30
 london 2016 34 london 2016 35
london 2016 33

Day Three

As you can see from the photos we've certainly relaxed into the demands of the city and are taking things like the underground very much "in our stride".
The children have been amazing again today as we've travelled across the city to visit the Natural History Museum and The Tower of London.
Lots of brilliant experiences that will stay with us for along time.

We're currently having a bit of a break in the hostel (which is very well deserved) before heading to our second theatre of the week to watch Wicked; which will be a real contrast to Macbeth - and just as entertaining.

It's got to be said we're abit on the tired side (God help you this weekend when the chidren are back) but everyone is very happy and we're having a great trip.
There is even a picture of Jack smiling !!

Thanks for all the messsages - believe it or not we have been finding the odd few seconds to read them.

Check back later to see some more photos from today.

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 london 2016 37 london 2016 38
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london 2016 29 london 2016 201

 We've had a great night out at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre where we saw a powerful performance of Macbeth.
The number of compliments that we got from members of the public, who were impressed with how incredibly focussed the children were on the play, was amazing.

As if this wasn't enough for one evening we then went into town to see the lights.

We're safely back at the hostel again and everyone is asleep; which is good becasue our itinerary isn't going to "let up". 

london 2016 202

london 2016 20

london 2016 22 london 2016 23

 Day Two.

We're back in the hostel after an historic time at Westminster Abbey, a terrifying time at The London Dungeon (although a break away group followed Shrek on an Adventure instead - equally spectacular but much less dark !) and a scientific time at the Planetarium.

We've been on the Underground, The Docklands Light Railway, and on the River Thames; and we've also walked miles !!

It's incredible how relaxed everyone is in "the big city".

We've having tea at the minute before heading to The Globe Theatre to watch Macbeth. Hopefully there'll be photos of this later.

Thanks for all the messages - keep leaving them !

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london 2016 21

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Good morning everyone.

We've had a very quiet night (whuch isn't a surprise !!) and we're just about to have breakfast.
Everyone is full of energy and smiling, and we're looking forward to a busy day out-and-about.
The sun is shining - which means it will be far too hot later !!!

We should have a bit of time in the hostel before the theatre tonight so leave lots of messages for us to read later on.

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london 2016 10 london 2016 11 
We're finally back on-line and here are the promised photos.
 london 2016 9
london 2016 5

Here are a couple of photos to be going on with.
We've had a great evening ice skating - although as you can see from the photo there are a couple of tired faces.

It's gone midnight and everyone is safely back in the hostel and asleep - which is just as well considering everything we'll be up to tomorrow.

We're having internet problems (which is hard to believe in the middle of London but true) so you'll have to wait until tomorrow for some more photos.

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london 2016 1 

 Hello everyone !

As you can see we've arrived safely in the big city and if you look carefully you'll see some blue sky - it's stopped raining !!!

We've been on the London Eye and this photo shows us outside the National Gallery which we've also visited this afternoon.
We're currently having tea before heading out ice skating this evening

Make sure you check back later on (probably much later on !) when there'll be loads of photos of us enyoying our day.

Please leave lots of messages.

Bristol 2016


Hello again!  It's the end of Day Three and everyone is safely home.  We have had an awesome day at Crealy, and made the most of all of the fun to be had! As you can see from the photos below, even the wet weather didn't stop us from having lots of fun!  
Throughout the trip the children have been absolutely amazing, and we received many many compliments from everyone we met regarding their behaviour, their impeccable manners and their continual enthusiasm.  I speak for all of the staff when I say that we are incredibly proud of each and every one of them! 
As always, the trip is only a success as a result of lots of hard work from our fabulous staff.   A huge thank you to Nick Lapham, Helen Carey, Caroline Stevens and Alex Rushton - for making the trip so much fun and such an amazing experience for all involved! 
Finally though, an enormous thank you to all of the children.  You have made the trip an absolute pleasure, and I am still amazed at how wonderful you have been!  I am sure you will all sleep well - and we will see you all bright and early in the morning! 
Mrs T x 











Hello again.  Its 11pm on Day Two and everyone is soundly asleep and snoring!  We have had an amazing, but very busy day, and the children looked very glad to be getting to bed! 

We started our day at @Bristol, where we explored the science museum and had lots of fun with the hands on exhibits.   After this we headed into a planetarium show all about the summer night's sky.  We learnt the names and sizes of lots of stars adn planets all around us.

(apologies for this picture not being the right way round - Mrs T and technology are falling out!!)  
When we finished in the planetarium we headed into our lesson which involved training for space missions, and a special message from Tim Peake.  We had to complete experiments with robotics, testing materials, and building rockets which we launched across the room at the end of our workshop.  We all had lots of fun and feel ready to launch up to the International Space Station whenever they need us!! 




After we left @Bristol we headed to the zoo and took part in a Mad for Madagascar session.  We were able to touch and hold different animals from Madagascar, and we learnt about how the animals ended up on the island! 






After our session we all enjoyed exploring the zoo, and looking at the wildlife - I think the wildlife also enjoyed looking at us!! 








Following our zoo visit we headed back to the hostel for dinner.  Then we headed out onto our Pirate Walk.  We had a great time exploring the harbourside and caves, and hearing all about Bristol's pirate heritage.  





Thank you very much for all of your lovely comments!  We will share them again with the children tomorrow.  

We will see you all tomorrow at 6pm!! 




Hello everyone!  It's a little after midnight and everyone is fast asleep! We have had a fabulous, and action packed day with lots of fun!   The details below show a little of what we have been up to today - we will do our best to get more pictures and details online for you all tomorrow.  Thank you for all of yoor comments - we will read them out to the children over breakfast tomorrow.  

We started the day at the SS Great Britain.  We were shown around by Martin, and we explored lots of different parts of the ship.  As you can see below we had lots of fun exploring and finding out all of the ship's secrets!







We had fun exploring the musuem alongside the ship -  we even re-created a famous scene from Titanic!



After we left the SS Great Britain we headed to the youth hostel to find our rooms, and our dinner! 


Everyone ate very well, and following dinner we headed out into Bristol for our laser quest challenge.   We played in our house teams (with teachers) and had lots of fun in a mini tounrnament.  


The Puffins....


The Robins...


The Magpies...


The Herons...

We played our first matches, and then went on to play another in a mini tournament. Our overall results were.... 4th - Puffins, 3rd - Robins, 2nd - Magpies and in 1st place, the Herons! 



bristol 2016 1


Sorry that this page hasn't gone up until now - unfortunately we've had internet problems in school !

Mrs Turner has just checked in and everyone is haveing a great time.
They've reached the hostel and are getting changed before tea ad an exciting evening out.

There'll be photos and reports later so make sure you check back.

Please leave lots of messages for the children.

School Gymnastics 2016

school gymnastics competition 2016 1
school gymnastics competition 2016 2 school gymnastics competition 2016 3

We held our first every school gymnastics competition in our hall this May and it was a huge success with over eighty children choosing to enter.
In addition to individual competitions we also held a House competition.

Before we get to the results we'd like to thank our gymnastics coaches, Kerry, Sarah and Michelle, for the huge amount of work that they put in to get everything organised.
We'd also lke to thank Ashleigh, Cerys, Molly and Cara (who are ex-pupils) and Amelia (who is in Year Six) for helping us judge.

Here are the results:

2016 Team Champions - Puffins

Year One Competition:

Gold Medal - Azelea
Silver Medal - Finley
Bronze Medal - Amelia

Year Two Competition:

Gold Medal - Eleanor
Silver Medal - Minnie
Bronze Medal - Ewan

Novice A Competition:

Gold Medal - Charlotte
Silver Medal - Cory
Bronze Medal - Sian

Novice B Competition:

Gold Medal - Chelsea
Silver Medal - Amy
Bronze Medal - Poppy

Novice C Competition:

Gold Medal - Molly
Silver Medal - Holly
Bronze Medal - Millie

Intermediate A Competition:

Gold Medal - Lucy
Silver Medal - Tagen
Bronze Medal - Tegan

Intermediate B Competition:

Gold Medal - Holly
Silver Medal - Megan
Bronze medal - Maya

( Sorry about the lack of photos for the Intermediate Competitions )

school gymnastics competition 2016 4 school gymnastics competition 2016 5

Devon County Show 2016

devon county show 2016 1
devon county show 2016 3 devon county show 2016 4

 Click on the You Tube link to have a look at some of the songs we performed at this year's Devon County Show.

 Altogether our rock group, brass band and choir performed six pieces in a twenty five minute slot. Performing on Devon Music's big stage to such a big audience was a wonderful experience, however, as you can see, we also had plenty of time to explore the show too.

Don't forget to look at the videos on our You Tube Page.

devon county show 2016 5 devon county show 2016 6
devon county show 2016 2

Area Football Finals 2016

barnstaple football 2016 1
barnstaple football 2016 2 barnstaple football 2016 3

Both our boys' and girls' teams played in the North Devon Football Finals, which were held at Barnstaple Football Club, this Spring.
We competed against the best sixteen team from our area - who all had to qualify by winning their local competitions.

We had a great time (as the photo shows !) and were also very successful.

It's got to be said that our boys' team had a mixed morning, however they put in a fantastic performance in their last group match to win 4 - 0. This meant they qualified for the knock-out stage by scoring one more goal than the school in third place.
This obviously spurred us on and we went on to reach the final where we lost by a single goal to Braunton.

Our girls' team were unbeatable - and in fact they went through the whole tournament without loosing a single game.
Unfortunately our semi-final finished 0 - 0 and this meant the "lottery" of penalties; which we lost.

We managed to put the disappointment behind us pretty quickly (an ice-cream on the way home helped a lot) and when we look back we're really proud of how well we did.

barnstaple football 2016 4

Dinosaur Park

dinosaur park 2016

These are our youngest children in our Reception Class.

They visited the Dinosaur Park in North Devon this week to support the work that they have been doing in Class this half term.
We had a action packed day; and as well as being allowed into the T-Rex enclosure we also saw lots of "modern" animals, like Sea Lions, and went on a "Dino-Express Train Ride".

We had a really fun day out.

If you're wondering the T-Rex is the tall one in the middle at the back !!!

Devon Athletics - 2016

devon open athletics 2016 1
devon open athletics 2016 3 devon open athletics 2016 4

We took fifteen athletes down to Plymouth last Sunday to take part in the first round of this year's Devon Open Athletics.

We took part in five events:
A 75m sprint and 600m run, long jump and a vortex throw (which leads to the javelin). In addition to this we also entered the 5x80m relay race - and won !

We had a great day out and put in some great performances and we're already looking forward to the next round, in Braunton, in June.

devon open athletics 2016 2

Area Football Rally (Holsworthy 2016)

holsworthy football winners 2016

This is our boys' and girls' "mixed" football team.
They won our local area football rally, which was played at Holsworthy College, this year and we're very proud of them in school.

As a result of this both our boys' team and our girls' team will be playing in the North Devon Area Finals at Barnstaple Football Club this May.

We've been training hard and we're hoping to do well.

County Show Rehearsals

devon county show 2016

We're performing at the Devon County Show agian this year.
We'll be on stage at 1.30pm on Friday 20th May and everyone is feeling really excited.

The photo shows our band (brass, rock group and ukuleles) who have been hard at work rehearsing for the last couple of weeks.
We're doing a twenty-five minute set and six songs including; the Eric Clapton classic "Layla", Pink Floyd's "Hey You" and a brass and guitar version of "The Sloop John B" by the Beach Boys.

Brass Results !

brass exams 2016 2

We are very proud of the Year 6 members of our brass group who took their ABRSM Grade exams in March 2016. 

They recently received their results, and we were delighted to learn that they all passed their exams. In fact, all children passed their exams with either a merit or distinction award, which is an amazing achievement at a primary school level. As always this is down to the hard work and effort that the children have put in!

It is also wonderful to see the instruments that were provided by our fabulous PTA, and the tuition that the school offers, helping children to achieve their potential.

It goes without saying that we are all incredibly proud of these children, and all of their effort!

Shebbear Football 2016

shebbear football 2016 1
shebbear football 2016 3 shebbear football 2016 4

On Friday 13th of May we took two teams to Shebbear College to play a football tournament. Both teams worked really hard and we had a great afternoon out.

Unfortunately our B-Team lost their game against Shebbear College and didn't reach the semi-finals. 

Our A-Team played five games altogether.

In our first game we played Halwill and won 1-0. George scored the goal but it was close throughout the whole game and it was a good match to win.

In our second game we played Appledoore and we won 2-0. Jack and George scored, although we could have scored more because Jack hit the crossbar. A couple of minutes after he went and scored the second goal.

In the last game of group stages we played Beaford and we won 7-0 which was our best win of the day. Tom and George both scored hat-tricks and Bradley scored the other goal goal.

We got through to the semi final and played Langtree and it was a tough game but we went 1-0 up. It was right at the end when our goalkeeper, Dan, had to make an important save to take us through to the final.

In the final we played Shebbear and it was 0-0 at full time after a close game. We went to penalties - Dan saved there first penalty and Tom scored. They missed another and it ended up 4-2 to us.

We ended up winning the whole tournament, for the second year running, and we got a trophy and a medal.

By Dan and Bradley

shebbear football 2016 2

Machines Save the World

art exhibition 2016 1

Greetings, fellow inventors, I am sure you have all been getting on with designing and constructing your machines. Don’t forget, your planet needs you.

Perhaps you would like to see how I am getting along with my creation. It isn’t finished yet and I’m not quite sure what it does but I quite like it.

I haven’t spent any money at all, just raided my shed. It just started with a broken clock and grew. Now I can’t stop.

We’ll be showing the World what we’ve created in June, straight after the half term break, so get going as soon as you can.

Happy inventing

Professor B.A. Sentance
(Inventor Emeritus University of Bradworthy)

art exhibition 2016 2

How Old Is A Hedge ?

class 6 julians 4
class 6 julians 5 class 6 julians 6

Year Six spent the day learning about hedgerows at Julian's Farm last week.

We discovered how to find out the age of a hedge:
First you have to count all of the "woody" plant species that are growing within a 30m stretch of the hedge. When you've got this number you have to multiply it by 110 and then add 30.
This is called "Hooper's Rule".

We found a hedge on the farm which was over twelve hundred years old.
The farm was established and recorded in the Domesday Book, which was written in 1086, so the age of this hedge makes sense.

class 6 julians 7

Area Rugby Finals - 2016

rugby 2016 7
rugby 2016 5 rugby 2016 6

Both our A and B Teams qualified for the Area Rugby Finals at Barnsaple Rugby Club this Spring - which is a great achievement.

We played some excellent rugby and had a great day out competing against the strongest teams from across North Devon and Torridge.
Our A-Team only lost one match during the day - unfortunately this was in the  semi-final, however we made up for this in the third place play off where we beat Braunton Cain School 6 - 4 to finish in bronze medal place.

We're now training hard for the big North Devon Open Competition which is taking place this June and we're determined to win this one !!!

rugby 2016 4

Art Teaching

art teaching 1

At a time when we've been hearing so much about SATs, and the increasing lack of creativity in schools, it's great to see this group of Year Five children enjoying the sunshine, and working on their art skills, on our school field.

It's also great to be able to welcome Simon Young, who has taught climbing in school for many years, to our "art team".
In a previous life Simon ran the art department at Shebbear College and it's wonderful that he is now available to work with us.

art teaching 2

Scarecrow Festival 2016

scarecrow 2016 1

Class Four were very grateful to Cory’s mum and dad who spent a week in school helping them to make their scarecrows for the Bradworthy Scarecrow Festival.
The children had a great time and made an excellent display which we put in the school car park to display over the weekend.

Year Four Filming

class 4 filming 2

Class 4 have been filming reports for our Boxing Day 2004 Tsunami.
The children have filmed two parts to their report; a ‘studio’ part that we filmed in school and a ‘live at the scene’ interview that they filmed at Crooklet’s Beach, in Bude, in the rain.

class 4 filming 1

Class 2 Multi-Skills

class 2 multi skills 1
Class 2 recently took part in a multi-skills afternoon at Holsworthy Community College. The Year 10 Holsworthy students planned and organised a fun afternoon of activities and games for Key Stage 1 children from a number of local schools.
class 2 multi skills 2

School Garden 2016

school garden 2016 1

Richard and Louise have been coming into school this year to work with our children in our school garden. It’s great to see it being used so well and to hear about all of the plans that are being developed for the future.

Children from across the school have been hard at work with the intention of planting, growing, harvesting and then eating the things that we grow – hopefully as part of a school dinner later in the year.

school garden 2016 2 school garden 2016 3

Forest School 2016

forest school 2016 1

This week at Forest School, the children continued with some of their activities from last week. Some children continued creating their own Green Man using moss, leaves, mud and other plants. Others continued making camouflage capes out of branches and leaves to hide under later from us all!
There were also groups of children collecting blackberries and making aboriginal games from branches, string, pine cones and wooden counters.
A huge thank you to all the parents who transported children to and from Forest School, and to all the adults who worked with the children in the morning.

Here are some photos from our morning.

forest school 2016 2
forest school 2016 3

Penzance 2016


Hello Again!  I thought everyone would like to see some of the pictues from our fun filled day at Cornwall Crealy yesterday!  We certainly made the most of the good weather and enjoyed all of the rides and play areas (and a sneaky ice cream!) before we returned home. 
As you can see from the pictures everyone had a wonderful time, and we were complimented on the behaviour and wonderful attitude of the children by everyone that we met. 

Over the course of the trip I have been incredibly impressed by the way that the children have handled themselves.  They were continually enthusistic, polite and helpful.  We have received no end of kind words from the people we have met during the trip!  Everyone was surprised when they realised the children were on their first ever residential - they certainly handled it like pros!

It goes without saying that trips like this are an amazing experience for the children, but they would not be possible without the help of our wonderful adults.   I know I speak for the children as well when I say an enormous thank you to Imogen Musson, Caroline Stevens and Alex Rushton for so happily giving up their time and energy for the trip.  It has certainly been an action packed few days and I am sure there will be some tired faces this morning.   The final thank you must go to the children in Year Three.   You have been absolutely brilliant this week and I am really proud of each and every one of you! 
Thank you for such a fun trip - see you in Bristol next year!!  Mrs T x



alt     alt








alt    alt


Hi Everyone!  Its's a little after midnight on Day Two and everyone is firmly asleep and snoring (there's no other way to say it - it's just snoring!!).  We have had a fabulous day and night, and everyone is looking forward to rides and play areas tomorrow! Here are a few more photos from the day and this evening!  I imagine more will appear over the weekend!
Thank you for all of the messages - we will read them all to the children again tomorrow!
See you all tomorrow evening back at school. 














Hello Again!  We are currently having a wonderful time Ten Pin Bowling after a brilliant day of adventures and exploring.   We had great fun building and racing boats at the Maritime Museum, and exploring Pendennis Castle in the gorgeous weather was a real treat this afternoon.   Everyone is in really good spirits as the pictures here show!  We will try to get some pictures up now, and hopefully some more when everyone is asleep!




Our 'creative' sides came out when we were designing and building scrapheap boats!



The entries for our races were...















We raced against each other, in stages and then with a grand final!





Our winners were Isaac and Niall! _____________________________________________________________

Good Morning everybody.  We are all wide awake after a very restful nights sleep (although there was alot of snoring - or breathing heavily as the children call it!!).  We've eaten an enormous breakfast and at the moment we are at the National Maritime Museum finding out about the structure and stabilty of different boats to help us build our own for races after lunch. 


Luckily the Musuem has excellent wifi so I will upload some more photos from yesterday as well as a few from this morning so far!  More will hopefully follow after lunch. 




Now for the eagerly awaited results from the laser quest tournament last night......

We split into four teams, as the photos show.  The winning team was the Blue Team - so Alex is very happy this morning!  Most impressive of all is that we saw the highest individual score we have ever seen at a laser quest game - and not from one of the big kids!  We have a new laser quest champion, with an amazing score of 22,000 points!  Congratulations Callum! 
(I think we will have to talk Sir into getting a trophy!!)



Between us yesterday we took over 500 photos!  Quite alot of them were selfies - some of those are here for you to giggle at!!
I've also included a few more pictures from yesterday's adventure - something to keep you going until we get todays photos up here!  Thanks again for all of the messages - it's great to hear from everyone!


Alex's Group


Caroline's Group


 Mrs Musson's Group


Mrs Turner's Group









Hello everyone!  Apologies for the late nature of this update - wifi is not very strong this far south!!
It's midnight on day one and everyone is sound asleep.  We have had an amazing day, with lots of laughs and adventures.  As you can see from the pictures below everyone is in high spirits and looking forward to another action packed day tomorrow. 
We will upload a few photos now, and then hopefully steal the Maritime Museum wifi to get lots more on!
Everyone sends lots of love back home! Thank you for all of your messages - we will read them all out tomorrow over breakfast!











We had a great day enjoying the sunshine at Flambards.  The exhibitions were brilliant, and we were so impressed with the questions all of the children asked and answered.  We also had great fun on the rides - and went round on them lots and lots of times!


Our wettest log flume riders!










penzance 2016 1

The sun was shining as everyone left for their residential trip to Penzance this morning. It's got to be said that Year Three were pretty excited.
Everyone in school is very jealous of them - although the peace and quiet in school will probably be nice !!!

Internet connection allowing we'll be posting photos and updates later on.

Please leave messages for the children - if you find that you can't do this please e-mail me ( and I'll sort things out.

World Book Day 2016

world book day 2016 2
world book day 2016 7 world book day 2016 5
world book day 2016 1

Thank you to our librarian, Mary Weblin, for her hard work in organising this years World Book Day.

We’ve spent a lot of time and money this year promoting reading for pleasure because we believe that we should do whatever we can to help children develop a love of reading.

This has included a building project to develop and refit our library, a restock of books, installation of a computer system to manage loans and obviously employing Mary to make sure that everything runs smoothly !

The biggest event on World Book Day was the reading quiz that took place during the afternoon.

Well done to Herons who were this year’s House Team winners and who are pictured here.

We’d also like to say well done to Alicia and Marlo who were our individual winners.

The money raised by this event will be used to buy new books for our library.

world book day 2016 3
world book day 2016 8 world book day 2016 6
world book day 2016 4

Brass Exams 2016


brass exams 2016 1
On 16th March, some of the members of our brass group headed to Barnstaple to take part in their ABRSM musical exams. 
As you can see, it wasn't all hard work, and we had lots of fun and ice cream in the process!
We are really proud of all of the hard work the children put in to get to this point, and are now eagerly awaiting the results!

Area Netball 2016

netball 2016 1

On Tuesday, 1st March, our netball team were invited to take part in the area netball finals in Barnstaple. We had a fantastic day playing loads of matches against lots of really good teams, and we were really pleased to come sixth overall for the whole of Devon area.

We finished off with hot chocolate and cakes to celebrate and warm up!!

netball 2016 2

Easter Egg Hunt 2016

easter egg hunt 2016 1
easter egg hunt 2016 2 easter egg hunt 2016 3

 Thank you to our PTA for organising our annual Easter Egg Hunt on the last day of the Spring Term.

We had a great time searching the school for clues and trying to solve them - and an even better time eating the eggs that we were given.

easter egg hunt 2016 4 easter egg hunt 2016 5

North Devon Gymnastics 2016

nd gymnastics 2016 1
nd gymnastics 2016 2
nd gymnastics 2016 7 nd gymnastics 2016 8
nd gymnastics 2016 3

 We took sixty-five gymnasts to the North Devon School's Tournament in Barnstaple this March - we think that it's amazing that a third of our school wanted to take part and in addition to "mass participation" we also had a lot of success.

Team Competitions:
Under Eleven Intermediate Mixed Team - Gold
Under Eleven Boys' Novice Team - Gold
Under Nine Novice Mixed Team - Gold
Under Nine Boys' Team - Gold

Under Eleven Girls' Novice Team - Silver
Under Nine Girls' Intermediate Team - Bronze
Under Eleven Mixed Team - 4th Place
Under Seven Mixed Team - 4th Place

Individual Results:
Under Eleven Boys' Intermediate Gold - Isaac
Under Nine Novice Boys' Gold - Jack
Under Eleven Girls' Intermediate Silver - Holly
Under Eleven Boys' Novice Bronze - William
Under Nine Novice Girls' Bronze - Megan
Under Seven Boys' Novice Bronze - Ewan
Under Eleven Intermediate Girls' 4th Place - Maya

In addition to this Isaac also won trophies for the highest floor score, and highest vault score of the day; and was also voted the competition's most promising gymnast.

Thank you to all of our parents and school staff who supported us at the competition on Sunday; and in particular to Kerry, Sarah and Michelle, who are our gymnastics coaches, who have worked so hard with us all year.

nd gymnastics 2016 5
nd gymnastics 2016 9 nd gymnastics 2016 10
nd gymnastics 2016 4
nd gymnastics 2016 6
nd gymnastics 2016 11 nd gymnastics 2016 12

Holsworthy Area Rugby 2016

rugby 2016 1

We had a very successful afternoon of rugby this week when we went over to Holsworthy College to play in a rugby tournament against other local schools.

Wins against Halwill and Holsworthy Primary meant that our A-Team ended up playing our B-Team in the final. This was a very close match and a credit to the children's hard work during the afternoon and in training.

The final score was 6 - 4 to our A-Team, however everyone is happy because both teams have qualified for the Area Finals in Barnstaple this April.

rugby 2016 2
rugby 2016 3

Sport Relief 2016

sport relief 2016 1
sport relief 2016 2 sport relief 2016 3

Our whole school had a fantastic time raising money for Sport Relief this March.

We all came dressed as sportsmen and women and we took part in a "Mad Mile" around the village - although as you can see not everyone actually ran the mile !!!

We took part in loads of great games on our playgrounds and in order to keep our energy levels up we held a cake sale !!

sport relief 2016 4 sport relief 2016 5
sport relief 2016 6

Devon Hockey Finals 2016

hockey 2016 5

We had a great day out at the County Hockey Finals at Torbay Leisure Centre, in South Devon, this March. As you can see the reason for this wasn't just because we were playing hockey !

Unfortunately we didn't come away with any "silver-ware".
Having played really well to win our first five games we lost our next two 2-1 and 1-0 and didn't quite mange to qualify for the semi-finals.
It was a bit of a consolation that the matches we lost were to the two teams which ended up in the final.

We've had a great year training and playing hockey matches and it's got to be said that this was a pretty good way to finish the season - playing in the finals that is, although McDonalds was good too !!

hockey 2016 6
hockey 2016 7

HATS Concert

hats 2016 1

We took a choir of 45 children over to HATS Theatre in Holsworthy this Friday evening (March 18th 2016) to peform in a concert.

We sang three songs and had a brilliant evening.

If you'd like to see us in action you can click on the You Tube link to see a video of our performance.

Snow on the Moor

dartmoor 2016 6
dartmoor 2016 8 dartmoor 2016 9
dartmoor 2016 7

Our two most recent winter walks on Dartmoor provided two very different days for us. In only a week we went from snow to warm sunshine; and full winter gear to eating lunch on Dinger Tor in a T-Shirt !

These trips were a bit more challenging because, apart from the weather, we increased the length of each walk to twelve miles.
Straight after the Easter break we'll be back on Dartmoor and we'll be going up to fifteen miles as we get closer to this summer's twenty-five mile "Ten Tors Challenge".

dartmoor 2016 10

Regional Floor and Vault 2016

gymnastics south west fv 2016 1
gymnastics south west fv 2016 2 gymnastics south west fv 2016 5

Our mixed team won the South West Regional Floor and Vault Competition last weekend to qualify for the National Finals in Stoke at the end of April.

Well done to Amelia and Maya in Year Six, Holly in Year Five and Isaac and Josh in Year Three.

In addition to winning a team Gold Medal Isaac also finished in first place in the Under Eleven Individual Competition; which is exceptional given he's only in Year Three.

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Area Hockey Finals 2016

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Our Hockey Team won the area hockey tournament, which was held at Holsworthy College this March, to qualify for the County Finals in South Devon again.
We've been training hard on the hockey pitches at Budehaven School every Monday after school this term so that we could prepare for the competition - and our work paid off because we played some excellent hockey to win.
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Tennis 2016

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Tennis is the perfect winter sport because each week we're able to jump into one of our minibuses and go over to the Tarka Tennis Centre in Barnstaple to use their indoor courts.
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