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Welcome to the Brass Group Webpage!

We are hoping to use this website to keep parents and children up to date with information about the brass group, as well as showing pictures of our performances!

Bradworthy Carnival 2012

After a very busy year the brass group has gone 'full circle' and performed again at Bradworthy Carnival.   We opened the celebrations for a second year, and were amazed at the size of the crowd that gathered to listen to us.  As the news pages show, this year has been very busy for the brass group, with performances at Atlantic Village, the Holsworthy Rotary Club Concerts, the Holsworthy Vintage Rally, the Summer BBQ, and the Exhbition Opening Concert.  All of the children have performed in an incredibly professional manner, and we are proud of every one of them.

At this point in the year we say a very sad goodbye to Lucy, Holly, Mia, Leanne, Bekkah and Travis.  Some of these performers have been in the brass group since it began, while others have joined more recently.  We have thoroughly enjoyed having you in the group, and are looking forward to seeing some of you stay on as older members of the group.  Thank you all for all of your hard work, and good luck with everything that you do in the future!!

Christmas Performance: Atlantic Village

On Thursday 8th December the brass group performed during late night shopping at Atlantic Village.  We played a selection of our current music, and several different Christmas Carols.  Everyone was incredibly impressed with the group's performance, and they raised over £70 for the Children's Hospice which is a fabulous achievement.

Bradworthy Carnival - August 27th 2011

On the 27th August Bradworthy Schools brass band performed at the carnival before the procession started. We played on a big stage in the square to lots of people.

We played 8 songs including Mini March and Pop Rock. We also played some fairly new songs which were called Friday Rag, Hey Jude and Yellow submarine. We played from quarter to six until half past six.

Erin was playing the tune for most of the songs but Emily and Dani helped her with other songs. Playing the bass parts were Molly, Bekkah and Travis. On second cornet were Dani, Emily, Holly, Mia, Lucy, Immy and Marie and on horn were Dan and Leanne. Miss Daniel our music teacher was conducting.

There were microphones in the front so the sound was really loud. We sat in two rows shaped like a semi circle. We had to peg our music to our stands so it didn’t blow away. Also on our stands were stand covers with our school logo on them. The stand covers were given to Miss Daniel by the year sixes at their leaving assembly, they looked very smart.

I really enjoyed playing in the carnival.  Everyone had a really great time and enjoyed themselves. It was brilliant. 

Holly (Year Six)

On Saturday the Brass Group were excited and very proud to 'open' the carnival celebrations, playing on the stage in the village square.  We played for half an hour, to one of the largest audiences we have had so far!  Everyone played brilliantly, and the crowd certainly seemed to enjoy our performances.  Lots of people commented on how well the band played, and how professionally the children acted - Miss Daniel is very very proud of them all!

Brass Practice Day - August 17th 2011

On Wednesday 17th the Brass Group had a (noisy!) practice day in school. We rehearsed the music we will be playing at the carnival, and tried some new pieces!!

We will be performing from 17:45 - 18:15 as part of the carnival celebrations - hope to see you there!

Congratulations to Emily, Dani and Rebekkah, who all passed their grade one music exams in July!

We are all really proud of you!!

Upcoming Performances:

PTA Summer BBQ: Wednesday 20th July 6pm - 6:30pm (meet in school @ 5:45pm)

Programme: Mini March, Chorale, Friday Rag, Yellow Submarine, Gentle River, Pop Rock, Ground Bass, Gospel Rock, Hey Jude.

Bradworthy Carnival: Saturday 27th August 5:45 - 6:30pm (meet in school @ 5:30pm)

Programme: Mini March, Chorale, Friday Rag, Yellow Submarine, Gentle River, Pop Rock, Ground Bass, Gospel Rock, Hey Jude, Big Mac March(?).

Summer Practice Day: Wednesday 17th August 10am - 3pm (in school)

You will need - your instrument, any music you already have, and some lunch!!!

Please make sure you have returned your form to Miss Daniel!

Throughout the year the Brass Group have played for several different occasions, including the Subtech Ffestiffod, the Holsworthy Vintage Rally, the Christmas Lights Ceremony, Atlantic Village, the Royal Wedding Craft Fayre and many more!  The children have had lots of fun performing, and we are all very proud of everything they have achieved.

As part of their lessons with Mr Moulton some of the children have started to work towards their ABRSM Grade Exams.  So far this year Douglas and Erin have passed their Grade 2 Cornet exams, and Molly her Grade 1 Trombone exam.  Dani, Rebekkah and Emily have also taken their exams recently, and we are keeping our fingers crossed while we await their results!!

We are running a music project which gives the children the opportunity to be a part of a brass group.
We offer free tuition and also lend instruments to the children.
It's been a great success and our band has played at lots of public events.