Guitar Tuition

At Bradworthy we offer Free Guitar Tuition to our year 3 - 6 pupils.


The children receive a lesson in school or after school time each week with our Resident Guitar Tutor, Alex.

The Children Learn; basic chord shapes (open and Barre), scales and technique. Our children are encouraged to play and perform with the school 'Rock band,' popular songs from a range of eras.

Lesson content and level progresses appropriately for each child's needs, it is obviously a great idea for them to practice at home as often as they can, the sky is the limit!

Music is a very important enrichment in life; and we at Bradworthy feel that musical interest and creativity, in a world where people are destined to be glued to screens or playing video games, should be nurtured and encouraged to grow. Therefore we offer a range of musical lessons to our children to support this ethos.