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This page is all about our Student Parliament which was elected for the first time in March 2103.
This is the result of our first Student Parliament Election which was held in March 2013.

Robins - 83 votes which gives 11 seats
Puffins - 80 votes which gives 10 seats
Herons - 72 votes which gives 9 seats
Magpies - 71 votes which gives 9 seats

This means that Robins (who are in the photo) got the most votes but that there is no overall
winner. This is good because it will force our children to work together in what gets grandly called a Coalition.

Our Student Parliament has a budget of £500 to carry out their work.
In addition to this they can decide to fund raise and may also ask for extra money for special projects.

Elections will take place every six months.

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