Club Timetable (Autumn 2020)

  Lunch Clubs After School
Monday KS1 Multi-Skills

Year 3/4 Multi-Sports

Running (5.00 to 6.00pm – limited to ten children

Year 5/6 Netball

Year 3/4 Gymnastics

(3.40 to 4.40pm)

Year 5/6 Gymnastics

(4.45 to 5.45pm)


KS1 Football

Year 3/4 Netball

Year 5/6 Football

Year 3/4 Gardening

Year 3/4 Climbing

(2 Groups - maximum of 8 per group)

Thursday Year 5 / 6 Girl’s Football

Year 3/4 Football

Year 5/6 Multi-Sports

Year 5/6 Climbing

(2 Groups - maximum of 8 children per group)


School Closed

(from 3.40pm to allow for "deep cleaning")


Please note that we are running a reduced club timetable this term because of COVID-19.


After school clubs finish at 4.45pm unless otherwise stated.

We would prefer that children left school at this time without returning to their classes, however they use our after school child care service when they finish their clubs id this is necessary.

Please note that unless your are otherwise informed school clubs do not run during the first week of any school term.

In addition to these clubs there is a free after school service which means that children can remain in school on a recreational basis until 5.30pm each night. At this time this service is being offered to those who need the service rather than for children who wish to remain late for social reasons, as is usually the case.

This runs throughout the school year, including the first week of term. 


If you need more information please download our COVID-19 policy from this website's "Coronavirus" Page.