School Grounds - Past Work

Our building project was finished on time for the start of the new school year in September 2011.
Thank you to our builders, Roger Andrews, for their hard work.



These pictures were taken during the last week of August 2011, and show the mezzanine floor, the teaching space beneath and the new room all nearing completion!!

These photos show the building project on the 17th August.   The mezzanine floor is almost finished, and the stairs are being built.  The rest of the classroom area in the hall is also well underway.  The new space is also coming on well, with the roof finished, and the roof windows in place!
These pictures were taken at the end of the second week of the holidays.  As you can see the block work is progressing well, and the roof of the extension is beginning to be built.  Inside, the steel supports for the mezzanine floor have been put into place, and the new floor is beginning to take shape.

These photos have been taken at the end of the first week of the holidays.  The demolition and clearing has finished, and the block work has started!

The walls have started to be built, and it is much easier now to see how the new space will look.

The concrete has also been laid for the floor, making the area much more level!

These photos were taken at the end of the first week and as you can see the demolition work has gone really well.
The old corridor has gone and so has the old staff toilet and store and the ground work is well under way ahead of the building work.



You may have heard on the “village grape vine” that we’ve had some great news relating to our plans for the development of our school buildings.


We got notification last week that we have been successful in obtaining a buildings grant from the government for £44,500 and this, along with the money we’ve managed to put by over the last few years, means that the first phase of our project will go ahead over the summer holidays.


  • We will be building a big new teaching area at the back of the school where the boilers are and where there are a number of old stores and things like that which will be knocked down to make room.
  • In the short term this will provide an art area and  much needed storage space but we hope that we will soon be able to form a seventh class in school so that the class sizes in Key Stage 1 can be reduced. This extra space will make this possible.
  • We will be developing a proper permanent class base in the school hall and this will include a mezzanine floor which will provide a group teaching area and room for some additional computer equipment.


This is very exciting news and we hope that once it is complete and in use we will quickly be able to move on to our planned campaign to build a new school hall which is suitable for sport.