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North Wales 2017

Hello everyone.  It's Mrs T here again with an update from the day.  The children have had another really busy day, kayaking, climbing and gorging.  They are currently at the cinema - although I im

London 2017

We've had a great day at the Tate Modern, Globe Theater, St Paul's and The British Museum.This evenings performance of Romeo and Juliet was fantastic.We're safely back at the Youth Hostel and looking

Class Five Survival Day

As part of our 'Shipwrecked' topic, the children in Class Five have been lucky enough to complete a Survival Day, working with Rowland Jones from 'Bear Track Survival' at Julians Farm.  Th

Gardening Updates

As we move into the summer months, our gardening project is in full swing!  Each class is currently cultivating a chilli plant as part of our chilli competition, along with their own potatoes which a

In-House Gym Competition

On Tuesday 23rd May we held a school based Gymnastics competition, in order to raise some funds for gymnastics equipment and leotards.   The number of children who chose to enter the competition was

Shebbear Football Competition

Recently we were also able to take two football teams to a tournament at Shebbear College.  This competition saw a Year Four and Year Five team taking part, and both teams clocked up several victorie

Book Buddies

We have recently enjoyed getting stuck into our 'Book Buddies' project again.  This involves children sharing books that they enjoy with children from another class.  The older children choose a lib

Year Four Residential

Hello again everyone!  After an action packed day we all returned to school this evening.  I thought I would take the opportunity to share some pictures of today so that you can all see what we ha

Year Three Residential

Hello again everyone!  By now I am sure all of Year Three are fed, washed and probably gently snoring somewhere!  I wanted to get the final update online to show you all some of the pictures from

Arts Festival Performance

As part of the Bradworthy Arts Festival we were delighted to be invited to perform in the village square.  This gave us a wonderful opportunity to showcase some of the many musical groups we have i

Art Exhibition

This year our Art Exhibition ties in with the Bradworthy Arts Festival once again.  The theme for the festival this year is 'Energy' and each class has been hard at work making exciting entries to

Mrs Recycle

We were thrilled to be visited by Mrs Recycle this week.  Mrs Recycle visits school to teach us about how to recycle, and the importance of taking care of the environment around us.   During her v

Our aim is that Bradworthy Primary Academy, by working in partnership with parents and the community, will be a happy and enriching learning environment.

We hope that by celebrating the children’s achievements, helping them fulfil  their potential, respecting their differences and encouraging kindness, consideration and respect for each other and their environment, we will foster self-esteem and provide a sound foundation for their future life.

We do our very best to offer a broad and balanced curriculum and beyond this as big a range of extra curricular activities as we can.

We hope that we are helping all of our children to develop and mature in a great range of different ways and we are sure that this will be obvious from this site, or by visiting us - which you are most welcome to do.

The fact that we are an academy rather than a school means that we are not run by the Local Education Authority and that we are funded directly by the government.
We are not a private school and the children's education is completely free in every way. In fact we use our funds to heavily subsidise, or provide freely, a huge range of experiences that most schools either don't provide at all or charge a great deal of money for. You'll see this by exploring this web-site.

As an Academy we have the freedom to work in a very independent way and this means that we are able to place our school and our work firmly within the local community. This means that we are able to run our school so that it supports the needs of local children rather than one which is forced to address national agendas which may have no relevance to us at all.

We are completely committed to making our school the very best that it can possibly be so that every child develops to their maximum potential and we believe that as an Academy we are much better placed to  do this.

The best way of finding out about our academy is to explore this web-site but if you would like to read about the things that we think are important please click here.

If you feel that our school would be an environment in which your child would flourish and you would like to think about their admission please click here

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