This page provides the latest information we have regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).  

We hope everyone is OK and staying safe.


Monday 27th July:


Our latest information about COVID-19 can be downloaded below (Newsletter 24th July).


Basically we will be open to all children everyday from the start of the new school year in September - and we sincerely hope this wont change !!!
School will be "very normal" in September, however we'll let you have specific details about how we'll be operating before the children come back.

For the first time in a long time this is a letter which has also got information about other aspects of school life too - which is a big step forward !!!


Monday 29th June, 8.00pm:


Hopefully you have received a letter and policy document which deals with the return of children in Years Two, Three, Four and Five, for a couple of days before the end of the Summer Term.

You can down load both of these documents below.


Friday 5th June, 6pm: 


Hopefully the email below has reached everyone.  If you have not received it, please let us know so we can add your email address to our systems.  


Hello everyone,

I hope this email finds you all safe and well.   As we reach the end of our first week back in school, I wanted to briefly touch base. 


Firstly, thank you to everyone who has been supporting the children in completing their home learning.  Our class teachers are receiving wonderful emails from the children and our families, and we would like to encourage you to keep making contact throughout these unusual times!

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch with Keyworker Provision  requests via the address this week.  Please can any requests for the week beginning 15th June be sent in by 3:30pm next Thursday (11th June), so that we have time to organise staffing and arrangements for the week ahead.   I would also like to thank you for your help in ensuring we are able to keep the numbers in these groups as low as possible – as you know, our models for working in school rely on maintaining space for the children and our staff, and we really appreciate your cooperation with this. 


It’s wonderful to have the school kitchen up and running again, and Janet has done an amazing job in organising a simplified menu which is working really well.  Please can any orders for school meals be sent in by Monday morning to allow us to plan ahead?  Orders can be emailed in to the office, or the form can be downloaded from our Lunch Menu page on our website, and dropped in the box outside the office on a Monday morning.


Thank you again, for all of your ongoing support. 

Stay safe,

Becki Turner


Thursday 28th May, 7.30pm:


I've just emailed the parents of children who are returning to school on 1st June.
This has been uploaded here and can be downloaded via the link which is further down this page.


A dinner menu is available from our website on our "Lunch Menus" or "Forms" pages, which can be found under the "Parents" tab at the top of each page. 


Friday 22nd May, 10.00pm:


Hello Everyone,


I hope that everyone is still safe and well.

When you are replying to this email please make sure that you use my email address ( ). If you just click reply I won't get your email.

I've had response to my last email from about sixty families and I would like to say how grateful I am to you for this.
I haven't replied to you individually, however we have taken your views into account in putting together the policy which is attached to this email and which was agreed by our governors today.

I hope that our plans will go someway to addressing everyone's issues with government guidance and I would like to think that we have found a way forward which will provide social distance and safety, whilst also making sure that the environment which returning children experience is much closer to the way school normally operates.

We will not be following government guidelines in some areas however this will not effect safety.

I would remind you that at this point only children in Reception, Year One and Year Six have the opportunity to return to school.

Can I emphasise that in our view you, as parents, are free to decide whether or not you wish to send your children back to school. There is no circumstance where any action will be taken against parents who choose to keep their children at home.

I know that this is a big decision because my daughter and I are currently grappling with whether or not to send Oscar (my grandson) back to nursey.

We will support your decision whatever it may be.

Please download our policy and read it.

We would welcome any views you may have.

We would ask that all parents with children in Reception, Year One and Year Six get in touch by Tuesday evening to confirm whether or not they will be sending their children into school on 1st June.
If we don't hear from you by email we will ring on Wednesday morning to find out what you are intending to do.

This is especially important if your child travels to school on a school bus as this will need to be organised as soon as possible.

If the government decides that it is not appropriate for children to return on 1st June we will delay opening for children in Reception, Year One and Year Six.

Please note that vulnerable children, and those of key workers, will be able to continue to attend school after half term in the same way as they have done in previous weeks.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this and absorb it.


I know that there is a lot to think about, a lot of difficult decisions to make and far too many emails to read, however I hope that you will agree that it is important to keep parents fully informed and to take account your views in every way that we can.


Please continue to stay safe and well.

Richard (Headteacher Bradworthy Academy)



Saturday 16th May, 5.30pm:


As always I hope everyone is OK.
I've just sent out an e-mail to everyone asking that they get in touch to let me know what they think about the government's plan to send children in Reception, Year One and Year Six back to school in June.
I've up-loaded this e-mail as a letter to this page.



Wednesday May 6th, 10.00am:


I hope everyone is managing to stay both safe and sane!

As you know I've been e-mailing each week to find out what chid care needs you have for children of key workers and vulnerable children so that we can make sure appropriate staffing is available. I've just sent this weeks e-mail out.


I'm afraid that I don't have any firm information about what is going to happen in schools in the future. 
If you would like to read what I think might happen please download the latest letter from this page.


Thank you to everyone who has been in touch with Class Teachers over the last week.
We think that it is important to stay in touch so please continue to do this.



Wednesday April 15th, 8.00pm:


Once again I hope everyone is OK.
I've sent out another e-mail today which you can up-load as a letter at the bottom of this page (Coronavirus 15th April 2020).


If you are planning on sending your children into school next week because you are a key worker without any other options for child-care you must let us know in advance. Please don't assume we will be open and simply expect to be able to drop your children off without notice.

We are fully committed to looking after the children of key workers, however we need advance notice of what is required so that we can make safe provision.


If you haven't been in touch with your child's / children's teacher(s) please do so.
if we don't hear from you we'll be in touch to make sure everything is OK.

Stay Safe. 



Tuesday April 7th, 3.00pm:


I hope everyone is safe and well.
These are very difficult times and I would like to ask that you to get in touch if you, or your children, are struggling with anything.


I've just up-loaded a letter, "Coronavirus 7th April 2020", which asks you to get in touch with me (at if you are intending to send your children into school next week.


Monday March 30th, 7.00pm:


Safeguarding is all about making sure that the children in our care are safe, being properly looked after and free from any sort of abusive behaviour or environment.
As a school we have detailed policies and procedures in place to ensure that this is the case.


At this time when schools are closed, and where we do not have the day-to-day contact with parents that we usually enjoy, there is clearly the potential for some children to be at greater risk than may normally be the case.


The purpose of this post is to reassure you all that our normal policies and procedures remain fully in place.
Our staff are trained and available wherever there is any concern.
Please feel free, as I know you always do, to get in touch over any concerns that you may have.


Contact details  are available on the "Safeguarding Page" on this web-site.


Friday March 27th, 6.00pm:


There is an e-mail circulating which says the following:


"As schools will be closing, if you are entitled to free school meals, please send your bank details and we'll make sure you're supported".





Tuesday March 24th, 6.00pm:


Hello Everyone, I hope you are all OK.

Hopefully your child / children are accessing the work we've posted on-line for them and have used the "Blogging Site" to get in touch with their teacher. If they haven't please try and make sure this happens tomorrow.
Thank You.


Having listened to the Prime Minister's broadcast last night, which is basically enforcing social isolation for three weeks, and bearing in mind that we have had no requests for child care over the Easter Break, we have decided to close the school for two weeks from this Friday (27th March).


I am sure that you will agree that this is the best way forward for you as parents, our children and also for our staff.


If we can support you with anything over this period please get in touch.



Monday March 23rd, 12.15pm:

Thank you for getting in touch over the weekend to let us know which children will be in this week.
Please let us know in advance if you are sending you child in so that we can make arrangements.

People are obviously heeding the governments latest advice wherever they can.
Thanks for you support.



Friday March 20th, 7.00pm:


We have had confirmation that school transport will be functioning as normal on Monday so that children who are attending school are able to get here.
Beyond Monday there may well be changes to the nature of transport provision, when we find out how many children need transport. We'll give you more information when we get it next week. 


Friday March 20th, 1.00pm:


A new newsletter has been posted (Coronavirus 20th March 2020.doc).
It contains important information about "vulnerable children" and "key workers".
If you think you, or your child, fits into one of these categories and that access to school provision will be essential for your child / children it is essential you get in touch with us, as explained in the letter, immediately.



Thursday March 19th, 6.30pm:


Please download today's letter (Coronavirus 19th March 2020.doc) to read our latest communication.



Wednesday March 18th, 8.00pm:


I'm sure you will already have heard that the government has told schools that they will be closing until further notice at the end of the school day on Friday evening (which means at 5.30pm for children using the afterschool service).


The government has directed us that after Friday, and where necessary, there will be provision for children in two groups:


  •  those children who's parents are considered key workers;
  •  children who are considered to be educationally vulnerable.


At this point the government has not told us what a "key worker" is, and nor are we completely clear what "educationally vulnerable means.


We will be making arrangements to support the children's learning through the Class Pages on this web-site. 


We will give you more information as soon as we have it.



Tuesday March 17th, 8.30pm:


Yesterday's newsletter has been removed.

The link below will allow you to download today's letter which explains our most up-to-date position.

We will continue to post information here as things develop.



Monday March 16th, 7.00pm:


The Government has published some key measures this evening which revises the guidance which we offered in the newsletter we sent out this afternoon.


If you have decided to self isolate your child because they have a fever or a persistent cough then the period of isolation is now 14 days (rather than the seven day period explained in our letter).

In addition to this we are now being told that if a single member of a family is showing symptoms then everyone in the household must isolate.


Children may not return to school until this 14 day isolation period is complete, even if they are feeling well. 


In respect of school closure guidance states that "schools will not be closed for the moment".

Although what "the moment" actually means is anybody's guess !