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Monday 18th January 2021

Hi everyone!


I hope you got on okay with the home-learning activities last week.

It was great to see so many of you commenting on the blog and interacting with each other on there. If you haven't been on the blog yet, please do. You can even change your avatar on there, too!


  • If you've sent through some work or a home-learning update at the very end of last week, don't worry - I am going to be taking a look at all of that during today! It would be lovely to see some more photos of what you're up to so that your friends can see you in a Home-Learning Gallery on here.


  • Like last week, I am on duty in school on Tuesday, so am unlikely to be available during that day. This said, I will be working from home during the rest of the week so will be able to try to answer any questions, or to provide help.


Above, you will find the link to our ‘Notices / Homework / Home-Learning’ page where you’ll find out more details about your home-learning tasks for this week.


Have an awesome week!

Miss Runeckles x

Monday 11th January 2021

Hi everyone!


I hope you all managed to relax and enjoy your Christmas break and are staying safe during these strange times we are now in.


I have to say that I am really disappointed not to be back in class together again with all of you this morning. Last term, you all impressed me so much with your enthusiasm, hard-work and positive attitudes towards your learning! Despite it looking like we’re going to be learning from home for this next half-term, I’m sure you’ll rise to the challenge and use that positivity and determination in your home-learning.


Some good news: We are still going to be able to continue sharing our class story, Holes by Louis Sachar!

I will be uploading recordings of the next couple of chapters to the 'Class 5 2020-21' area on the Video Resource Centre (on this website) each week. This week's first chapter will be added later today with other chapters following later this week - I hope you're looking forward to it as much as I am!


Above, you will find the link to our ‘Notices / Homework / Home-Learning’ page where you’ll find out more details about your home-learning tasks.


Have fun!

Miss Runeckles x

Office Update - Christmas Dinners

16th November 2020


Hi everyone,

This is just a quick reminder from the office about making sure your child has returned their Christmas dinner form. Extra forms have been sent home today with those children who have not yet let us know! Please return these as soon as possible.


Miss Runeckles


Library Update...

12 November 2020

Dear Parents

We have been sent the Christmas Scholastic Book Catalogue which will be making its way home in book bags this week. To order books please click/enter the link below. We will not be taking any orders via the school office. Any books that you order will be sent to school and we will contact you when they arrive to arrange for them to be picked up safely (we won’t send books home automatically in book bags just in case they are gifts!)

Our new Scholastic Book Club is up and running! Go to

to browse the latest books and order online.

For every £1 you spend on this month’s Book Club, our school will earn 20p in Scholastic Rewards. Please place your order online by December 1st, 2020.

Just before school shut for the first lockdown we wanted to make sure everyone had a book to take home, it was all a bit a bit of a rush, so some books may not have been ‘checked out’. If you find any school library books or reading scheme books at home we would be very grateful if you could return them to your class. Thank you.

Best wishes

Kymble Eldridge

School Library.

Friday 25th September 2020


It has been brilliant to welcome back all of Class 5 (and the rest of school) over the past few weeks - the children appear to be pleased to be back, too!


Just a quick note to let you all know that a 'Class 5 Start Of Year' letter will be coming out during next week. This will detail some of the routines and details about Reading Records, Homework, EdShed, PE days, etc. This will also be uploaded to our 'Notices / Homework' page at some point next week!


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Runeckles x

2019 - 20 Academic Year

Class Five Summer Challenge: 


Hi everyone! 


As promised, here are some ideas for activities which can be completed to help us keep our skills sharp before we return to school in September.   These ideas can be used however your wish, little and often is probably best!  It is also very important that you enjoy some time off and a well earned rest.  You have really impressed me over the course of 'Lockdown', and I think you should be very proud of yourselves! 

Have an awesome summer! 


Mrs T x


Class Five Online Learning: Monday 6th & 13th July 


Hi Everyone,


I have added the final pack of the year to the Online Learning page, which will cover the last two weeks of term.  As most of you are heading in to school over the next two weeks, I have developed one plan to cover each week.  This way you can work on the tasks here during the week when you aren’t heading to school!

There are some shorter challenges included here, and some longer challenges too!

As always, you can send over things that you have finished for us to look at and enjoy!


During the last week of term I will be uploading a summer challenge, which will lay out some activities you could complete over the holidays.  These will all be short tasks which will just help to keep your skills sharp in preparation for you starting in Year Six in September. 


Thank you all for the amazing hard work that you have put in to the online learning over the last 3 months.  You have made me so very proud of you, and while this isn’t the end of the year that I would have wanted for you all, I can honestly say I am incredibly proud to be your teacher!


I will be adding the final update to this page during the last week of term, so keep your eyes open for this!


Take care, stay safe and keep in touch!


Mrs T x

Class Five Online Learning: Monday 29th June 2020


Hi Everyone, 


Here are the uploads for this week.  We are continuing with our exploration of St. Lucia, and this will be developed in our topic and English work this week.   Our maths work on Fractions will also be continuing, and you will have another arithmetic challenge which you can mark with the video answers later in the week.    I have developed another video explaining the tasks for the week ahead, and you will be able to find this on the Video Resource Centre.  


There is one task this week that is very important, and I would really appreciate everyone sending this task over to me.  This is based on your report comment.  The task is explained in the planning grid, and within the video of tasks.  You need to think about what you want to write, then turn this into a comment before emailing it to me.  It’s really important to make sure you have your own views included in your report, so please make sure you do this task during the week, and send me over your comments! 


Have an amazing week – stay safe! 
Mrs T x 


Class Five Online Learning: Monday 22nd June 2020


Hi everyone,


The pack for the next week is now available on our online learning page, with relevant links and resources included for you to access.   I’ve tried something a little different this week, and have made a video which also explains each of the tasks briefly.  This can be found on the Video Resource Centre here, and hopefully will help to explain each session and task to the children. 

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch last week, with emails and blog posts.  It is really important for us to stay in touch with you all, and I love to hear what we have all been up to.  I’m putting together a gallery of the work you are all completing, so send over any picture of work etc that you are proud of and I will upload them!


Have a great week,
Mrs T x

Class Five Online Learning: Monday 15th June 2020


Hello everyone, 


I've uploaded this week's Online Pack, which you can download below!   This is the last week of our work based on the Highwayman, and formal division, before we move on to some new challenges! 

Thank you for all of your lovely blog messages and emails.  It really is lovely to hear from you, and I am missing you all lots! 


The recipe books is developing nicely, and I have asked the other children who are in school, to share some of their recipes too, so hopefully we will have a lot of recipes to choose from soon!   Thank you to everyone who has shared questions and challenges for the next maths Kahoot challenge - if there are any more to come please send them over in the next couple of days! 


This week I will be 'Live' on the blog at the times below.  I'm still teaching Year Six in school this week, so emails may be a bit slower, but I will always get back to you eventually! 

Monday 15th June: 2pm - 4pm 

Tuesday 16th June: 11am - 1pm 

Thursday 18th June: 2pm - 4pm 


Have an amazing week! 


Mrs T x 

Online Learning: Monday 8th June 


Hi Everyone,


I hope you are all keeping well!  I have uploaded the learning pack and resources for next week, and these can be found on our Online Learning Page. 


Thank you to everyone who emailed, or sent pictures of work last week.  It really is wonderful to see you getting stuck in to the tasks and challenges.   This week continues with work based on The Highwayman, and Division.   We are also going to delve a little deeper into St Lucia, and hopefully you will be able to answer some of the wonderful questions you came up with last week!


The Natural History Museum are currently hosting some fantastic ‘sessions’ which you can watch online.  On Friday they are hosting a session about Volcanoes, which I am sure would be very interesting.  The link for this is below.


This week I am teaching Year Six, as well as you lovely lot, so my replies to emails may be a little slower.   Don’t worry though – I will always get back to you!   I will be live on the Blog during the times below, and would love to see you there!

Monday: 2pm – 4pm
Tuesday: 11am – 1pm
Thursday: 2pm – 4pm


Our latest selfie video is coming out this week  – I will share it via the blog.  It’s so fantastic to see you all enjoying things at home – and we most definitely can’t wait to see you all very soon!  
The recipe book is on it’s way, and I’m also gathering recommended websites if anyone hasn’t yet sent one over. 


Thank you for being as amazing as always!

Take care, and stay safe,


Mrs T x

The Titanic Shoebox Challenge 

While we have been completing our Online Learning, our Titanic topic has been linked to lots of our work! 

To finish off this topic we set one final challenge - to design one of the Titanic's cabins, and make it inside a shoe box.  

As you can see - we have had lots of fun being very creative! 

The Titanic Shoebox Challenge

Online Learning: Monday 1st June 


Hello everyone!  Our new online learning pack has been uploaded to our Online Learning page, along with any relevant links and resources.  


The resources which were included in the packs which were sent home will link to the lessons included this week, and hopefully this will save your printers a little!


We are starting a new topic this week, with our exploration of St. Lucia, and moving on to Division in maths.  Our English work is also moving on, to the poem 'The Highwayman'.  There are lots of different activities for the children to get stuck in to! 


I would love to hear from the children each week, either through the blog, or through the class email address -

Even if it is only a simple message to say hello, it really is fantastic to hear from them all! 


I will be working in school throughout the weeks, supporting the Year Six pupils who have returned.  I will still be offering online sessions, and will post the times of these tomorrow once outline plans are organised! 


Take care and stay safe, 


Mrs T x 


Friday 22nd May 

A new message has been added to our Coronavirus page, which is accompanied by our policy detailing provision for children who are returning to school.  You may have received this by email, but if you have not had an email please let me know your current email address at and we will update our system.  

Please check the policy and the message to ensure you are aware of our plans for after half term.  

Thank you.  

Online Learning: Monday 18th May 


Hi everyone,

Hopefully you have all received an email from Richard over the weekend regarding the re-opening of schools etc.  A copy of this is available on our Coronavirus page in case you didn’t receive it. 
If you didn’t get this email, and would like to receive emails from us, please can you let us know an up to date email address so we can add it to our system? 


I have uploaded the lesson pack for this coming week, on our Online Learning Page (follow the link above).   The links to any outside resources are included in the pack, and each lesson should be linked to any resources at the end of the document. 


We are continuing with our work on The Piano this week, and I have added a new video based on the suggestions the children made about treasured memories, which links to the first English session. 

In our Maths work this week we are solving some challenges – sometimes these can be tricky, depending on how they are interpreted.  In school we tend to encourage the children to read them twice, and maybe draw out the problem or make notes if it isn’t clear.   I will happily explain any of the challenges during the online sessions on the Class Blog!   This week I will be online between 10 – 12pm on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, although I will be checking in throughout the rest of the week as well. 


We are finishing up our Titanic project this week, with a final piece of writing and a craft challenge!  I’m hoping to put together the pictures of the children’s work into a project book to show off everything we have studied about the ship, so please feel free to send pictures over via the class email address:


Thank you to everyone who has submitted recipes for the class book, and selfies for the next video.  I am in the process of putting them together at the moment and will be sharing them with you soon!


Thank you, again, for all of your hard work, and for staying in contact so much.  I love hearing and seeing what the children have been up to!

Take care, and stay safe!


Mrs T x

Online Learning: Monday 11th May 


Hi Everyone,


The Online Learning pack for Monday 11th May can now be downloaded from our Online Learning Page (follow the link above).  All of the weblinks you will need are also included on this page, or linked directly from the planning. 


Thank you for sending your recipes across – if there are any more out there can they be sent across asap – I’m keen to get going and make the recipe book!


This week I am collecting selfies to make another video – feel free to send some pictures across which show what you have been up to!  I can’t wait to see you all!


I will be online this week between 10am & 12pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and through the day on Thursday and Friday.


Thank you so much for all of your hard work – I love hearing from you and seeing the work you are producing! 


Stay safe, and take care,


Mrs T x

Online Learning: Monday 4th May

The learning pack for this week has now been uploaded to our online learning page.   Thank you to everyone who has sent photos and copies of work that has been completed – it is lovely to see what you are all getting up to. 

We had some amazing photos of Icebergs sent in last week – well done to everyone who managed to make their own iceberg!  As you can see from the photos below, they were all true to form with only a small part of the whole iceberg visible above the surface of the water. 

We also have a new Kahoot quiz, based on questions set by the class.  They have come up with some amazing questions! If you want a challenge, follow the link on the Online Learning Page to the Kahoot Quiz. 

Finally, our video based on the organs of the Human body is on the Video Resource Centre for you all to enjoy.  Thank you very much to everyone who contributed to the video - it's really informative! 

Thank you all for everything that you are doing in supporting the children in their learning.  I am missing the children terribly, so it is wonderful to see / hear what they have been up to.  

Stay safe,

Mrs T x

Our Amazing Icebergs...

Online Learning Pack: Monday 27th April


Hi Everyone, 


The planning pack for this week is now available on the class Online Learning Details page.  

We are continuing with The Titanic Detective Agency in English, and Multiplying larger numbers by a one-digit number in Maths.  Our Titanic project is also continuing and this week we are finding out a little more about icebergs.  

Our positions in the leagues on Maths Shed and Spelling Shed have dropped alot!  Let's try and get ourselves back to the top of the leagues!  Honey pot rewards will be given out during the week to anyone who is working hard to earn class points.  


This week I will be online throughout the day on Monday, then at the times below for the remainder of the week.  

Tuesday 28th:      10am - 12pm 

Wednesday 29th: 10am - 12pm 

Thursday 30th:     12pm - 2pm 


Thank you again for all of your hard work, it is wonderful to hear from you all and see what you have been up to.    


Mrs T x 

Class Five Online Learning: Monday 20th April 

Hi everyone, 

Our pack for the coming week has now been uploaded to the Online Learning page, with links to relevant videos and websites, and the answers to last week’s maths challenges. 

I will be online every day this week, and will be hosting ‘Live’ sessions on the class blog during the following times.

Monday 20th April: 10am – 12 noon

Tuesday 21st April: 12 noon – 2pm

Wednesday 22nd April: 2pm – 4pm

It would be lovely to see more of the children during the blog sessions – it’s a great place to be able to chat to each other and share ideas / achievements, and it also helps the children to ‘mix’ with their friends during these unusual times!  As with previous weeks, I am also more than happy to receive work that the children have completed via email.

Thank you, for all of your help in delivering the activities in the packs!

Mrs T x

Online Learning - Tuesday 14th April 


Hello everyone.  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter, and that you are all managing to stay as safe as possible.   I have uploaded the next learning pack to our Online Learning Page, with links to activities and videos included.   As always, the pack contains links to activities and resources, and you can return to the overview page by clicking on the Bradworthy Academy logo on each page.   The English and Maths tasks need to be worked through in order, as they build towards quizzes and challenges.  As always, I will be more than happy to answer questions or respond to ideas on the class blog and email addresses.  


I am hoping to be live on Wednesday between 11am and 1pm, on Thursday between 12pm - 2pm and Friday between 2pm and 4pm.   I will be around at other times, and will be keeping an eye on the blog and the class email address throughout the week. 


I will be posting out a new pack over the coming week, which has some resources for topic lessons and science challenges.  The children don't need to look at these until they are directed to in the weekly plans - it just seemed sensible to send a few weeks at a time rather than work weekly.  


Some very exciting news - we have been sent a personal message from Lindsay Littleson, the author of  The Titanic Detective Agency.  I wrote to her to ask for permission to use the story in our online learning, and she was kind enough to send you all a message!  You can listen to it on the Video Resource Page, in the Class Five playlist.   There are some other videos on this page which will be used in your learning this week - the pack explains it all!


Finally, thank you all for sending pictures and copies of your work in.  I've put together a little video which shows what we have been up to so far!  It's lovely to see so many smiling faces!  You can find the video on the Video Resource Page as well - in the Class Five playlist.


Have an amazing week! 

Mrs T x 

Hi everyone, 

For details about an email scam linked to Free School Meals, please see our Coronavirus page in the News tab. 
Thank you. 

Online Learning: Easter Challenges 

Hi everyone.  The Easter Holiday challenges are now available to download from the Online Learning page.  You can click the link below to access this page.   

These activities have been put together to link to the work that we have been doing, and to also give you something to do over the holiday!  

I am in the process of putting together a gallery of the best bits of our first week of Online Learning, and I will post this here as soon as it is finished!   I am so very proud of the way that you have approached the tasks this week, and I am really looking forward to speaking to you all on the blog over the Easter break! 

Mrs T 

Online Learning - Monday 23rd May 

There is a link below which will take you to the section of our page which contains your work for the week.  I will be live on our class blog several times during the week to provide support as needed. 

This week I will aim to be online during the following times: 


Monday 23rd March: 12noon - 2pm 

Tuesday 24th March: 10am - 12 noon

Thursday 26th March: 2pm - 4pm 


Mrs T x 

Class Five Update: Friday 20th March 

A newsletter detailing the changes in school provision has been added to our Coronavirus information page.  Please make sure you have seen this letter, as it contains important information about the coming weeks.   Please click the link below to visit this page.  

Packs have been sent home this evening with some basic resources, and log in details for online access to games and blogs etc.  If your child has been away from school these have been put into the post.  We will add some home learning to this page on Monday, and the resources will be included in these plans - there is no expectation for the children to be completing anything this weekend!   
On Monday I will also provide details of 'live' sessions throughout next week, where I will be available online to answer queries and comments via our blog. 


Over the coming weeks, should you need to contact me directly, please email me via

We will be utilising communication with parents and children within emails and blog access, and will therefore be unable to answer any queries on other platforms.  


Thank you for all of your incredible support this week, the strength of the community in school is wonderful to see! 

Mrs T x 

Class Five Update: March 2020


Class Five have had a lot of fun getting stuck into our work on the digestive system in recent weeks, and as you can see from the pictures below we got our hands dirty and jumped right in to an experiment which models the functions of the digestive system.   We will be extending this work in the coming weeks, so please check back for some more pictures soon! 

Welcome to Class 5!

Class Five Update: Spring Term 2020

We have had a very busy half term, getting stuck in to our new topic based on the RMS Titanic, and enjoying a project around the poem 'Sea Tongue' by Kevin Crossley-Holland.  We have also been getting stuck into activities based on Chinese New Year, and learning how to play the Pocket Trumpets, along with many other adventures! 

Voices of the Sea: Year Five Feb 2020

Our class poem, based on our studies of Sea Tongue by Kevin Crossley Holland. We created our own poem based on items amongst the wreckage of the Titanic, and...

Spring Term 1 2020