Art Exhibition

Every Year we hold an Art Exhibition in School where every child is encouraged to create some-sort-of incredibe creative piece of wonderfulness which they can show the whole World - or at least our little bit of it.


Scarlet, Marilyn and Lily-Mae

You're probably wondering why the world famous Marilyn Monroe has decided to join Scarlett and Lily-Mae at the front of our school this morning.


This is why .....


The first school opened in Bradworthy in 1872 and so now we are in 2022 we are celebrating our 150th Birthday!!!


In honour of the event we have decided that this year’s Art Exhibition should feature famous people that we admire from these years.


We have divided the 150 years into six and allotted a 25 year section to each Class as follows:


1872-1897 - Year 2

1898-1922 - Year 4

1923-1947 - Year 6

1948-1972 - Year 5

1973-1997 - Year 3

1998-2022 – Year 1

The Present Day – Reception


The Exhibition will take place at the end of May with an opening concert and first viewing on the evening of Thursday 26th and the exhibition itself the following day (between 8am and 5pm), and on Saturday 28th (between 10am and 2pm).