Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!



Some ideas to keep everyone ticking over through the summer holidays.



Keep up with your phonics skills.

You can still use the spelling shed and phonicplay games.

You can also try the phonics games on the espresso website for something a little different!


Type into the address bar.

Click on Discovery Education Espresso.

Click on Login.

Click on Espresso.

Enter username Student10475    password bradworthy

Click on Key Stage 1

Click on English

Scroll down to Phonics

Play the games of your choice.



I have added the lists of the words that the children will be expected to be able to read and spell as they enter Year 2. Please don't panic about these - we are well aware that we have some catch up to do in September - but any practise over the summer will stand the children in good stead next year.

As well as the words in these lists the children need to be able to spell all the days of the week and number words from zero to twenty.



It is really important for the children to be forming all of their letters correctly as they enter Year 2, in preparation for joining their handwriting.

Please have a go at practising letter formation for upper and lower case letters and digits from 0 to 9.


Keep writing sentences, punctuating these correctly with a capital letter and full stop.

Use the joining word 'and' to join two sentences together

For example, I like to go on long bike rides and take a yummy picnic to eat.

Write questions, using 'question words' and question marks.

Write sentences that include an exclamation mark instead of a full stop, to show surprise or somebody shouting.

The children need to know that capital letters should be used at the beginning of a sentence, for the names of people and places and for the word 'I'.



Keep reading! Every day, anything and everything.

Listening to an adult read is equally important, so keep up with those bedtime stories.


I have listed a few of the Maths End of Year Expectations below.

It would be great to practise these skills during the summer to keep those number brains working!


  • Count, read and write numbers to 100.
  • Count in multiples of 2, 5 and 10.
  • Read and write numbers from 0-20 in numerals and words.
  • Solve problems involving + and -
  • Recognise and find half and quarter of an object or quantity.
  • Compare weight, length, height and capacity.
  • Tell the time to the hour and half hour on a digital and an analogue clock.
  • Recognise common 2-D shapes.
  • Recognise common 3-D shapes.








Wednesday 8th July


Good afternoon everyone. Here are the plans for our final couple of weeks in school!



The children will be planning and writing their own version of 'Where the Wild Things Are'.

They will be incorporating the changes that they would like to make to the story, including their new character, setting, Wild Things and mischief that their character causes.



We will continue to look at time and shape, both 2D and 3D.



We will be exploring modern London and investigating the events of The Great Fire of 1666.

See what you can find out.

Where did the fire start?

Why did the fire spread so quickly?

How was the fire brought under control?

How do we know so much about the Great Fire?

What lessons were learnt after the fire? - Look at how London was rebuilt to prevent this happening again.



The children will continue to investigate plants and trees, as well as recording the changes to their runner bean plant.

We will be designing our own dream gardens! What would you have in yours?







Wednesday 1st July

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you are all still managing to stay sane! Here are this weeks tasks.

After this week we will be scaling back our online teaching for the final few weeks, to give everyone time to catch up with anything that you haven't managed to get done so far!



We are going to start thinking about how we could write our own Wild Things story.

We will be designing a new character who will wear a different 'suit'.

I would like you to draw your new character wearing their suit (it can't be a wolf suit!).

Then I would like you to use describing words for your character and tell me what sort of mischief they get up to. 

Try to write in sentences and use capital letters and full stops.

I am looking forward to seeing your new characters and can't wait to see what 'suits' you choose. Let your imagination run wild!


We are looking at time in class this week and are concentrating on 'minutes'.

We have been closing our eyes and trying to guess when a minute is over.

We have been timing ourselves doing things for one minute, for example, how many times can you write your name in 1 minute, how many star jumps can you do? How many times can you throw a bean bag into a bucket etc.

We will also be timing ourselves doing things, for example how long did it take us to eat our dinner? How long does it take Mr Rushton to read a story to the class? How long is playtime? etc.

We have been concentrating on placing the hands on a clock on 'o'clock' times and have been talking about the hour hand and minute hands on the clock face.

Next week we will move on to 'half past' times.


We have looked at the plants that people like to grow in their gardens. We have had a look at some of the plants and herbs that are growing in our bottle garden and have used describing words to help us to identify them.

Can you have a look at the plants that are growing in your garden and have a go at describing them? For example, big spiky leaves, small red and white flowers with four petals etc.



We have started to look at London as our capital city.

We have discussed why London is an important city and what we would find if we went to visit.

We have identified some of London's famous landmarks and described what they look like and why they are important.

Have fun everyone!






Tuesday 23rd June


Good afternoon everyone, I hope you are all well. Here are this weeks tasks.



This week we are concentrating on sentence work in our literacy sessions.

Firstly, we have been looking at how we can use the word 'and' to join two sentences, or ideas, together.

For example - My Wild Thing has long teeth to scare people and yellow feet like a chicken.

How many sentences can you write about your Wild Thing using the word 'and'? Make them as exciting as you can.


Secondly, we have been looking at the suffixes 'er' and 'est'. We have talked about how adding these to a word can change its meaning.

Have a go at completing the worksheets below.

Then put some of the words into sentences. For example - I can ride my bike quicker than my sister.



Have a go at solving some of these word problems.

You can write down the number sentences that match the word problems if you would like to.


This week we have continued to investigate the growth of our bean. We have discussed how it has changed and what we can see.

We have also continued to discuss the wild flowers that we can see in the school grounds and have encouraged the children to name and describe some common wild plants.

Have a go at using the worksheets below to see how many plants you can identify.

How many of these can you see in your gardens or growing in the hedgerows around where you live?

Discuss the words that we use to name different parts of a plant and compare these on the different plants that you find.








Wednesday 17th June


Good morning everyone. Here are this weeks tasks.



This week we are looking at characters in the story.

We have looked at a picture of Max and written a list words that we think best describe him, i.e. white wolf suit, cheeky, shiny crown etc.

We then chose our favourite words and put them into sentences to describe Max, i.e. Max is very cheeky because he chased his dog with a fork.

We then did the same thing for our favourite Wild Thing.

After that we had loads of fun designing and then making our own Wild Thing mask. We stuck all sorts of things onto our mask to make them as 'Wild' as possible!

Top tip for mask making! If you have a paper plate at home they make perfect masks.


We are still concentrating of fractions in school and have moved on to quarters this week.

I know that you have been doing this for some time at home so lets have a go at investigating different forms of measurement. 

Please have a go at measuring and comparing: 

a) length and height

b) weight 

c) capacity and volume.

I have included a worksheet to get you started.


This week we have looked at the beans we planted last week and have recorded any changes.

We have been on a 'Wild Plant' hunt around the school grounds to see what is growing in our local area and have named, compared and described what we have found.


We are looking at pulse and rhythm with Mr Rushton. Have a go at clapping along to your favourite tunes at home. Can you find the pulse of the music - was call it the music's heartbeat!







Tuesday 9th June


Good afternoon everyone, here are the tasks for this week.




Watch the story 'Where The Wild Things Are' being read on youtube.

Try this link    Apologies if it doesn't work! 


This week we are working on settings.

Because a forest grew in Max's room, we decided to design our own forests. We went outside and gathered lots of fallen leaves and twigs and use these to create our own forest scene.

We wrote sentences about our forest setting and what we would be able to see, hear, smell and feel in our forest.

Don't forget to use your best handwriting and remember to use a capital letter and full stop for each sentence.


Have a go at reading and spelling these Year 1 common exception words.



We are continuing our work on 'half' in class. Just in case you have completed the 'half' sheets from last week, have a go at these 'time' worksheets.



We have each planted our own runner bean this week.

We are going to discuss what our plant will need to grow. We will be recording the changes in our plant each week and will be keeping a diary of its changes. 

If you have the opportunity to grow something at home with your child, so that they can observe and discuss its growth, that would be fantastic!






Tuesday 2nd June


Good afternoon everyone, I hope you enjoyed a well earned rest last week and are now refreshed and ready for the new tasks!



Over the next few weeks we will be looking at one of my favourite texts, 'Where the Wild Things Are' by Maurice Sendak. I am sure that a few of you are familiar with this magical story and hopefully some of you have a copy at home that you can share with the children. Please don't do this yet though, as we want to tap into the children's imagination to begin with, using some of the brilliant illustrations from the book.

Have a look at this picture.

What can you see? List as many things as you can.

Where do you think this might be?

What do you think they are doing?


Draw a picture of what you think this strange land might look like.

Are there any houses? 

What transport might these characters use?

Is it a hot or cold place?

Do they have shops?

What else might live here?



This week we are continuing our work on half.

Here are some things to have a go at.


We are going to be looking at our local area.

If possible please look at Bradworthy on Google maps.

Help the children to locate the village landmarks, i.e. the church, our school, the doctors surgery, the shops, the square, the garage.

Make a list of the things that we have in our village.


Do you live in Bradworthy?

If so, can you find your house on google maps?

If not, can you zoom into the place where you live? How far is it away from our school?







Happy Half Term Everyone,


No new tasks this week. Enjoy a well earned rest!


Mrs D x





Monday 18th May


Happy Monday again everyone!

Here are this weeks tasks.



It is 'time' this week, another tricky one, sorry!

By the end of Year 1 the children are expected to be able to correctly order the days of the week and months of the year. They need to be able to tell the time to the hour and half past the hour on both an analogue and digital clock face.

The children need to understand the vocabulary of time - seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years etc and understand how these equate, for example, 60 seconds =1 minute, 60 minutes =1 hour.

Counting in 5's is also important.


If you don't have a split pin please don't worry, just improvise!


Time for a change of topic.

We will be looking at our locality and exploring how we fit into our local area, our country, the UK, and the World.

It would be great if you could use google maps with your child to help them with this, they always find it fascinating to zoom into our little corner of the world from outer space!



Suffixes - adding 's' and 'es'. The 'rule' is highlighted at the top of the worksheet.


Complete sheets for s, t, u.



New assignments have been added if you can access them, don't worry if not, keep playing the games that you enjoy.



Keep playing the games of your choice, it would be great if everyone could have a go at some of the games on Phase 5 this week. It is super important that the children keep up with their phonics skills.






Monday 11th May


Happy Monday everyone!

I hope that you are all well and managed to enjoy some of the bank holiday sunshine.


Here are this weeks tasks. 



Money this week. I have included sheets of differing difficulty, the children can chose the level that they would like to attempt.

It would be great if you could discuss the different coins that you have in your house. Look at colours, sizes and discuss values. This is often tricky for the children to understand, for example, if you offer them 2 x 1p's in one hand and 1x 5p in the other, and ask which hand they would rather have they will often choose the 2 x 1p's - they equate more coins = more money! We need to help them to understand that it is the 'value' of the coin that is important, not necessarily how many coins you have.

Writing and spelling


Complete sheets p, q, r



Some of the year 1 vocabulary for our materials unit may need a little explanation from you! The words that the children  need to understand and investigate are - waterproof, hard, soft, flexible, rigid, opaque and transparent.


Assignments are set if you can access them, don't worry if you cant, just carry on playing the games that you enjoy!



Continue to play the games in Phases 3 and 4. If you're feeling brave have a look at some of the Phase 5 games, good luck!







More little gems!







Monday 4th May


Good morning everyone.

I hope you are all well.

I can't believe how quickly Monday comes around! Here are this weeks tasks.

Keep smiling laugh



Fractions this week. Some of these are tricky, it helps if the children have something that they can use as counters to share into equal groups.





Complete practise sheets m, n, o


Writing questions. Some of these sheets come with 3 different levels of difficulty. The children can choose which one they would like to attempt.


New assignments are set if you can access them. Don't worry if not.



Keep playing the phase 3 and 4 games of your choice to keep those phonics skills polished!





Year 1 beauties

Some more of your lovely photos.






Monday 27th April

Good morning everyone,

I hope that you are all doing well. It has been great to see so many of your photos this week, I will post a selection later so that you can see one another and see what everyone has been up to. Keep them coming so that I can continue to share pictures of your friends for you to see.

Here are this weeks tasks. I'll be checking the blog and class email regularly so if you need me please don't hesitate to get in touch.



Complete your Spring Maths activity booklet.



Complete pages j, k, l


We are moving on to a new unit about everyday materials and how we use them.

The materials that we will be concentrating on are glass, plastic, metal, wood, fabric, stone/rock and paper/card.


Choose your 5 favourite toys. Draw them. 

Write a list of the materials that have been used to make each one.


Look around your house for different materials.

Make a list of all the things that you can find that are made of glass, plastic, metal, wood, fabric, stone and paper.


Please work your way through this new booklet. Be warned, the pages are out of order as it is supposed to be printed as a booklet. Sorry if this causes any confusion!


I have set new assignments for spelling and maths. I know that some of you are struggling to access these. Please don't worry if its causing a headache, simply ignore them and play any of the games that the children are enjoying!



To ensure that the children are practising their phonics skills please keep playing the games in Phase 3/4. You can play the games of your choice, there are plenty to choose from. I hope that this keeps phonics fun!







Happy smiley little people!

Just a small selection of the wonderful photos you have been sending me.

Please keep them coming. 

I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures of your friends, I am sure you are missing each other loads heart





Monday 20th April

Good morning all, 

I hope you are well and are all still smiling! It has been wonderful to receive so many lovely pictures of you all this week, thank you so much for taking the time to send them to me, it has made me very happy to see your smiling faces doing so many wonderful activities. I will attempt to get some of these pictures onto the class page later today. Keep them coming, they really do brighten my day!

Here are this weeks tasks, I hope that you enjoy them and please let me know if I can help in any way.

Big hugs to you all laugh

Mrs D x




Please complete pages 4, 5, 6, and 7 from the spring activity book that  I posted last week (pages 4 and 5 are one activity).



Answer 2 of the picture question pages in your original learning pack.

Then use one of the other pictures as the start of a story. Use your imagination.

Who will you characters be? Draw them and write describing words around them to tell me what your character is like, are they brave or cowardly, loud or shy, tall or short?

Where will your story be set? Draw the setting and try to describe it, for example is it magical, happy and exciting or dark, creepy and quiet?

Write the beginning of your story. What exciting words could you use so that the reader will want to read the next part?



Complete sheets j, k and l in your pack.


Sort the animals into the grid depending on what they eat.

Please don't feel that you have to print the animal cards out, the children can simply draw them into the table, they are there as guidance. However, if you would like to print them out and use this as a cut and stick activity please feel free!


I have attempted to set assignments for both maths and spelling this week! See if you can find them and have a go.

Keep playing the games and collecting your points, I will keep rewarding your effort with Honeypots. yes



Keep practising your phonics through phonicsplay. Stick to Phase 3 and 4 for now. You can log into the games of your choice.


Challenge from Mrs Davies

Please go to the blogging page where Mrs Davies has set you a 'shape challenge', good luck!





Tuesday 14th April

Good morning all, I trust you have all managed to enjoy the sunshine over the last couple of weeks and are coping OK with this strange time!

Here are the tasks that I would like to be completed this week.



Please complete 2 of the question sheets in your pack.


In your exercise book, please write about the best thing that you have done during the Easter holidays. Try to use describing words to help the reader to understand the colours, sizes and feelings that you had on that day.

You must use punctuation in your writing and your handwriting needs to be neat and well formed!



Please complete pages for d, e, f in your handwriting practise booklet.


Please complete the first 3 pages of this booklet.


Use the table to sort these animals into two different groups.

For example, animals that can swim and animals that can not swim. 

Animals with 2 legs and animals with more, or less, than 2 legs. 

Animals that have wings and animals that don't have wings.

You can use your imagination as to how you sort them!


Have a go at the addition and subtraction games this week. Start with addition and subtraction within 10 and work your way up through the levels. Then have a go at addition and subtraction within 20. If you're feeling super brave have a go at the 'within 100' games!

I think I have set up a spelling assignment for this week. I'm hoping I have done this correctly!! Have a go, see if it works.


Don't forget that you can use the class blog to leave messages for me, and each other, and you can always contact me on our class email address. I will keep checking in throughout the week, it would be great to hear from you!


Missing you all loads.


Mrs D






Monday 30th March.

Hello everyone! 

Well done to everyone who is working so hard on EdShed, it is great to see our class moving up the school league table, especially in maths, I am super proud of all your effort. Everyone who has logged on will receive 100 honeypot rewards from me each day, so keep it up. Anyone who has not logged on yet please do have a go the games are great fun.

Amelia is our reigning spelling bee champion, fantastic work Amelia and our new champion Maths-tronaut is Isabelle, great job Isabelle!

As the Easter holidays are here I am not going to be setting formal work or expecting any worksheets to be completed, these will continue to be used after the holidays. Please continue to log on to EdShed, phonicsplay and Espresso and enjoy the activities and games these sites offer. I will be keeping an eye on your scores and will keep awarding rewards for your effort.

Please take time to play board games with your families, do jigsaw puzzles (I have a 1,000 piece puzzle on the go here!), read loads, play shops, count anything (from the cutlery in your cutlery draw to the pens in your pencil case), get lots of exercise - Joe Wicks is fab, and enjoy this precious time with your families.

Missing you all loads cheeky

Mrs D x

EdShed Rewards!

Well done to everyone who has had a go at the edshed challenges, I have rewarded you each 10 honeypots for your effort. Keep it up!

For those of you that haven't had a go yet it would be great to see some scores for you today. We need to move up the school league table!


Remember to log into edshed - your individual login was attached to the introductory letter in your learning pack.

I am keeping an eye on all your scores!

Spelling shed - Try the games in stage 1&2. Start with the easy spellings and work your way up to extreme ( I got one wrong at this level, oops! cheeky)

Maths shed - Do the number bonds games. Start with number bonds to 10 easy level and work your way up. Try the number bonds to 20 if you dare!


Good luck everyone, have fun.


Week beginning 23.3.20

Good morning all. I hope you are all well and are enjoying some time with your families at home.

Here are this week’s tasks:

Reading – complete the reading tasks in your learning pack and read, read, read anything and everything you can!

Writing – complete 3 of the picture - writing sheets in your learning pack.

Handwriting – complete pages for A, B, C in your handwriting booklet.

Phonics – Login to phonicsplay and revise phase 3 activities. The children are free to play the games of their choice.


Maths – please complete these worksheets. If you can’t print them please improvise as best as you can, or make up some of your own in your exercise book.

I know that some of you are struggling with the images below so I am adding these links, which I hope may prove easier to work with??!!



Science – As above.




Please let me know if there are any issues, I will support you as best as I can. Be warned technology is not my forte!!

School closure.

A newsletter was sent home with the children today outlining the latest information about the school closure. If your child was absent from school today this can be found on the website.

Mrs Disney's email.

You will be able to contact me through the blog on our class page, as well as through the following email address

I will be contactable on both of these forums and will not be using any other platforms for the time being.


Children's home-school tasks.

I will begin adding tasks to this page on Monday, hopefully to keep the children busy from Monday to Friday!

The children brought home login details today for websites that they can access to support our teaching. These have been posted to all of the children who were absent today. If you have trouble logging on to these please let me know.

I will be available, through the class blog, on Monday from 10.00 - 12.00, Wednesday 12.00 - 2.00 and Friday 12.00 - 2.00.


Dental Visit

Kim, the Dental Nurse, came in to visit us in March. She talked to us about oral hygiene and helped us to understand how we should look after our teeth.

We had fun using the disclosing tablets - and turning our tongues purple - then we tried to clean our teeth really well, until all of the staining was gone.

Now we have the whitest smiles in school!

Pancake Day

On Pancake day Kim helped us all make our own pancakes. We mixed, whisked, stirred, ate and even did our own washing up!

The pancakes were delicious and we think Kim is the best chef ever. Thank you Kim.

Performing Arts Festival

Here are some photos from the Performing Arts Festival we went to in February.


As you can see the children enjoyed dancing to 'The Lion King' songs and 'Baby Shark'. We have some great movers in Class 1!