Who's Who

Picture 1 Richard Stephenson - Head, Safeguarding, Year Six
Picture 2 Becki Turner - Deputy, SENDCO, Year Five
Picture 3 Rose Bennett - Foundation
Picture 4 Ellie Disney - Year One
Picture 5 Helen Carey - Year Two
Picture 6 Imogen Musson - Year Three
Picture 7 Nick Lapham - Year Four
Picture 8 Bryan Sentance - Year Six, Art
Picture 9 Sadie Davies - PPA Cover Teacher
Picture 10 Kerry Boyd - Sport
Picture 11 Sarah Lewis - Sport, KS2 Support, Cleaning
Picture 12 Paul Moulton - Music
Picture 13 Alex Rushton - Music
Picture 14 Simon Young - Sport, Art
Picture 15 Caroline Stevens - KS1 Support, Caretaker
Picture 16 Jo Holloway - KS1 Support
Picture 17 Lynne Walker - KS2 Support
Picture 18 Teena Cann - KS2 Support
Picture 19 Rose Millman - Administrator
Picture 20 Janet Peterick - Kitchen Manager
Picture 21 Tara Sutton - Kitchen, Cleaning

There's quite a few of us who haven't got photos yet.
We didn't manage to get them taken before the coronavirus thing kicked in !!!


Ellie Runeckles (Year Three Teacher)
Becky Price (Modern Foreign Languages Teacher)

Sarah Bryant (Administrator)
Kim Cleave (KS1 Support)
Lorraine Harris (Foundation Support)
Amanda Edwards (KS1 Support)

Nicola Poole (KS2 Support)

Elliot Lewis (Sports Coach, KS1 Support)
Alan Denyer (Sports Coach)
Clair Chamberlain (Sports Coach)
Jean Walter (Kitchen Support)

Robina Tallamy (Kitchen Support)