Class Five Online Learning Details

Class Five Online Learning Details: Monday 6th July 2020


Hi Everyone,


Here is the final pack of the year, which will cover the last two weeks of term.  As most of you are heading in to school over the next two weeks, I have developed one plan to cover each week.  This way you can work on the tasks here during the week when you aren’t heading to school!

There are some shorter challenges included here, and some longer challenges too!  I will upload the video for you to mark your arithmetic work towards the end of next week.  As always, you can send over things that you have finished for us to look at and enjoy!


As many of you will be heading in to school either this week or next week, I will start an ongoing blog post for the week where you can leave messages and I will get back to you.  I won't start specific posts on certain days, but will keep checking the original post! 


During the last week of term I will be uploading a summer challenge, which will lay out some activities you could complete over the holidays.  These will all be short tasks which will just help to keep your skills sharp in preparation for you starting in Year Six in September. 


Thank you all for the amazing hard work that you have put in to the online learning over the last 3 months.  You have made me so very proud of you, and while this isn’t the end of the year that I would have wanted for you all, I can honestly say I am incredibly proud to be your teacher!

I will be adding the final update to this page during the last week of term, so keep your eyes open for this!


Take care, stay safe, and keep in touch! 


Mrs T x

You can download the final learning pack here...

Adding and Subtracting Fractions with the Same Denominator

Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Different Denominators

Class Five Online Learning Details: Monday 29th June 2020


Hi Everyone,


Here are the uploads for this week.  We are continuing with our exploration of St. Lucia, and this will be developed in our topic and English work this week.   Our maths work on Fractions will also be continuing, and you will have another arithmetic challenge which you can mark with the video answers later in the week.    I have developed another video explaining the tasks for the week ahead, and you will be able to find this on the Video Resource Centre. 


There is one task this week that is very important, and I would really appreciate everyone sending this task over to me.  This is based on your report comment.  The task is explained in the planning grid, and within the video of tasks.  You need to think about what you want to write, then turn this into a comment before emailing it to me.  It’s really important to make sure you have your own views included in your report, so please make sure you do this task during the week, and send me over your comments!


This week I will be 'Live' on our blog during the times below - please come and say hello!  I will be uploading another emoji quiz to challenge you - you can all join in and we can see whoever has the most correct answers! 

Tuesday: 11am - 1pm 

Wednesday: 1pm - 3pm 

Thursday: 11am - 1pm 


Have an amazing week – stay safe!

Mrs T x

You can download this week's pack here...

Class Five Online Learning: Monday 22nd June 2020


Hi everyone,


Here is the pack for this week!  We are continuing to explore St. Lucia, in both our English and Topic lessons for the next few weeks.  We are also moving on to some work on Fractions, and completing arithmetic practice each week to help keep our maths skills sharp!

This week I’ve tried something a bit different.  On our playlist page on the Video Resource Centre there is a video which explains each task.  I’ve use pictures of the sheets / resources to help explain what I want you to do.  Hopefully it’s helpful, and gives you an idea of how and where to start each lesson. 


This week I will be online at the times below.   I am still teaching Year Six at the moment too, so I will be replying, but it may be a little slower than normal!  

Tuesday 11am – 1pm

Wednesday 1pm – 3pm

Thursday 11am – 1pm


Thank you to everyone who has been in touch last week, with emails and blog posts.  It is really important for us to stay in touch with you all, and I love to hear what we have all been up to.  I’m putting together a gallery of the work you are all completing, so send over any picture of work etc that you are proud of and I will upload them!


Have a great week,
Mrs T x

You can download our online learning pack below...

Class Five Online Learning: 15th June 2020


Hello everyone, 


I've uploaded this week's Online Pack, which you can download below!   This is the last week of our work based on the Highwayman, and formal division, before we move on to some new challenges! 

Thank you for all of your lovely blog messages and emails.  It really is lovely to hear from you, and I am missing you all lots! 


The recipe books is developing nicely, and I have asked the other children who are in school, to share some of their recipes too, so hopefully we will have a lot of recipes to choose from soon!   Thank you to everyone who has shared questions and challenges for the next maths Kahoot challenge - if there are any more to come please send them over in the next couple of days! 


This week I will be 'Live' on the blog at the times below.  I'm still teaching Year Six in school this week, so emails may be a bit slower, but I will always get back to you eventually! 

Monday 15th June: 2pm - 4pm 

Tuesday 16th June: 11am - 1pm 

Thursday 18th June: 2pm - 4pm 


Have an amazing week! 


Mrs T x 

The Highway Rat - Give Us A Story!

The Highway Rat runs the ''ighway', thieving as he pleases. That is until a clever duck gets the measure of him. But who will come out on top? A lovely reinv...

Use the inverse operation to check for multiplication and division

Class Five Online Learning: Monday 8th June 


Hi Everyone,


I hope you are all keeping well!  I have uploaded the learning pack and resources for next week, and these can be found on our Online Learning Page. 


Thank you to everyone who emailed, or sent pictures of work last week.  It really is wonderful to see you getting stuck in to the tasks and challenges.   This week continues with work based on The Highwayman, and Division.   We are also going to delve a little deeper into St Lucia, and hopefully you will be able to answer some of the wonderful questions you came up with last week!


The Natural History Museum are currently hosting some fantastic ‘sessions’ which you can watch online.  On Friday they are hosting a session about Volcanoes, which I am sure would be very interesting.  The link for this is below.


This week I am teaching Year Six, as well as you lovely lot, so my replies to emails may be a little slower.   Don’t worry though – I will always get back to you!   I will be live on the Blog during the times below, and would love to see you there!

Monday: 2pm – 4pm
Tuesday: 11am – 1pm
Thursday: 2pm – 4pm


Our latest selfie video is coming out this week  – I will share it via the blog.  It’s so fantastic to see you all enjoying things at home – and we most definitely can’t wait to see you all very soon!  
The recipe book is on it’s way, and I’m also gathering recommended websites if anyone hasn’t yet sent one over. 


Thank you for being as amazing as always!

Take care, and stay safe,


Mrs T x

You can download our weekly learning pack below...

Division with remainders as fractions

Class Five Online Learning: Monday 1st June


Hi everyone! 


I have uploaded the learning pack for this week below, and I have also uploaded to answers to the Maths challenges you worked on in the week before half term.  

I've added all of the links that you will need on to the bottom of this update, and the pack is also completely linked, so you can follow the blue words and phrases and find the resources you will need.   Remember, if you click the small school logo in the learning pack it will always take you back to the first page, where you can click on the next lesson you want to look at.  

I've included all of the activities you will need with the pack below, but many of these are also included in the pack I posted to you, so don't print anything out that you already have!  

This week we are starting a new topic, so you will be exploring St. Lucia.  There is a video containing lots of photos on our playlist in the Video resource centre.  I have also made a few videos myself to show you methods for division, and these are also on our playlist!  Hopefully they will be helpful! 


I will be working in school from now on, so as soon as I know when I will be holding live sessions on the blog, I will update this page.  Please try to say hello on the blog or by email each week - I love hearing from you! 


Finally, thank you to everyone who sent recipes, and photos of themselves for our projects.  The class video, and recipe book are on their way, and I will share them with you as soon as they are ready! 


Have an amazing week - stay safe and take care! 

Mrs T x 


Online Learning: Monday 18th May 


Hi everyone,


Here is the pack for the coming week.  The links to websites and activity sheets work in the same way as they have before, so you should hopefully be able to find everything you need. 

I have uploaded some more videos to the Video Resource Centre, the end of The Titanic Detective Agency is now there, along with a Memories video to go along with our work on The Piano.   We are continuing with our work on The Piano this week, and I can’t wait to see what you all come up with.  You sent across some beautiful pieces of work last week, and I was really impressed with the way that you all managed to capture the emotions of the video.  


Your maths work this week is based on some challenges – read the instructions and remember to read each of the challenges TWICE before you start work!  You can use diagrams, models or anything else that you need to help you make the challenge clear.  You may need to try several different answers before you find the correct one – try to use Trial and Improvement to help you find the correct answers! 


We are finishing up our Titanic project this week, with a final piece of writing and a craft challenge!  I’m hoping to put together the pictures of your work into a project book to show off everything we have studied about the ship, so please feel free to send pictures over to me.


I will be online this week between 10 – 12pm on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, and I will be checking the blog at other times around this. 


Thank you for sending over your recipes and your selfies.  If there are any more to come before I finish the video and the recipe book, please send them to the class email as soon as you can.


Thank you for working so hard, and for staying in touch so much, it really does make me smile when I hear from you all.   I am missing you all very much and look forward to seeing you all soon. 


Mrs T x

Titanic Virtual Tour (Long Version)

Online Learning Pack: Monday 11th May 

Hi Everyone,

You can click below to download the pack for the activities we are completing this week!  We are moving away from the Titanic Detective Agency in our English work, but I have continued to make and upload the video chapters so that we can use the story as an audiobook and listen to the rest of the story of Bertha & Johan.  We are getting closer to the end of the story and the dramatic events aboard the Titanic, and I hope you enjoy listening!

This week our English tasks are based on a video which has also been added to our Video Resource Centre.  It is a video I have used many times before in Year Five, and it always gets everyone’s imaginations going!

Our Maths this week has some calculation based activities, and then a longer investigation.  The instructions for this are there to help you through each ‘stage’ of the activity – most importantly DON’T PANIC!

Thank you for sending your recipes across – if there are any more out there can they be sent across asap – I’m keen to get going and make the recipe book!

This week I am collecting selfies to make another video – feel free to send some pictures across which show what you have been up to!  I can’t wait to see you all!

The links you will need this week are all below the pack, but they are also linked through the pack if this makes things easier!

I will be online this week between 10am & 12pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and through the day on Thursday and Friday around meetings etc. 

Thank you so much for all of your hard work – I love hearing from you and seeing the work you are producing! 


Stay safe, and take care,

Mrs T x

Online Learning Pack: Monday 4th May 2020


Hi everyone,

Here is the learning pack for this week.  Our English is based on the Titanic Detective Agency for the final week, next week we will be working on a range of different tasks and I will upload the next chapters of the story so they can be used as an audiobook. 

Our maths work is extending the use of multiplication, so that we are multiplying by two digits. 

Our topic and science work are carrying on with the topics we have been studying since Easter, investigating the claim that the Titanic was unsinkable, and building an understanding of solids, liquids and gases in our science work. 

This week we also have an art challenge, and a recipe challenge – hopefully we will have lots of contributions so we can develop an awesome collection. 

We also have a new Kahoot quiz, based on questions sent in last week.  There are some amazing questions! If you want a challenge, follow the link below to the Kahoot Quiz, or use the PIN 03046741 in the Kahoot App.    

Finally, our video based on the organs of the Human body is on the Video Resource Centre.  It has been added to the Class Five playlist, and is there for you all to enjoy.  Thank you so much to everybody who sent clips in for the video – it looks fantastic!


This week I will be online between 10am - 12pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and throughout the day on Thursday.  

Thank you all for working so hard while the school is closed.  I am missing you all terribly, and I really enjoy the emails and photo you are sending me.  They truly brighten my day to see you all. 

Keep up the hard work!

Stay safe,

Mrs T x

Online Learning Pack: Monday 27th April


Hi Everyone, 


Here is this week's online learning pack.  We are continuing with The Titanic Detective Agency in English, and Multiplying larger numbers by a one-digit number in Maths.  Our Titanic project is also continuing and this week we are finding out a little more about icebergs.  

The links for the week's pack, last weeks answers, and any useful weblinks are included below.


Our positions in the leagues on Maths Shed and Spelling Shed have dropped alot!  Let's try and get ourselves back to the top of the leagues!  Honey pot rewards will be given out during the week to anyone who is working hard to earn class points.  


This week I will be online throughout the day on Monday, then at the times below for the remainder of the week.  

Tuesday 28th:      10am - 12pm 

Wednesday 29th: 10am - 12pm 

Thursday 30th:     12pm - 2pm 


Thank you again for all of your hard work, it is wonderful to hear from you all and see what you have been up to.    


Mrs T x 

Titanic Virtual Tour (Shorter Version)


Monday 20th April: Online Learning Pack

Hello everyone. 

Here is the pack for this week.  The activities and explanations are included in the same way as before, with a home page showing the week as an overview, and links to each lesson’s explanation and resources.    You can also find the answers to last week’s maths lessons, available to download below. 

I have included below the links to any relevant websites and videos that we are using this week.  They are linked in the packs, but this means you can revisit them whenever needed.  
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to one of the videos this week, it has been lovely to hear and see you all.  

I will be online every day this week, and will be hosting ‘Live’ sessions on the class blog during the following times.

Monday 20th April: 10am – 12 noon

Tuesday 21st April: 12 noon – 2pm

Wednesday 22nd April: 2pm – 4pm

It would be lovely to see more of the children during the blog sessions – it’s a great place to be able to chat to each other and share ideas / achievements, and it also helps the children to ‘mix’ with their friends during these unusual times!  As with previous weeks, I am also more than happy to receive work that the children have completed via email.

Thank you, for all of your help in delivering the activities in the packs!

Mrs T x


Monday 14th April: Summer Week One Learning Pack 

Below you will find the pack for this week's activities.  As in the previous packs, the links within the activity descriptions will take you to the relevant online links, or task pages.   Click on the Bradworthy Academy logo to return to the home page which shows the weeks overview.  

I am hoping to be live on Wednesday between 11am and 1pm, on Thursday between 12pm - 2pm and Friday between 2pm and 4pm.   I will be around at other times, and will be keeping an eye on the blog and the class email address throughout the week.  


Some very exciting news - we have been sent a personal message from Lindsay Littleson, the author of  The Titanic Detective Agency.  I wrote to her to ask for permission to use the story in our online learning, and she was kind enough to send you all a message!  You can listen to it on the Video Resource Page, in the Class Five playlist.   There are some other videos on this page which will be used in your learning this week - the pack explains it all!


Finally, thank you all for sending pictures and copies of your work in.  I've put together a little video which shows what we have been up to so far!  It's lovely to see so many smiling faces!  You can find the video on the Video Resource Page as well - in the Class Five playlist.


Have an amazing week! 

You can download this week's Online Learning pack below...

Lindsay Littleson - The Titanic Detective Agency Chapter 1

Lindsay Littleson reads from her book The Titanic Detective Agency.


Friday 27th March: Easter Challenges 

Below you will find the pack containing challenges for your to complete over the Easter break.  These are linked to our class work in places, and involve lots of art and fun activities to keep you out of mischief! 

There are links below the pack to help you find any websites or videos that I have used in the activities.  

Thank you all for working so hard this week - you are amazing!  I will see you on the blog site over the Easter break.  

Mrs T 

Titanic At 100 Mystery Solved

Monday 23rd March: Online Learning 

The activities for this coming week are below for you to download.  There are also letters for you, and your parents to explain how the activities work.  

The planner is linked, so if you click the blue words and titles they will take you straight to the relevant details and activities.  You can return to the home page of the planner by clicking on the school logo on any of the pages.  Hopefully this will help you to find your way around the tasks! 

I will be live on our blog regularly, so you can share your ideas and ask any questions that you need to.  We have also included any relevant links and videos below which you may need to use in your work.  

Remember that you also need to read for at least 20 minutes a day, and that you need to complete activities in your record at least three times a week! 

I am looking forward to speaking to you in our blog or by email - 

Mrs T x 

Click below to head to the blogging page.  You will need the username and password you have been sent to open the blog platform.  

Mr Blue Sky

This is the video that links to your music challenge this week, and over the Easter break!
I hope you enjoy it!