Uniform Information


We believe that school uniform is very important because :


  • It looks smart
  • Contributes to a sense of belonging
  • Gives a common purpose and fosters a feeling of pride
  • Allows children to develop as individuals, free from external pressures 
  • It provides the children with a sense of discipline which is reflected in their general behaviour and their attitude to work


Uniform One-Uniform Two-

Royal Blue School Jumper
Yellow Polo Shirt
Short Grey Trousers
Long Grey Socks
Black Shoes
School Cap

Royal Blue School Jumper
Yellow Polo Shirt
Grey Skirt
Long White Socks
Black Shoes
School Cap


The above uniforms are compulsory throughout the School Year.


Long trousers are not a part of our school uniform and may not be worn at any time.  


Short trousers must finish above the knee of the child wearing them and must be of the style that does not have "cargo pockets" on the outside of the leg.
Skirts may not be longer than knee length. 

On days when the weather is cold grey tights may be worn with Uniform Two.
A blue gingham dress may be worn, with long white socks, during the Summer Term.

As a part of their school uniform all children must wear a school cap when they are outside,
and this should include traveling to and from school at the beginning and end of each day.
This is especially important when the children are taking part in school trips.
When the weather is cold royal blue woolen hats may be worn as an alternative to caps.


In addition to this we have a compulsory school sports kit.


We also encourage the wearing of two non-compulsory items of uniform.



School Coats and Sports Hoodies are both available and are offered at very reasonable prices.

We particularly encourage their wearing when children are out of school on class trips or when attending sports events - and keep a stock in school which can be borrowed.