School Context and Overall Judgements

School Context and Overall Judgments


In making judgements about our school we need to consider various issues.


In the first instance tis involved the local and national contexts in which the school operates.

This includes external influences that have a positive and negative impact on what we are trying to do.


We also need to consider our overall judgements and views on our work and how well we think we are doing.

Central to this are the outcomes for individuals and different groups and the extent to which we believe that we can continue to deliver our ethos, maintain high standards of development and progress in the future.


All of this exists in context of the value for money which we believe that we are giving.


In our opinion our academy offers an outstanding experience for all of our pupils. We are very proud of everything that we have achieved over many years and the fact that such a huge and diverse range of activities complement such high levels of academic achievement is something which we will work to maintain and extend long into the future.