Welcome to Reception!

   Autumn Term 2021

    Welcome to our class page.

  We have all settled in well and are enjoying lots of new experiences at school. 

 Parents have been busy working with us at the Family Learning Workshops see below for photos. 

The children were marvellous during their visit to Bradworthy church last week, amazing singing and performing of the Autumn songs. I was very proud of them. 

 We had our first visits to outdoor learning at Squirrel Wood which has been very popular and great fun, photos are also below. 

 Visit to RHS Rosemoor - November 2021

 We had an amazing day at Rosemoor, the children were excellent on the bus journey and everyone had a really enjoyable and interesting day. We explored the gardens, went on a leaf hunt, made leaf crowns, planted seeds and bulbs to grow on at school, had a picnic lunch in the cobb house and had the best fun in The Brash, play area. I expect many children will talk about the curly slide! We have written 'thank you' letters and are looking forward to visiting again in the Spring.


















Summer Term 2021

   Hi everyone, we have been working really well altogether and have enjoyed lots of new learning and experiences.


  One of the new things we are really loving is our weekly visits to Squirrel Wood. We are very grateful to Bradworthy    Pre-School and The Andrew family for their support which allows us to have this amazing outdoor learning experience.

  Here are some photos of the wonderful times we have been having there. 

  Our visit to Coombe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park.

  Last week we were lucky to be able to make a visit out of school to enhance our learning about dinosaurs. We all enjoyed the whole day even the long minibus ride, during which the children were amazing considering this was their first time!  We received lots of compliments from other visitors to the park about the children's smart appearance and how well behaved the were, no surprise to us!

 The children loved finding all the dinosaurs and were eager to 'read' the long names on the many signs, they managed the names really well.  They were thrilled by the roaring T-Rex and squealed with delight as the Dilophosaurus came alive and squirted them with water!

We saw a variety of real animals too, the parrots and owls were of interest, as were the wolves, lions, meerkats and monkeys. Unfortunately our presence seemed to be alarming for the lemurs who all huddled together and screeched at us! I can't decide whether it was the large mass of small humans or the colour of our lovely smart uniforms! The train ride was a highlight for all too, apparently they could be heard for some distance when being surprised by the darkness of the tunnel and the roar of the waterfall!

Here are some pictures of our day.


 These are the internet links you will need to support the children's learning at home. 


Class Email:

Reception class blog:


Phonics Play :

 Espresso;    Login: student10475, password - bradworthy

JOLLY  PHONICS reading books- https;//           

 Week beginning 1st March 2021

  Hello everyone! Happy last week of home learning!laugh I am sure we are all looking forward to getting back to normal school life next week. From the messages I have received and all the photos that have been sent you have been brilliant at keeping up with the activities I have suggested each week. There are a few more connected to our theme this week which I hope you will embrace and have fun with as well as completing anything remaining in the learning packs. 

Literacy- Speaking and Listening, Reading, Phonics

 Please continue to do as much as you can from the online resources I have suggested. Also look in your Literacy pack and see what is left to do. I think there are pages to do in 

  • Phase 2 Tricky Word booklet
  • Phase 2 Picture and Captions booklet
  • My Phonics Book
  • CVC Activity booklet .

  There is also an activity about recognising and matching CAPITAL letters to lower case letters. 

 The new letter sounds to learn this week are  ou- shout it out and ow -brown cow. 

As previously please use the Discover Learning, Espresso video clips, the phonics card and the worksheets to learn and practice these sounds. 




 Did you manage to watch the story 'Mission Ziffoid'  on Discovery learning, Espresso last week ?  If not please do so.

  •  I would like you to and think, talk and make up the next chapter of the story. Either write it down yourself or ask your adult to write your ideas. I can't wait to see what happens next! you could write it in your book or on paper. draw a picture of your story too.
  • Here are some more writing ideas, please do at least one of the sheets. It can be a story, descriptive ideas or a recount (news report)

These activities are linked to the story video I asked you to look at last week. 'Here Come the Aliens' . I have only seen a few alien pictures/models I hope there will some more !

  • Look at Photo 1- talk about the different planets and use as many describing words as you can.
  • Look at Photo 2- talk about all the strange food and the poor table manners!
  • Look at Photo 3 - an adult will read the strange words to you, can you make up a an alien greeting or message. Write it down with the English translation. Can you speak 'alien'? 


 Please continue with any remaining sheets in 'Handwriting' and 'Letter Formation' booklets also. 


 Have a look in your maths learning pack and see what there is left to do. I think some people have been doing more than the requested sheets each week and some less so hopefully there will be something in there for you. Don't forget to look at the online things I have been recommending also. 

here are some other maths activities

  •  Linked to a simple rhyme ' Five Little Men in a Flying Saucer ' to practice simple subtraction.   if you do not know the rhyme I am sure the tune can be found on UTube.                                                                                                Can you make the number sentence to go with the lines of the rhyme.                                                                     For example :   5 take away 1 makes 4      then introduce the symbols   5-1=4                                                             I have not taught the symbols yet but some children have seen them and understand what they represent. Another counting rhyme is Zoom, Zoom, Zoom.
  • Worksheets linked to the story 'Aliens Love Underpants' , counting and simple addition. 



 Hopefully you have tried many of the creative activities I have been suggesting during this Space theme. There is still time if there is something you have not managed to do!wink

 To complete our adventure into space I have recorded another favourite story for you to share.  'Aliens Love Underpants'

 This is a funny story and I have chosen some follow up activities you might like as well.

  • Go to Video resource Centre to watch the video of 'Aliens Love Underpants' 
  • Use the printout to design your own favourite patterned underpants. 
  • Colour some of the alien sheets.
  • Look at the home learning ideas and have a go at some. I particularly like the food idea, making a spaceship from junk and the alien words.
  • Have fun !   angel MORE PHOTOS PLEASE xx

 Week beginning 22nd February 2021

 Hello everyone, hopefully only a little longer working in this way!

 We are continuing to think about Space and steer out mind towards any inhabitants on the planets, yes ALIENS! surprise This week get your imaginations working and enjoy some really good stories too.

 Literacy- Speaking and Listening, Reading

 Please continue to do as much as you can using the resources I have been suggesting. 

As well as this please do these things from your writing learning pack

  •  Phase 2 Pictures and Captions -2 pages
  • Phase 2 Tricky words - 2 pages  , find tricky words in your books, make a list of how many or each you can spot!
  • CVC Word and picture Matching sheets - 2 pages

 Also please have a look at these

  • Search for the story 'Mission Ziffoid' in Discovery Learning, Espresso. A read along story using repeating text and practicing new sounds learnt recently.
  • But Martin- a powerpoint story about an alien visit, good to share and talk about.
  • Fun and Funny- a powerpoint to talk about, good for using descriptive language.
  •  Her Come the Aliens- A video of Mrs Bennett sharing a very good alien story. Go to Video Resource Centre on the Children's drop down menu on the website. The video is under Reception 2021. The story is so good you might like to look at it twice! Great for lots of discussion about the pictures.





Go through your little phonics book, choose a few letters to say,  read words and write from hearing the sound without looking at it. Look in books for words using the sounds you have learnt recently-   (oo,ai, ay, oo, nk. ng)


This week you are going to learn 3 new sounds and complete the worksheets to go with them.

The sounds are  ee and ea,as in green and leaf and ar as in car.

I suggest one a day with worksheet and online activities. Keep reminding them during the day of the new sound, put it on a flashcard to show them.

 Tell the children ' these sounds are made when two letters we already know stand next to each other and become friends. They make a new sound together. 

  ee- what can you see?,       ea- cup of tea    ar- start the car


 You need to refer to the worksheets , Discovery Learning, Polly Phonics and the Phase 3 phonics cards I sent last time. 

 other activities;

  • Complete 2 pages from the ' My Phonics' booklet in your learning pack. Where there is a word, please read it and draw the picture. Where there is a picture, please write the word using known letter sounds. All words are CVC, 3 letters.
  • Go to Discovery Learning, Espresso   - Space activities - A game called Alien Words, Phase 2. 
  • Go to -  Phase 2 games, a game called Obb and Bob is fun.Space Aliens who eat words and make funny sounds.





 As well as practicing handwriting this week I would like you to use some of the ideas you have gotten from the stories. Think about using descriptive words and imagination when deciding what to write. her are your written tasks to complete;

  • Please complete 2 pages from your Handwriting book. Remember to keep your writing neat, well formed letters and write on the line. 
  • Look at the 'Space Passport'. There are parts to think about, talk about, draw and write. This may be something to do over several days. 
  • Please complete the Space sentence writing sheets as well. Use  words to describe what you can see in the pictures. 


 We are still thinking about numbers and trying to recognise as well as count larger numbers. 

How did you get on with the number snakes? if you haven't tried these yet they are in your Maths pack.  Have a look at the 100 square as well, this will help you with larger numbers.  here are your maths activities;

  • Complete any number line or number snake pattern activities you have left. 
  • Play a game using bigger numbers, hopefully you have one at home. Snakes and Ladders or a similar counting game. 
  • Go to Discovery Learning, Espresso- Maths.  Writing numbers to 20, ' Videos ' have activities to do. 'Activities'  there are two games to help with number order to 20.
  • Go to Discovery Learning, Espresso - Space activities. There are 2 activities here, Counting Aliens and Counting Stars.
  • Find some small blocks or counters the same size to help you and have a go at 'Measuring the Aliens'. This task is all about measuring and comparing different sizes.



 I hope some more of you had a go at making your own 'space landscape' model. I have only seen pictures of 3 so far. 

Creative activities are very important too in order to test out ideas and consolidate learning. If gluing and sticking are not a favoured thing to do drawing, painting, water play, playdough, sand, mud are equally valuable to aid skill development at this age so please consider these types of experiences alongside the more structured worksheet type activity.

 I hope you will all have a go at this:    You could do more than one if you feel so inclined!smiley

  Make an alien 

  there are several ways this can be done ;

  •   Draw or paint a large picture - have a think before you start about shape, colours, number of eyes, legs, heads, 
  •  Make a model using playdough or clay. you can stick other things into the modelling material.
  • Make a model using recycled materials, old fabric, paper etc. i suggest making a simple plan first.
  • Make a collage picture using recycled materials, make it amazing and way out.
  • Play the drawing game (see below) with 1 or 2 other people- the finished pictures are always very funny!


  To help with ideas for drawing or model making see the powerpoint I suggested in Literacy, watch the video of the story or/and look at these photos from the book. have fun , can't wait to see what you come up with!


  Please send me some photos of your brilliant ideas.




 Week beginning 15th February 2021

 Well Done everyone we made it to half-term!  I know many of you have been enjoying the activities I have suggested and have been working really well. Please keep it up for a bit longer, we all hope to be back together in the classroom soon.laugh

 Had we been in school  we would have been celebrating the cultural events of Pancake Day, Shrove Tuesday, 16th February and finding out about Chinese New Year, The Year of the Ox.  I know in my house, the tradition will be honoured tomorrow as the  pancake pan will be out I like mine simple with lemon and sugar.  

Keep busy and keep safe 

Mrs B x

 If you fancy some activities to keep you going this week here are some you might like;

 Pancake Day

There is also a simple video about Shrove Tuesday on Discovery Learning, Espresso if you would like to use it to explain Lent to the children. I like the idea of a promise tree too. 

 Chinese New Year

 You will find an animated story about Chinese New Year and some interesting video clips showing traditional celebrations on Discovery Learning, Espresso, Foundation . Here are some further activity ideas, some are powerpoint presentations that do not require printing off. Kung Hei Fat Choi   (Happy New Year in Chinese!)

 Week beginning  8th February 2021


 Welcome to Week 5! Keep going everyonelaugh, you are doing an amazing job with the learning tasks I have set for you. Please keep sending me the photos as I love to see what the children have been doing and of course see their happy little faces too, it has been too long.frown

 This week we are continuing to find out more about 'Space'. I hope you were able to make your model rockets, if not try and do it this week. There is an idea on the Space Home Learning ( see last weeks pdf) sheet which suggests trying to fly them, have a look and good luck!

Theme- Space

 Literacy- Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

I hope you are finding the reading resources I have suggested helpful. I understand it is different from what you are all used to but but alongside books at home, text all around us and within tasks I am setting the children should be able to have lots of opportunities. Here are some reading activities to do from the Literacy Learning Pack.

  • Phase 2 Tricky Words booklet- please complete 2 pages. Don't forget tricky words do not follow phonetic patterns, they have to sight learnt. There are games on Discovery Learning, Scrap phonics for further practice. too. 
  • Phase 2 Pictures and Captions Booklet- please complete 2 pages.
  • CVC Word and Picture Matching - please complete 2 pages.  Read the word, copy the word and draw a matching line to the correct picture.
  • If you chose 1 video clip to watch from those I recommended last week , please watch the other one and complete the question and answer sheet. 

 Here are some story ideas you might like to try. 

 Go online to, you can create an account as a parent and access some free resources. 

This story is available 'The Girl Who Went To Space'-    an animation story.

 also 'Back to Earth with a Bump' audio book. I suggested this as a powerpoint picture book last week. 







Go through your little phonics book, choose a few letters to say,  read words and write from hearing the sound without looking at it. 

This week we are to learn 4 new sounds and complete the worksheets to go with them.

The sounds are  ai and  ay, and 2 ways to say oo

I suggest one a day with worksheet and online activities. Keep reminding them during the day of the new sound, put it on a flashcard to show them.

 Tell the children ' these sounds are made when two letters we already know stand next to each other and become friends. They make a new sound together. 

  ai- snail in the rain,       ay- may I play?     oo- look at a book    and  oo- poo at the zoo


 You need to refer to the worksheets , Discovery Learning, Polly Phonics and the Phase 3 phonics cards I have included here. Beware oo- poo at the zoo is usually a firm favourite! 

Here are phonics activities for this week. revision for nk and ng sounds too!





 There are some phonic games linked to the space theme on Discovery Learning too, see last weeks notes. I suggest trying ' Find the Words' and 'Alien Words Phase 2'.  You will also find many activities on Phonics Play. The 'Obb and Bob' alien game is similar to the other alien one. Just be aware we are competent only in Phase 2 sounds at the moment.  


I hope the children have managed the written tasks I have set so far. Continuing to practice handwriting as well as composing and writing their own words are vital. Some tasks take longer so depending on your child's concentration levels they might need to be done in smaller chunks, that is fine. It is good for them to return to a piece of work and revise what has already been achieved! 

As writing is just developing it is not expected that neat handwriting, good composition and correct spelling can all be achieved at the same time. Children need time and practice to see themselves as 'writers'. 

If the task is

Handwriting, or copy writing- then I would expect correct letter formation, writing on the line, neat letters and fingers spaces as needed.

Children's own composition- then I would expect an attempt at some correct letter sounds in a word (this may only be some letters that they hear when saying the word ) thought about separating words with a finger space and an ability to read back what they have written.

Beware phonetic spelling can be difficult for adults to read until they are used to it. Please praise attempts with writing as this is a long long process. If you need any more help with this please get in touch.


Here are the writing tasks.

The 'story stone' activity is for the children to create their own space stories, they could be drawn, written by children,  written by an adult, recorded or put on video. see what you can manage. I look forward to reading/ seeing your ideas. smiley 




We are continuing to focus on numbers, counting basic addition and subtraction.  You might need some counting resources, e.g counters, small bricks, beads or small toys to help with problem solving when trying addition and subtraction activities.

From the Maths learning pack please complete the following.

  • 2 pages to practice number formation
  • 2 pages from the 1-10  and 11-20 number book.  

 here are space related number activities and some others 

 Creative Activities.

If have not managed to make your rocket yet, look back on last weeks notes for one idea or design your own. send me pics please!yes

 I am sure many of you have various model making kits at home, Duplo, Lego, Mega Blocs etc.  

 here are some building challenges, try as many as you like.  send me pics please.yes

  • Design and build a vehicle that can move about if you land on The Moon or another planet. Does it have wheels? Can an astronaut drive it? What else is on it? 
  • Design and build a machine that will help the astronaut scientists learn more about The Moon or another planet.
  • If you could live on The Moon, what would your house be like. Design and build a moon house.  

 You could draw your model as you design it or after you have made it. Can't wait to see your amazing ideas.

  •  Make a space landscape. You could use a tray, the sink or the bath. or outside.  You will need some moldable material like sand, mud or dough. Look for some pictures to help you. Will there be rocks and craters? Will there be any plants? Will there be any other living things-like aliens? 


For other themed things to do, check out Discovery Learning, Space and then Activities for games, Images for space photos to talk about  and Music for a wide variety of tracks which might appeal for flying rockets, moving space vehicles or even going for a space walk! Have fun with this. 

 Week beginning 1st February

  Hello everyone , Happy New Month!  with any luck by the end of this month we will know when we can all get back together.frown

 I hope you all managed many of the tasks I set for you last week and have been enjoying the 'Winter' theme. 

I have seen more amazing photos so I know you have been busy! Look at some of them on this page.

When in school this week all the children in the group helped us make a large collage scene for the wall, it is going to look great. laugh

 If you have not yet been in touch please do so via the class email or blogging page as I have a duty of care to be in touch with you weekly, to ensure all is OK and if I can offer any help or advice.

If you have not managed to get in touch then expect a phone call soon.  Look forward to talking to you. 

Mrs Bennett 


Here are the tasks for this week:

Theme - Space

We are going to begin a few weeks of work related to the theme of 'Space'. I hope you enjoy the activities. 

Literacy - Reading , Writing, Speaking and Listening.

Here is another free reading resource you may like as we have said that changing most children's reading books is not  possible. Please do what you can with whatever resources you can obtain.  This is downloadable free until 31st May.   reception children are reading Pink level books, 

Phase 2 phonics.



Edshed is not really an option for us until later in the year or next year as it uses sounds and tricky words we haven't covered yet!                                                                        

There will be reading involved in many of the activities I set each week but here are some other resources for you to access. 

 All about Space. 

 Go to Discovery learning Espresso- in the SEARCH bar at the top type in 'Space'. The first module that comes up in the drop down menu has many interesting things to do. You do not need to do all but have a look at them and make a plan of what is of interest to your child as well as the things I suggest they do. We have several weeks to try things, some of them they might enjoy so much they wish to do them more than once! especially the games. 

Speaking Listening and Writing.

 I would like them to watch a video clip and answer the questions that go with it. 

Choose either   'The Solar System'   OR  What is Space?       you can do both if really keen wink

Listen carefully to the video and then answer the question sheet that goes with it. 

You might need to listen more than once,  they are only short videos. 





  Further ideas from Discovery learning, Espresso which might appeal.

  • See 'Books' for a interesting non-fiction book that is interactive.
  • See activities for a quiz about The Planets and a SNAP game.
  • Space suit labelling activity.
  • Planet size ordering activity.                                                                                                                                        Please also choose some handwriting tasks to do from the pack. Handwriting is important and should be done carefully paying attention to correct letter formation. 


Go through your little phonics book, choose a few letters to say,  read words and write from hearing the sound without looking at it. 

This week we are to learn 2 new sounds and complete the worksheets to go with them.

The sounds are ng  and  nk

I suggest one a day with worksheet and online activities. Keep reminding them during the day of the new sound, put it on a flashcard to show them.

 Tell the children ' these sounds are made when two letters we already know stand next to each other and become friends. They make a new sound together. ' 

  ng - a thing on a string' , commonly used at the end of a word but sometimes in the middle.

  nk - ' I think I stink' , used at the end of a word, see worksheet for examples.

 other activities to do  this week 

  •  Look for words using the new sounds learnt in the last 2 weeks, make a list.





I have already asked you to keep up the good work on counting and writing numbers each week. Don't forget to find them all around too! Go out with some paper and write down the ones you can find.

Here is a 'space -themed' activity booklet. It contains many different activities to consolidate learning and practicing numbers to 10. Please do as many as you can over the next few weeks while we are learning about Space. 

Here are some other things to do this week;

  •  Use the number lines in your pack to help you fill in 'the Number Line Snake.


Creative Activities. 

 Here are some ideas to be creative. A cutting and sticking activity, model making and some science!

 The rocket instructions on the home learning space page makes a moving rocket. 

 You could also make one from Lego or other building resources. Take photos and send them please so I can share your amazing designs with your friends.

 Next week when we continue to learn about space, we will think about who else might live put there! wink What fun !

 Here is a lovely story too to help you think about adventures in space. 











 Week beginning 25th January

  Hello everyone , Happy New Week! I hope you all enjoyed the tasks I set for you last week and that parents didn't find it too trying!

I have seen some wonderful photos so I know how busy you have been. Look at some of them on this page.

I see some of you have had snow!laugh Lucky you there is only heavy frost in Bideford.sad

Some of you have been very creative making dens as I suggested and the collage pictures are looking amazing. These are as valuable learning experiences as any of the worksheets you might print off to do! so if you haven't done these yet give it a go. The winter maths challenges cards have been popular too, a great way to enjoy outside time whilst exercising as well. more photos please! We made bird cakes in school on Friday, even the Year 2 and 3 children wanted to get involved, lucky birds!

 If you have not yet been in touch please do so via the class email or blogging page as I have a duty of care to be in touch with you weekly, to ensure all is OK. I am not checking what work the children have done, but just offering support. Look forward to hear from you soon. 

Here are the tasks for this week:

Theme - Winter 

Literacy - Reading , Writing, Speaking and Listening.

Firstly let's think about reading. Changing children's reading books is not really feasible so please do what you can with whatever resources you can obtain. There will be reading involved in many of the activities I set each week but here are some other resources for you to access. Our class are reading Pink band books, Phase 2 phonics.

Edshed is not really an option for us until later in the year or next year as it uses sounds and tricky words we haven't covered yet!

Oxford Owl ebook library.  A free online resource. You will need to register, create a password  and then choose a level of books to read. There are also other resources for home learning too. 

Collins Big Cat books - free ebooks. here is the email link

you can then sign up and have access to some really good phonetic reading materials.

there are also supplementary worksheets if you would like them

The Reading Egg app - this was used by several parents during last year's lockdown and they found it useful and user friendly. first month free. 

I have just found quite a few other free ones on my phone so get surfing and find some your child enjoys. Meet the Alphablocks, Read with Phonics, Duo ABC, CBeebies Storytime,  FW Sampler. 

Of course they still need to have books read to them regularly as well and there is a wealth of reading material all around us, signs, labels , food packaging- even if they cannot work out all of the words they will be able to do some and more with your support. Happy reading!



If you got to play out in the snow this weekend try to write about it in your blue book and draw a picture. we call this 'news writing' at school as it links with real experiences. You can write and draw in this book whenever you like for news or your own stories and pictures. 

If you have made your winter collage picture you could write about it, what you made, how you made it or a story about the picture. 

You can print photos and use them to inspire sentence writing too. 

Here are some other things to do

  • Draw, chalk or paint a snowman picture. Write a sentence or two about it. 




 The signs of winter powerpoint is good for reading together and using as a speaking and listening activity. You can make it interactive if put into 'slideshow' mode or click on each page one at a time. Here are some other speaking and listening activities linked to Winter for you to try


 Go through your little phonics book, choose a few letters to say,  read words and write from hearing the sound without looking at it. 

This week we are to learn 3 new sounds and complete the worksheets to go with them.

The sounds are th, sh and ch

I suggest one a day with worksheet and online activities. Keep reminding them during the day of the new sound, put it on a flashcard to show them.

 Tell the children ' these sounds are made when two letters we already know stand next to each other and become friends. They make a new sound together. ' 


 th-  tower letter letter standing next to horse letter, story goes that a princess was locked up in the tower and the         horse came to rescue her when she escaped! The princess says 'thank you' . Ensure the sound is made by putting your tongue between your teeth. I tell the children it is the only time they are allowed to 'stick out there tongue at school without being rude!'

ch - caterpillar letter standing next to horse letter, story goes that the caterpillar is hairy and makes the horse sneeze!


sh - snake letter standing next to horse letter, story goes that the snake is noisy! so the horse tells him to be quiet 

You can find the video clips to aid teaching on Discovery Learning, Espresso- Foundation, Scrap phonics. There are also activities linked to these sounds see right side of page to find activities. 

Here are the worksheets to complete also.






 When you are ready you can then have a go at the Phase 3 Colour by Number Winter sheet, can you see a new sound there to learn next week?



 We are still working on counting, recognising and ordering numbers to 20. Do as much as you can by looking around for ways to use numbers, play a board game, count steps out on a walk, things you see in the house or outside. There is a number line, number track, number square and a set of cards 1-20 in your learning pack. I recommend putting them onto card to make them more durable. 

Here are some more activities for you do have a go at.

 Please practice writing numerals , in the learning pack there are several options, a single sheet 0-10, a booklet for practicing 0-10 and one for practicing 11-20. Please do what is needed as the children are at different levels. Correct number formation is important so practice is necessary, little and often is best, but best effort please!


 Creative Activities.

 If you haven't managed to make a den, a cut out snowflake or two and made the Winter picture then these are great things to try. see last weeks instructions. 

 Snowflake mobile. 

Look at the photo of the snowflake.                                 

You can make several smaller ones and use for a mobile or one larger one as a picture. Collect as many small white, clear  and silver bits and pieces as you can find around the house For example bits of white paper that are cut up or scrunched or both, small pieces of card, small pieces of plastic, ribbon, string or tape, silver foil, cotton bud, paper clip etc. Find some black paper or card, A4 or smaller, draw 3 straight lines across the paper to make a star pattern. Use these as a guide to stick on the things you have collected. When it is really dry cut around the glued objects in a spiky pattern to make your own unique snowflake. If you have silver glitter this will add to the overall effect. Now display as a single or make more for a mobile.

Here are some songs and rhymes you might like too. 

Don't forget to send me photos or write a message. 

Have fun!






  please get to school as soon as you can to collect your child's additional learning pack. They are too large to post!  Worried about the weather!

 They are in 2 named envelopes in boxes in the outside garden house. PLEASE be careful when getting yours and make sure you cover the boxes well afterwards. 






  Week beginning 18th January 2021

  Happy new week everyone, hope you all found something to keep you busy last week. I have had some messages and some great photos. I will make a presentation of some for you all to see each others efforts and to help you keep in touch.

If you have not been in touch yet please do so this week as I am required to make sure everything is OK with you.

I will be going into school as soon as I can to prepare the learning packs I spoke about and I will let you know when these are ready. Meanwhile here are some tasks for this week. 

We are going to link our learning to the theme of Winter for two weeks. I hope you enjoy the things I have planned.

I don't think any 'white stuff' is on the weather forecast but you never knowlaugh If not you will have to be content with the images in this work and your imagination!                                                                                                                   

If we had been at school we would have turned our role play area into a Winter Wonderland by now!  maybe you can create make one yourself at home, white sheets and towels over a table or clothes horse make a great den,  see what you can do ! Decorate with cut out snowflakes and get inside, have fun!

 Theme- Winter 

Literacy - Speaking and Listening,  Reading and Writing

Here is a video to watch and some questions to answer.

Go to  Discovery Education, Espresso see address above. 

In the Search box at the top type in Winter. From the drop down menu select 

 Winter video item 5   Watch the video and then print off comprehension question and answer sheet to complete .

 Share the interactive book about Winter, item 3, if you click on the speaker icon the computer will read the book for you.


Also on Espresso there are 2 follow up activities you can do with an adults help to read the words for you. 

  1. Go back to the video clip page- click activities- complete the sorting activity about seasons. 
  2. Go back to the search page showing Winter entries - resource 2 Winter video -click activities and you will find 'Sorting weather-clothes'    OR here is a cutting and sticking clothes activity that you can print off an do. 

 Phonics and Reading. 

Remember the activities I would like to do every week using the existing phonics materials that you have. 

In addition to this to to aid revision you can access 'Scrap 'phonics (which the children are familiar with) at Discovery Education, Espresso. From the home page click 'Foundation' and scroll down to the phonics window,- Scrap phonics. the children can revise any sounds from the stepping stone page or do activities. There are plenty to choose from so  please use regularly.             N.B start with simple matching or sounding out simple words and move onto the harder sentence work. The children should be able to manage some of this independently once shown how to use on your device. This is practice not new learning. Have fun!

 Here are some more phonics activities for you to do 

  In case you do not know the 'snowflake  phonics ' powerpoint is made interactive by opening it as a slide show. (see task bar at the top of the screen)

The rhyming task could be a game and then a recording activity, don't forget nonsense words can be used too.               See how many they can come up with. You don't need to do all it in one go, little and often is best and will be more manageable. make it into a game that builds and then you can come back to the written words as a reading activity on another day. 

I realise many children have had the same reading books now for a while. When I go into school I will find out if anything can be offered to resolve this in the meanwhile use whatever you can find to support reading, even if this means an adult sharing a book and the child reading a few words. 



 Continue to count as often as you can, count for fun and practice see how far you can get. 

Try counting backwards from 10 or 20 . We had only just started this so needs practicing. 

 Count things you see around and when outside. 

 There are plenty of interactive activities on Discovery Education, search the Foundation Maths section. Like the phonics games they are for practice, we didn't use them much in school so are new to the children. See which ones they like and repeat often. 

Here are some other maths activities for you to do




 If you use the 'counting snowmen' powerpoint ,use it in slide show mode as with the phonics one so it can be interactive. 

 Creative activities.

  Here are some ideas for creative activities for you to try don't forget to send me photos as I will need cheering up! feel sad not to be doing these things with you myself!


  •  Make a winter wonderland den ( ideas as written before) paper snowflake info below. 
  • Make a winter picture   -  make it large! it can be a winter scene with frost and snow or a snowman or a tree. Let your imagination flow. You could draw out ideas first then source materials to use so that it is 3D,  you could use paint, collage, things from the garden, chalk , 'Google images' might give you some inspiration or 'pinterest'   See what marvelous ideas you can come up with.  If it is heavy because of the materials you use, then mount it on a card background so it can be displayed for all to see. 
  • Make a bird cake to hang outside so that the birds are happy. Watch and see how many different birds you spot! I found a useful recipe with a video at      Let me know how you get on. 

Welcome to Reception 2021

   Happy New Year everyone!  I sincerely hope you all enjoyed your Christmas break however different it may have been for you this year. 

 We had a really good Autumn term together and we all enjoyed getting to know the children and watching them develop. We covered lots of learning and shared some really good activities, they made us proud with their achievements. Building on this I am planning what I hope will be interesting, manageable and worthwhile learning experiences for this period at home. 

 What a challenging beginning to the new year and nothing we would have predicted. I hope you managed to complete some of the homework tasks I set up for you while you were at home.

 I hope you received the message about my illness, I am feeling much better now, not to be recommended

 I am able to leave the house next week so will be getting into school to prepare some learning packs for you all. I will let you know when these can be collected, please try to do this as soon as you can. They will be in the house area in our outside garden and clearly labelled for your child. 

 The weekly work for your child will be put on this class page for you to access online and/or print off for them to complete. I will also be setting work from the learning pack each week so please read my instructions carefully as some work will in a sequence to follow. 

Please don't get worried about the government advice for 3 hours a day! That does not mean lots of sitting at a table completing worksheets! Children at this age need to have a balance or tasks that include creative activities, reading, mark-making, speaking and listening and physical activities. I am not sure if the Joe Wicks workouts are appropriate for you I will see if anything else is out there!

Of course simply going for a walk, a bike ride or a run about outside is of equal value. 

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of keeping going with learning at this young age. I often tell the children that 'practicing' helps long term memory 'to get learning in our brain forever' and that is why we do things regularly at school. 

Regular tasks each day should include

 Reading  - of course school reading books where you can, home books, reading all around your environment, packaging, notices

 Phonics - keep practising the sounds in the little books, obviously not all at once, do a few pages each time. Have a go at the words as well, many of the children have now gained skills in blending so should be able to work out these simple words on each page of the book. I will be setting phonics activities online as well and there will be somr in the home learning packs.

Maths- we made a good start on counting and number recognition. please keep this up with games and activities. There is a lot to found in the environment as well. Don't forget to talk about shape and measurement wherever this fits in too. 

 Mark-Making-  Practising letter shapes, number shapes, copying adult writing for labels and simple sentences. Using a variety of things to mark make with- chalk, mud, playdough, in flour, in shaving foam, in paint on a table, using fingers, hands or feet. When the weather is better using leaves and natural resources for outdoor mark-making is fun. 

Physical activity - whatever you can manage, family time doing exercise was very valuable during the last lockdown.

Speaking and listening - Do not underestimate the things you probably already do without even thinking about them- whether this is sharing a story, following a set of simple instructions in a game, playing 'I Spy' or a simple copying game. 

 Play Challenges-  making a model, drawing a picture, making a map, using playdough, baking together. Just a few ideas. 


 Here are a few things you can do this week. 

  My Favourite Christmas Present - a describing and guessing activity.

 I would like you to describe a favourite present and write clues about what it is so that somebody reading your clues could guess.

  • Think about one of your presents
  • Talk about your clues- how does it look? how do you use it? how does it feel?
  • Ask an  adult to  write them for you to copy.
  • Draw a picture of it.
  • Then cover the 'present' picture with a paper flap, old wrapping paper would be good. 
  • Give your clues to someone else to read and see if they can guess what your present was. 

I would love to see some photos of your drawings and clues, see if I can work out your presents. You can use the class email address or the class blog page. Any other messages or photos welcome too. 



The plan is that I will be 'live' online or on the blog for a period each school day if I am not working in school. At present my planned day is Friday. I will let you know if this changes. I will get back to you as soon as possible if not live when you make contact. 


















 Reception Summer 2020


   Hello everyone!


 We are back at school now and enjoying seeing our friends but we miss the rest of you. We hope you are being busy at home and hope to see you again soon. With love and best wishes. 

 Tilly, Enna, Milly, Lissy, Isabelle, Thomas, Samantha, Chloe, Stanley, Rosie and Harry xxxxxxxxxxx


Reception class blog:


Phonics Play :



  Good morning all, we have come to the end of this very unusual year. Thank you to all for entrusting me with your little ones, I was really enjoying this year and distraught to not be seeing it through to the end with them all. Hopefully with your support they have been able to continue enjoying learning through the activities I have been suggesting along with all the wonderful things you been doing together at home. Many of you have been so creative, I have loved seeing all the pictures and reading your messages.  

 Please continue with as much as possible during the coming weeks as at this age regular input helps long term retention.

This could be as simple as reciting favourite rhymes, looking at phonics or re-reading a favoured story book. In maths , keep looking for numbers all around, counting and asking questions to aid problem solving. Some of the previous posts have offered ideas for this. 

 Mrs Disney has been chatting to the children who have been back at school so hopefully they will not feel anxious about the move to her class. She is well aware of their attainment levels so will know how to pitch her teaching in the early weeks. You will all receive a copy of your child's end of year report this week, however we have not included Foundation Stage Assessment levels as the year was not completed.  Of course everyone has lost ground during the time away and will need to catch up before embarking on the Year One curriculum properly. I am sure Mrs Disney will be in touch early in the new term if there are things you can support with. 

I have included the following so you have an awareness of expectations for the end of Foundation Stage. I hope you find this useful. 



 Best wishes for a good summer. 

  Mrs Bennett


Wednesday 15th July

 Good morning all , Happy Wednesday!

 This will be the last post I shall make for suggestions for home learning. I hope you have enjoyed the activities I have suggested. I know from the children that have returned that regular learning activity has been beneficial to their progress and also maintenance of existing skills.  Please try to keep something going during the Summer holidays so that learning will not be such a shock for all concerned in September. Shortly you will be receiving a short report from me outlining progress and giving targets for next year. 

 Reading, Writing and Phonics

 Please try to complete any outstanding work from your learning pack. Don't forget to continue to use the websites. There may be new resources added for the Summer holidays, especially on BBC Bitesize.


 As with other subjects please complete any resources remaining in your learning pack. Keep on counting and practising writing numbers.   here are some other activities you may like.


 Theme - Under the Sea. 

 We have really enjoyed learning about life in the sea.  I hope you have too!

 Ahoy there shipmates!

Next week we are going to share stories, activities and dress up as 'Pirates'.  Maybe you can do something like this at home too. Here are some things you might like, 


 Here is a story as well that you might like. 


 Wednesday 8th July

 Hello everyone, hope you are all keeping well and happy.

We have had another busy week in school and done some interesting things, we have made mobiles of sea creatures, made a flat patterned clay fish and been investigating shapes. It has been great to see more children back at school and we hope to see more still on Thursday. Everyone is busy working with the children to give them a positive experience before school ends for the summer. I am also preparing end of year reports which will come out to parents during the final week of term. 

With all this going on I am 'providing less 'at home ' learning experiences for you.  

Reading and Phonics.

Please continue to read as much as you can, whatever you can, whenever you can. You have heard me say that 'little and often' is good to aid long term memory. Parents please read to your child and talk to them about the text/story to aid development of comprehension skills. Last week I suggested a non-fiction text about crabs, here is one about 'super starfish'. Here are questions from the storybook from last week too Starry Eyed Stan.


Please complete any outstanding phonics sheets that you have left to do in your learning pack. Please continue to practice all the sounds we have learnt to aid retention. This is important id they are going to make a good start to reading and writing in Year 1.

I recommend you look at Discovery Learning, Espresso Phonics, Ash Phonics, Phase 5, watch some videos and do some activities.


At school we have been thinking about the differences between 'fiction' and 'non-fiction'. See if you can find a picture related to the sea or a sea creature. I gave you some ideas  for writing last week.last week.

  1. Compose and write at least one fiction, story-telling sentence.
  2. Compose and write at least one non-fiction, factual sentence.                        



We have been sharing what we know about 2D shapes. We know some names and are learning to talk about properties, i.e how many sides? how many pointy corners?

Look around your house and garden, see how many different shapes you can find. What are there most of?  Can you make a chart to show what you have found?

We have also made shape pictures by drawing round flat 2D shapes. You could make one too.

Here are some other activities for you. 












  Wednesday 1st July

 Good morning all, another busy week!

 We were a bit hot last week and have been a bit wet this week!  English weather is very strange isn't it. 

 I hope you are all keeping well, thank you for the messages keep sending them. 

Here are the learning tasks for the coming week. 

Reading and Phonics.

  Please continue reading as much and as often as you can find things that are appropriate. Use the websites suggested. I have only had one request to change books, but still happy to do so in the next few weeks. 

 Here is a good story to share

 here is some non-fiction text about  crabs too. 



Blue group

At school we have been learning about split diagraphs a-e and o-e . You can find video learning about them here, with some activities to follow also. 

 Discovery learning, Espresso, Foundation stage, Phonics, Ash phonics. 

here are some other sheets to help. 

 Yellow group.

 Please complete  at least 1 page from picture and  missing word sheet from your activity pack.  use your sounds cards sheets to help you find the correct letters to write. Colour the pictures neatly. 

Also see if you can complete the sentence reading and phonic work - 'Here is a ----------'

If you are feeling really busy. also do 2 pages from 'I can read! Phase 2 set 5'



 Everyone please continue to practice handwriting and letter formation. it is so important to keep it going and get into good handwriting habits in readiness for year 1. Poor handwriting/ formation and a lack of stamina for writing can seriously hamper progress when at year 1 more volume of writing is an expectation. 

Blue group.

 please complete the final 1/2 pages from the sentence unscramble activities in your pack.



 keep on counting at every opportunity and practice writing your numbers too. Games and problem solving help you to think about maths see if you have any at home to do. Don't forget the websites above as well. you can do games more than once, each time you will get better!


 At school we have been thinking about number bonds to 10. last week I asked you to play with resources and have a go at this. Here are some other things we have done that you can do to 

 1.  Learn the finger counting song, use your fingers to help. 

 2. Make the ten little fingers card- see photo

 3. Use the number cards, cut them out and make number sentences, read the sentences. 



 Theme- Under the Sea. 

 I hope you have been enjoying finding out about sea and sea life.  At school we have been having fun in the role play area, learnt about jellyfish and shared numerous stories. This week we are making sea life mobiles and flat patterned fish from clay. I have seen some wonderful pieces of artwork and some children have brought theirs into school to display in the classroom. Here are some other things you could do 



Wednesday 24th  June.

 Hello everyone I can't believe we have nearly come to the end of June!  Everyone at school remains well and happy we are adding some more photos soon so watch out for them. 

 Here are the learning tasks for this week. 

Reading and Phonics.

Please read as often as you can, whatever you can.  I say again we will happily change books if you get in touch. Another online resource that has been reported as being good is 'Teach Monster', a free app for smartphones and tablets. 

Please continue to use the usual phonics resources online, see if you can win more points for your efforts. Also here are some group activities. 

Yellow group-

 Read  the page with unfinished sentences on. 'I can see a ' and complete the sentence.

Complete the last 2 pages from the CVC words booklet.

Blue group

 please print off and complete 2 pages from the phonics booklet. You will need to use your A4 phonics card to help you write and you may need to choose which way to write the sound , e.g    ay or ai

Also please complete the last page of the sentence matching booklet, read and cut/stick the sentence that matches the word.




 At school we have been working on sentence construction. I have given all groups some work to do at home as well. We are continuing with this but trying to make the sentences as interesting as possible by thinking the addition of describing words. For example. 

 Which sentence is better:

  The dog had a bone    or  The hungry dog had a big juicy bone. 

 The children will need help to think of describing words, keep them simple to begin with and help them with sounding out. This work could be applied to news writing, story writing or information/non-fiction writing.

Blue group.

Please use 'picture writing prompts'  booklet to make your sentences. You can choose 2 more pictures that you like to write about. The sentences have been started for you to carry on with, try to add some describing words. Feel free to cut up the pictures and make your own pages if you need more room for writing. 

Yellow group.

Please complete 2 pages of the 'simple sentence unscramble' booklet.  You might like to ask an adult at home to re-write the words for you on small bits of paper so you can order them to make the sentence work before you write it out again.  When copying, write the sentence neatly, remember CAP letter, full stop and writing that sits on the line. 


Everyone has a handwriting booklet so please complete 2 more pages from it. 



We have all been learning about number bonds to 5 and you should have a good idea about number sentences now. 

At school we have been carrying on with number bonds to 10, how can we separate 10 things into 2 groups.

 We used fingers to help work out two groups but you could use  other countable objects too. Do it practically and see if you can write the number sentences to go with each group . 

 For example .   3 fingers and 7 fingers 

                          3+ 7 =10


    a group of 10 objects separated in different ways is useful. Draw circles for each part and then a larger circle for when they all come together to make 10. Write the number sentences.

Blue group you have some number bond to 5 activities in a booklet to complete. 

 here are some other maths activities for you to do. 

 Theme- Under the sea.

 I hope you managed to look at some of the videos and resources on Espresso. There are plenty to see.  Don't forget to try to make the artwork and send me a photo of it. 

Another idea would be to make a sealife mobile. Lots of brightly coloured fish would be attractive. You could use pens, paint or coloured paper to decorate them, add glitter or shiny paper to make them special. Make them from thin card so they will be more sturdy when you hang them from sticks in a cross shape. At school we made jelly fish from old plastic containers with long tentacles from bubble wrap. We have been watching them on an aquarium video and finding out interesting facts about them. You may have seen some on the beaches near where you live.

Try to find out some facts about animals that live under the sea- this is non-fiction as it is eeal and not made up like in a story.


 Wednesday 17th June

  Good morning everyone. I hope you managed to complete the tasks I set for last week. 

 By now you should have all received your learning packs so please follow my directions when completing the tasks from them. Here are the tasks for this week. 


As before read as much as you can , whatever you can. 

As I said last week I am happy to arrange a change of books if you can get to school or get in touch. 

 Blue group.

 please complete  from your learning pack

 2  more pages from  'pictures and matching captions' worksheet 

 1  more page from 'picture and sentence matching '

 Yellow group

 please complete from your learning pack

 2  more pages 'I can read' cut and stick activity

 ' Here is a -------' worksheet sentence reading and writing 


 Jack's mum has found a good resource and recommends it, it is called 'Reading Eggs' and is an app which has printable resources to use alongside. 


 Writing and Phonics.

Everyone, Keep  on practising Phase 2 or Phase 3 phonic activities on Discovery Learning, Espresso,  Phonics Play and BBC Bitesize.

 You could try 'Letters and Sounds' Games too, they are easily accessible online . see website address above

 Each time you play you will get better, repetition is good for the memory.

Don't forget to look in your phonics books or use the A4 sheet to practice recognition of sounds. try to remember the sounds without using the picture clues! You were so good at that when we were last together and it will really help your writing if you remember the shape of the letters within each sound. 

  •   Using sound card A4, Activity- ask an adult to say the sound, child writes it, think of a word with the sound in. e.g  adult says 'ai' , do not show picture unless prompt needed, child writes 'ai'  together think of words with the sound in , like  snail, train etc.  

  Yellow group

  complete 2 pages of ' CVC words cut and paste'  from your learning pack

 Blue group 




 We need to keep practicing sentence construction and writing. 

Any news writing that you can get the children to do is fantastic as it relates to their real experiences. Also, shopping lists, job lists, labels for models or sentences to go with a picture or a painting, card making.   I saw some great map drawings that Lacey had done with labels.

  •  Writing can be their composition and simply copied.
  •  Alongside encourage children to say their words, sound out each word ( help if needed ) then copy your writing.
  • If more confident have a go at sounding out and writing using phonic card resources.
  • Don't forget to re-read to check it makes sense and remember fingers spaces between words.                                   (At this stage handwriting may suffer a bit so don't insist on best handwriting unless only being copied. ) 

 Yellow group.

Find the booklet 'picture writing prompts'  in your learning pack. Choose two pictures and try to continue the sentence. Use your known sounds to write. Try to make the sentence interesting by using describing words. 

Blue group. 

 Please do more sentence unscramble work,  

Please find the one with a picture of boys playing. 

  •  read words and make the sentence using words in the correct order
  • make the sentence using the word cards provided,

check that it makes sense and then re-write it. 

 here are the word cards. 




Everyone has a handwriting pack that has been sent home. Please complete 2 pages from this.



 Keep on counting and writing numbers whenever you can in whatever you can, mud, sand, dough, flour, pens pencils, chalk, paint. any interesting ideas send me photos please.

 We have been thinking about number order and recognition of numbers . 

 Blue group.

Look for the number snakes in your activity pack. complete 1-5 using your number square. Colour if you want to, can you make them a repeating pattern, i.e one colour then another, or two bits each colour!

Yellow group.

Look for the number lines in your activity pack. Can you use your number line to work out the missing numbers


Everyone , we have been thinking about making 5, if you managed last weeks activities you might like this also. 

  • circle the pictures that go together to make a number up to 5
  • draw a matching line to the number sentence
  • on the back write your own number sentences e.g 2+3 =5




 We have been learning about 'Under the Sea' at school .  We are enjoying using a new role play area which the children helped to decorate with pictures of fish and shells. Here are some things you might like to do.

  •  Make an 'under the sea'  collage picture.

draw or paint a background-  sea, then choose what you want to add to it. You could make textured sea with thick paint or added paper waves and paper seaweed or use grass, leaves or even real seaweed if you can get some. 

Draw your own animals or choose some from the collection below. 

You could make it large like the rainforest one!

Send me some photos please. 


 Here is an overall theme sheet with ideas for Discovery learning Espresso. There are good videos to watch, ideas for activities and online books to share. 











 Wednesday 10th June

 Good morning everyone. I hope you have managed to complete some of last weeks learning activities. Your new learning at home packs should have arrived in the post by now too. 

 Here are your activities for this week,


As before please read whatever you can. As I said last week I am happy to arrange a change of books if you can get to school or get in touch. 

 Blue group.

 please complete  from your learning pack

 2 pages from  'pictures and matching captions' worksheet 

 1 page from 'picture and sentence matching '

 Yellow group

 please complete from your learning pack

 2 pages 'I can read' cut and stick activity

 'this is a -------' worksheet sentence reading and writing





  Everyone, Keep practising Phase 2 or Phase 3 phonic activities on Discovery Learning, Espresso,  Phonics Play and BBC Bitesize. 

 You could try 'Letters and Sounds' Games too, they are easily accessible online . see website address above

 Each time you play you will get better, repetition is good for the memory.

  Yellow group

  complete 2 pages of ' CVC words cut and paste'  from your learning pack

 Blue group 




 I hope some of you chose to do the postcards from last week. We are doing them in school too so if you want to send yours or a photo of it , in we can put it on the display. 

 We are continuing to develop handwriting and construction of sentences using fingers spaces, a full stop and beginning with a CAPITAL letter. Not forgetting usint the best words that we can and sounding them out in ways we know. 

 Parents, please remember correct spelling is not as important as using known sounds to write phonetically. Let them have a go!


 Both groups have Handwriting practice booklets in your learning pack.  Please complete two pages this week. 

Remember - handwriting must be careful and neat, try to write on the lines and form letters well. 


Sentence construction.

Blue group. 

You have several activities to make sentences from mixed up words. 

Please find the one with ' a girl sat on a cushion' 

  •  read words and make the sentence using words in the correct order
  • make the sentence using the word cards provided,

check that it makes sense and then re-write it. 

 here are the word cards. 

Yellow group. 

 Please complete 1 page of choice,  'missing word' sheet. ( pack  looks like star, snail, hook etc. )  Use the sounds you know to write, use your sound cards to find the sounds you need. 

On the back see if you can use the word to make a sentence that an adult can write for you to copy. 



Keep on counting and writing numbers whenever you can in whatever you can, mud, sand, dough, flour, pens pencils, chalk, paint. any interesting ideas send me photos please. I have seen some great enormous number lines !

 Blue group.

 Please complete  the following number sequence activity. You will need your number square to help you.

 We are learning about number bonds to 5, how many ways can we make the number 5. 

 0+5, 1+4, 2+3 etc. Do some practical activities with toys, beads, bricks, stones or whatever to demonstrate this and write the number sentence to match. The following will be helpful. 


 Finally a creative challenge for you. Please send photos if you manage this. Have fun with it. 











  Wednesday 3rd June 

  Good morning all, hope you had a good half term and managed to get out and about to enjoy the continuing lovely weather. 

 We have been busy at school preparing to re-open for those who have chosen to come. Keep a watch for photos later in the week. 

 Learning tasks will now be put here on a Wednesday for the week as this is the day I have time at home to plan and prepare. 

 I am preparing some resources to put in the post but meanwhile here are a few tasks to keep you going. 

 Literacy- Reading, Writing and Phonics

   Have another look at Discovery Learning Espresso,  Phonics, See if you complete some Polly games and activities, focusing on the double sounds we have learnt and are in your phonics books. See Phonics Play games online also, Phase 2 or Phase 3. 

 Here are some other activities for each group



 Please do as much as you can, whatever you can lay your hands on. I am happy to arrange changing books if you can get to school, send me a message. 

 Here are some other things you might like. 


 All of these reading activities can be printed off and repeated many times.     

You don't need to do it all in one go , little and often is best!


 Hopefully you will already be writing every opportunity you get, here are some ideas:

 labels for models and pictures 

lists for mum- shopping or things you want to do!

 instructions about making something or a recipe

 you can repeat any of the handwriting sheets you have already done, practice is important. 

 pictures and sentences about things you have been busy doing- like a little diary. This can be in your exercise book or on other paper. You can make it into a book called My Diary. Several children have begun this and it really helps if the writing theme is of interest to them. 

 here are some other ideas for this week.

Choose which format you like best for the postcard,  Who could you send it to? somone you haven't seen in your family, or a friend. You could even send it to us at school, that would be nice. Either draw a picture or use a photo. Ask for help to write the address.

Seaside writing. 

There are several sheets for you do do, ask for some help to think about your sentences. Looking forward to seeing this.



 Keep up the counting practice and writing numbers. Did you enjoy the shopping activities? if there were any you haven't tried from before you can go back to those pages and print them off. 

Try some more  activities on Discovery Learning Espresso, Maths or BBC Bitesize Bud's Number Garden.

here are some more things to try,  

N.B You will need  Word- Powerpoint to play the toyshop game. Activate slide show to make it interactive. 

 Here is something about 'handwashing ' that we enjoyed in school this week. 

Super Soap's Handwashing Song - Sing Along at Home

Get hands-on with your new favourite superhero, Super Soap, and find out how you can get rid of germs! This song for kids is perfect for teaching little ones...

I hope there are things here to interest you as well as all the amazing things parents find for you to do.  Watch out for more photos soon and please message if you have any queries. I cannot promise to answer straight away as I will be working in school 4 days a week but will be checking the emails as often as I can. Anything urgent please call the school office. 

Best wishes  smiley



  Press  'PLAY'  here to see amazing photos of home learning!


   Hi We are the reception class 2019/2020. We remember our lovely trip to RHS Rosemoor in the Autumn term.

 Saturday 23rd May  IMPORTANT MESSAGE

 Good morning all. I hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely weather, especially now we can go out a bit more!


 Richard has put important new information about the proposed return to school on this website. It is on the Coronovirus section of News and Events.

He will be attempting to email everyone but in case this is not successful he has asked that we alert you to this very important message. 

 News and Events- Coronovirus- 22nd May

 Best wishes

I hope to be seeing you all again soon 

Mrs Bennettwink





 Activities for week Monday 18th May

Hello all,

Happy Monday. Hope you are all keeping well. Thank you for your messages and photos, they are keeping me going as I am really missing seeing you all smiley

Hopefully you have all received an email from Richard over the weekend regarding the re-opening of schools etc.  A copy of this is available on our Coronavirus page in case you didn’t receive it. 
If you didn’t get this email, and would like to receive emails from us, please can you let us know an up to date email address so we can add it to our system? 

Here are your learning activities for the coming week. Don’t forget you can share your own ideas with me too! Lovely!

I have seen some amazing baking, fairy houses, the construction of a hen house, a home sports day, story sharing, letters and numbers in nature, great writing and drawing and so much more.  Did you like the songs? 


Keep it up everyone. You are doing so well. smiley


Here are the tasks for the coming week. 

Reading, Writing and Phonics.

Keep up the good work with reading. I say again, whatever you can find! Words are all around us!

The book boxes remain in the playhouse if you are able to get there to swap them. I have put a link on for you to share the wonderful rhyming text from the book ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ I hope you enjoy it.



Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreae

Take a trip to the jungle with the Storybook Lady! You never know what cool animals you might find there. Music: On the Bach - Jingle Punks


 You should have some activities left in your yellow and blue learning packs, so please finish as many of these that you can. Continue with Phase 2 and 3 online activities on the internet 

 Phonics Play 

Discovery Learning Espresso

 Handwriting and Writing 

 Please complete any outstanding handwriting pages you have in your learning packs. Children from Blue group can also continue to use the 'Picture writing prompt' pages. Try to make your sentences even better and longer by using descriptive words. Write on the lines and have a go with sounding out words when spelling. 

Here are some sentence making activities that everyone can do. 


 I have also put here a bordered sheet if you want to use it to write your own animal story or fact file. If you are feeling really inventive you might want to print off several and do a small book. then you could do a story and a fact file and make your own cover for example 'My Animal Stories' or 'All About the Rainforest'. see what wonderful ideas you can up with!

 I would also like you to think about going exploring!  What do you think you will need to take with you? Below is a printable template where you can draw and label what would go in your backpack. Do you know the song 'Walking in the Jungle'?  You could have an adventure in your garden. there are several versions on U Tube so choose one for yourself to watch and join in with. 



Please complete any outstanding activities from your learning pack. Remember counting aloud needs practice as does writing numbers in the correct way.

Can you get a large piece of paper ? make large numbers all over it 1-10

Can you get a smaller piece of paper? make tiny numbers aa over it  1-10

Try some more games on Discovery Education Espresso- Foundation Maths 

Edshed Maths shed (activities are more challenging even at lowest level)

BBC Bitesize Bud's Number Garden

 Here are some other activities to try. You may not do them all, choose you ones you like best first. ( there is time next week too- Half term!)

 Theme - Rainforest and Jungle 

 I have seen some amazing 'rainforest' artwork. photos. If you haven't managed to do yours yet there is still time. Look at the notes from the last 2 weeks for details.

 Hopefully you will mange the literacy and numeracy tasks linked to our theme over the next two weeks. Here are a few more ideas for you. 

 Animal Headbands.

You could use the headbands to play a guessing game  'Who am I?'

the person wearing the headband asks questions about the animal, the others say yes or no but cannot tell them the animal name until they give up!

OR people looking at the animal can give simple clues without telling the person wearing the headband what the animal is. Good fun in a group I think!

Slime Playdough.

Great fun if you can make it. 

Sentence writing.

A good picture for thinking about simple sentences, good to colour too!#

 Jungle challenges.

Some other fun things to do. 

I like the snake making best myself! how long can you make yours? send me photos please


 One last thing I have found on Discovery Learning Espresso

Foundation- Storytime- Rat-a-tat-tat

Story 'The Tiger Child' 

in the box to the left there are additional activities you may like. 

tiger rhyme, tiger song and actions, fact book about tigers in books and some more short videos to watch.


I am working at school all day Monday and will be online when I can throughout the day. Also available Wednesday 11.00-1.00 and Friday 11-1.00, email or live chat if you need me.


Keep busy everyone. Best wishes x










 Learning tasks for week Monday 11th May 

  Hello everyone, it's Monday again. Hope you all enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend, the sunshine and maybe did something different to celebrate VE Day. You will see I have added another set of your fantastic photos, keep them coming as they cheer us all up.


 Reading, Writing and Phonics.

Keep up the reading practice, as I said last week 'read whatever you can find'. I hope some of you managed to get to school to replace the ones you already had. Look for repeated words (called 'high frequency' words, favoured sounds (choose some from your phonics book) or tricky words in the text, make a chart to show how many you have found of each one. I liked one idea that someone told me, parents were reading a longer book to their child, and each time reviewing what had already happened in the story before moving on to the next bit.


Keep up the good work on Discovery Education, Espresso and Phonics Play, Phase 2 or 3. Either try some new games or repeat the ones you like and try to get a higher score! Have ago at this rhyming game as well.

  I would like Blue group children to complete 2 more pages of the 'CVC Cut and Paste 'from your learning pack.

 I would like Yellow group children to complete  2 or 3 pages from ' Phase 2 Pictures and Captions, activity booklet.


Please complete 2 more pages from the 'handwriting booklet'. The efforts I have seen so far are really good, making writing neat is not easy and needs practice!smiley

 Blue group children , please have a go at 5 pictures and writing from 'Picture writing prompts' in your learning pack. Use the lines foe your writing, don't forget finger spaces and have a go at sounding out and spelling for yourselves! I suggest you choose the simpler sentences to begin with,  (Parents this is written as the children would sound it out, using the sounds they know)for example 'The dog had a boan' but you could make it a bit more interesting - The dog had a big/joosee//long boan. See what you can come up with. 

Yellow group children, please write 3 simple sentences in your exercise book. 'The best things I have done at home' you could draw pictures as well.

Great, looking forward to seeing some of this writing everyone.


Last week you were continuing with counting, keep that up . If you still have number line activities to do from your pack 'find the missing number ' then some of those could be done this week. Continue with Discovery Education , Maths games like last week too.

These are some other games and activities you might like to try. 

Theme- Living Things - Jungle and Rainforest

I hope you enjoyed last weeks tasks. Now to carry on with our learning about Living Things, we are going to find out about life In the Jungle and The  Rainforest.  

 Go to Discovery Learning, Espresso ,type Rainforest into the Search box,

please watch the following video clips

 'Rainforests' and 'New Jungle Wildlife Discovered' then see if you can answer the questions here.

 There is also a big book on line  with simple text to read and some good photos. 

 Discovery Education, Espresso , search Rainforest, The book is called Rainforest and can be found beneath the video clip.

 Here are some songs you might like to try to well known tunes, and a game if you can access powerpoint.


 And now for the artwork you started last week, I hope you managed to do the LARGE background, I saw a few they were really great, very creative. Now time to add the animals, you can draw/paint your own or use the printable ones below. Make it real, make it your own but use proper colours for the animals! Think about what you have found out about where the animals like to be. Can't wait to see some more of them , have fun.laugh I hope you like the songs too !







 Learning tasks for the week  4th May

   Good morning and Happy Monday to all. I am so pleased that I was able to put your wonderful photos into a presentation that could be accessed by all, if you haven't already please have a browse. It is really heart warming to see all the fantastic things you have been busy doing over the last six weeks. Please keep it up and send me more!


Now for this weeks learning tasks.

Reading and Phonics

Please read as much as possible and whatever you can lay your hands on.  Signs and labels all around, food packaging etc. Don't forget I have put some books at school in the outside playhouse for you to collect if you wish to swap and can do so safely. 

 Please have a go at these phonics challenges, Phase 2 should be manageable for everyone and Phase 3 a bit more challenging but nothing we haven't learnt already. 

 Then there are still plenty of games Phase 2 and 3 on Phonics Play as well as Discovery Learning Espresso. See if you can get better scores than the last time you played them. cheeky

Next I would like Yellow group children ( resources were given in a yellow folder) to complete 'I Can Read' booklet and I would like Blue group children  (resources were given in a blue folder)  to complete 2 pages from the 'CVC cut and Paste' booklet.  

 Everyone can do some 'Tricky word' practice and for Handwriting , please complete another page from that booklet.



I hope you enjoyed last weeks Maths challenges, I saw some great counting towers and leaf number lines in the photos. Here are this weeks tasks. 

 Go to Discovery Education Espresso Foundation level and complete some activities from Maths Nos-20

 Know the number



 Please choose activities at your level and see how far you can get.  You might want to have a number line nearby to help with counting. Think! the more we practice the more we remember, the better we will get!

 I have also found these Maths activities you might enjoy! One is and writing numbers, the other is an addition activity. The last one all about size!

 Theme - Living Things

This week I would like you to continue with our new learning about Living Things. There is a video to watch and a question and answer sheet to complete. 

 Go to Discovery Learning Espresso, on homepage search  'Animals', click on the first entry 'Animals', then on the left find Videos, click and watch the video titled 'Animals'   WATCH CAREFULLY! I  want you to answer questions about it afterwards. You could watch more than once ! it is good.

Here is a game you can play to help you think about 'Habitats', the places animals could live. 

 Discovery Education Espresso,  homepage  'Hop into Habitiats '  go left to activities, the game is called 'Who lives here?' have fun with this!

 The last task on the theme this week is to start a piece of artwork that will be continued next week.  I would like you to make a background for a rainforest themed picture.  GO LARGE laugh You will need

a large piece of paper or cardboard


paint or pens or crayons or all three

coloured paper- if you haven't got any then paint or colour a white piece and then cut it up

please make the background for the rainforest picture- include trees, grass, flowers, mud, maybe sky depends on your design. you could use real grasses, flowers and twigs.                  DO NOT ADD ANIMALS this is next weeks task.

Looking forward to seeing your design ideas everyone, happy sticking!

I will be online LIVE at various times this week so see blogging page for details.

Best wishes all xxxx


 Learning tasks for the week April 27th 

   Hello everyone time to get busy again with more fun learning activities.  We have just about completed our work on stories now, hope you managed to do many of the jobs l set for you. If you are still busy with them then carry on, The feedback and photos have been great to see, please send more. 

 I want to begin some learning about 'Living Things'. We will also carry on with phonics, handwriting and maths tasks. 

 Phonics and Reading

  Please keep reading as much as possible, whatever you can find! on previous posts I alerted you to the wealth of materials on  Discovery  Education, Espresso as well as the reading resources in the packs. I have put some books in the outside playhouse at school, if you can get to them safely! to swap what you currently have. 



 These are games to be printed off and played, begin with C K E etc. and then progress to the other one. Also play phonics Phase 3 games on Phonics play or Espresso.  make some words using the cut and stick activities provided for each group. Complete a page from the tricky word booklet also.


 Complete two pages of the handwriting booklet.


  Here are some counting challenges for you.

 Don't forget to keep practicing counting and writing numbers wherever you can too!



  Theme  - Living Things 

  Hope yo enjoy some of these activities. 

 To get you thinking about 'The World Around Us' please complete the following

  • Discovery Learning Espresso ' Living things' sorting game     (main menu- our picks- show more- Habitats- activities -  Living, dead or never lived game)
  • the film on the main menu about zoos is also interesting to watch and talk about.                                            Here are some questions to answer after watching it. 


Learning tasks for week 20th April 


Reception class blog:


Phonics Play :




  Hello everyone, another week ! keep up the excellent work you have been doing. l have loved hearing about it and really enjoyed seeing your photos, made my day! please keep sending me your comments, questions and those marvelous photos. I am trying to work out how to share them in a slide show as Mrs Carey has done, so watch this space. As you all know computer skills are not easy for mesad


I have written useful website addresses for you again above.

Literacy and Maths.

 This week I would like you to work on another traditional story, it is one of my favourites so I hope you enjoy it too!

I have chosen quite a few tasks that you may like, please do as many as you can. some will involve printing off resources, hopefully there will be something that appeals to everyone. 

The story is 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'   -  here is a link to an version of the story or you can share a book if you have one.



After sharing and enjoying the story I would like you to

  • Complete the story map activity. Add some sentences about the story on the back or on another piece of paper. Don't forget how to write a good sentence. CAP letters, finger spaces between words, make it interesting and put a full stop on the end. 
  • Look at some of the challenges on the 'Home learning challenge' sheet as well. I think the discussion activity is good and l especially like the 'design a troll' activity. something to appeal to everyone's creative streak! a picture, painting or even a model, wish l could do it with you! send me some photos please. Will your troll be scary? what colour will you make it? will it have horns? coloured hair? worts and claws?  BE IMAGINATIVE!! BE BOLD!!
  • Print off and play the board game. Good for counting on skills.                                                                               
  • Design and make a bridge. Ideas are on the sheet but you could use bigger materials outside to make a stronger bridge the you could walk on. you could even be a goat or the troll, you could make a mask too. 
  • Use the idea of making a raft, small enough to float in the bath or sink or somewhere bigger if you have access to a stream or pond!
Here are some other activities you may like to try too. 

Other Literacy work.


Don't forget to read. You have probably had enough of the books we sent home by now. Look on Espresso Phonics games for words and sentences to read. Practice your phonics in your books and do some work on Tricky words, either your game, Espresso games in Phonics of some of the worksheets sent home. 

Make some more sentences with the words provided,  read them. 


Complete two more pages from the handwriting booklet. 




  1. Using Espresso- Foundation- Maths    Try Number Crew -Counting or for more of a challenge Numbers 0-20 counting
  2.   Activities- (far left of the page, mouse symbol)  Click on number stories and work on    Addition 0-5 activities , then try some of the Lotto games 1-5 or 1-10     see what you can do , don't forget you can repeat these again in a few days to see if you remember more or are quicker at doing it.                                                                        DON'T FORGET  New learning needs to be practiced.  
  3. Log in to EDSHED  Maths games, for more games. If you are feeling more confident now with counting and addition try these.      
  4. Practice writing numbers using the worksheets provided.                                                                                                                           

 Activities for the week  14th April


 Hello everyone. Hope you had a wonderful Easter break and enjoyed lots of fun family time as well as lots of chocolate, yum yum!smiley

  Here are your learning tasks for this week. 




  1.  Check out the story of 'The Little Red Hen' on Espresso.  (Foundation- Literacy- Books)                                      What bits are the same as the one we read? What bits are different? An adult could note them down for you in your jotter book.
  2. Can you complete the Reception book quiz? it is based on traditional stories so it shouldn't be too hard.
  3. Complete one or two pages from the CVC Handwriting booklet, make sure it is your best writing though!wink
  4. Learn about CAPITAL letters, go on a letter hunt, find some CAPITAL letters to copy . Complete one sheet of the CAP letter match activity. 
  5. Find a copy of 'The Gingerbread Man' story to read/ share. complete the story sequencing  activity. 
  6. Make some real gingerbread men cookies    - send me some photos.  Here is a recipe 


   7.  Use the making sentence cards to create your own sentences, they can be serious or they can be silly!frown

        copy them into your jotter book and come back to read them in a few days. 





  1.     Practice counting 1-100 aloud, can you remember how we used our hands every time we got to a multiple of 10?
  2.     Play a number  games with your number cards - Hunt the numbers,  Order in the correct way. Find things around the house garden to match to the numbers- a mini number treasure hunt.
  3.     Practice writing some numbers using the 'number workbooks ' provided in your pack.
  4.     Complete the 'Winter Missing Number sheet. 
  5.   Using Espresso- Foundation- Maths             Try Number Crew -Counting or for more of a challenge Numbers 0-20 counting
  6.   Activities- (far left of the page, mouse symbol)  Click on number stories and work on                               Addition 0-5 activities , then try some of the Lotto games 1-5 or 1-10     see what you can do , don't forget you can repeat these again in a few days to see if you remember more or are quicker at doing it.                          DON'T FORGET                  New learning needs to be practiced.  
  7. Log in to EDSHED for some more games. I suggest feel confident with counting and addition before trying these though.                                                                                                                                                                                   Have fun with this, don't forget to get in touch via the blog or email if you need anything . more lovely photos would be amazing.                                                                                                                                               Miss you all take care,                                                                                                                                                 Mrs Bennettwink                








 Thursday 2nd April

 Hello everyone. 

 some amazing photos of our busy children. Would love to see more! 

Best wishes 

Mrs Bennett



  Wednesday 1st April  


   Hi everybody, hope you are all well, Missing you loads and wishing we had been doing lots of fun learning Easter activities together!   

 Great to hear from some people via the class blog and class email. Jack has been having fun with his family in the woods , campfire, toasted marshmallows and hot buttered toast- yummy! Harry has been performing on skates with his sister, sounds great. Rosie H has been a busy little bee working on some of the tasks I set - gold star Rosie! Chloe liked the idea of making a den in the garden for a teddy bear's picnic- would have loved to see that Chloe!

I hope you all have enjoyed the time at home with your families  making memories that are so precious!  Now it is the Easter holidays I am not setting any new tasks, however there is an Easter booklet in your pack for you to dip into whenever you like. You can continue to use Edshed, Phonics Play and Espresso, the latter will probably have particular Easter themed things for you to enjoy so log on and see. I will check the blog and email site during this week if you want to get in touch. 

 sending you all my best wishes, keep safe , 

 Mrs Bennett


  Saturday 28th March 

  Good morning all. It is now the Easter Holidays although it dosen't feel like it as we have not had our annual Easter egg hunt and other seasonal activities in school. Hope you are all well and keeping busy. 


  IMPORTANT : Message from Mr Stepthenson about a potential email scam. See the Coronovirus page under News and Events.

School closure.

A newsletter was sent home with the children today outlining the latest information about the school closure. If your child was absent from school today this can be found on the website.

   Dear Parents and children,

   As we enter this new period of uncertainty in education it is important to retain all the effort and hard work that has got the children to where they are now. I am very proud of all of them and what we have achieved together.  This great photo will help me to feel upbeat during this difficult time.

With this in mind I have prepared some resources and activities to help with learning over the coming weeks. We all hope that this will not be a lengthy period and that we are back together again soon to enjoy more fun learning experiences together. 

Rose Bennett 

Mrs Bennett's email.

You will be able to contact me through the blog on our class page, as well as through the following email address

I will be contactable on both of these forums and will not be using any other platforms for the time being.

   For enquiries and live blog  Mrs Bennett will be available at the following times this week. 

  Monday  4.00-5.00 pm

  Wednesday 10 -12.00 

  Friday  10-12.00


   Activities for the week 23rd March.

  Please try to complete as many of the following activities as you can this week. 


  1.  Read one book several times ( if you were absent from school please share or read a home book) 
  2. Look at the new sounds in your phonics book and revise some others, be the teacher and show your parents!
  3. Play your tricky word game, are any of them in your reading/home books?
  4. Log in to Discovery  Espresso Education  -see log-in info on the sheet in all packs.   Go to FOUNDATION page- LITERACY- PHONICS   Share your favourite 'Scrap games' or 'Polly games'  from the activities section with your parents. 
  5. Write the  'Sorry letter to the Little Red Hen'  make a picture as well,   - letter paper is in your pack.

  7. Find a story of 'The Three Little Pigs' to share at home. Don't forget to use different voices for characters.   Make pictures or better still models of the three houses. Draw the 3 pigs to go with the houses. Draw the big bad wolf too.

    Re-tell the story with your pictures or models and find a way to make the wolf's blowing breath to blow down the houses.   a folded newspaper  can be flapped to make wind or maybe try a hairdryer with an adults help. Have fun with this . let me know how you get on, send some pictures if you like.




  1.  Practice counting games.  (better with a friend or family member!)
  2. Count aloud 1- 20
  3. Count aloud 1- 30 
  4. Can you count further?  try to get to 100
  5. Complete 1 page of the number formation booklet
  6. Go  on a number hunt around the house or garden. Write down the numbers you find. 

    Can you decide how to put the numbers in order ? smallest to largest. Adults may need to  help you do this. use the number square resource if you can.



7.  Play a board game together. Focus on the more as you count on in the game. 



Log on to Discovery Espresso Education. (Log-in is on the sheet in your pack. )

         Go to FOUNDATION page. Go to  MATHS section and choose a game or two to play on number recognition. 

 Pleas note we have not used these game before in school so they are new to the children.