Bad Weather

In certain circumstances it may not be possible for the school to open or we may be forced to close early. Obviously the school will only close if there really is no alternative and as you can see we will attempt to stay open wherever possible - so we can have lots of fun !!!



If the school is not able to open, for example as a result of heavy snowfall, there will be an announcement on local radio ( either Radio Devon or Heart FM ) so please tune in for information.


You can also check the school website or ring school on 01409 241365.


Many of our families live some distance from the school and this has obvious implications for travel, especially down untreated country lanes. If you have any doubt about whether the school is open or not or if you think that it may not be safe to travel then please don’t send or bring your children in.


You are the best person to assess the local conditions where you live and the school will fully support any decision you make to keep you children home. Their safety should be the most important consideration at all times.


Should the school be forced to close during the day we will contact the parents of children outside the village by telephone as soon as we possibly can so that arrangements can be made for them to get home. Where possible the school bus will run early for those children who travel to school this way.


The school will not allow children to travel home early where we have not made contact with their parents or if we do not know that they are going to some other safe destination, for example a relative or near neighbour. We would rather they were safe in Bradworthy than risk the possibility of arriving home and finding no one there.


If it starts to snow heavily, for example, and you think it prudent to come and get your child/children early then please do so.