Honours Board

We are very proud of all of the children who go to our school.
They consistently work very hard in their studies to achieve the very best that they can, and beyond this they become enthusiastically involved in the range of experiences which we offer them each year.
Their attitude and conduct are exemplary and it is a privilege to work with them.


Every year we honour children in Year 6 for their academic efforts and achievements.
The name of the single girl and boy who we feel has made the most progress, achieved the very highest of standards in their work and put in the greatest amount of effort is entered on our honours board.


This provides a permanent record of their achievement and also serves as an excellent example to younger children of what we expect from everyone.


  Boys - Girls -
2000 Master C Brown Miss E Melville
2001 Master M Lindsay Miss D Milman
2002 Master M Bailey Miss R Radmore
2003 Master C Boulton Miss S Raffe
2004 Master J Nixon Miss A Cann
2005 Master T Hassett Miss L Honey
2006 Master O Bently-Jones Miss F Holding
2007 Master Z Smart Miss M Furse
2008 Master D Martyn Miss M Snell
2009 Master L Home Miss A Heard
2010 Master L Trewin Miss A Morey
2011 Master S Hill Miss E Martyn
2012 Master L Carey Miss C Prime
2013 Master E. Hill Miss C. Phillips

Master T. Carey

Master L. Johns   

Miss I. Potts

Miss P. Wellington

2015 Master E. Ensore Miss E. Phillips
2016 Master M. Graham Miss R. Bryant
2017 Master S. McCabery          Miss J. Hart
2018 Master O. Gilhespy Miss E. Jowett
2019 Master I. Disney Miss S. Peters
2020 Master F. Francis Miss H. Graley 

Sporting Honours


The school has worked long and hard to ensure that the opportunities that our children have to take part in sporting activities are both extensive and of a very high standard.


These opportunities include traditional sports like football and netball, activities like trampolining, and as they become older adventurous sports like rock climbing and surfing.


Our prime objective is to ensure that as many children as possible take part in as many activities as they can.


This said, each year we also honour those children who we feel have made both an exceptional effort and also achieved the very highest of standards.


  Girls Boys
2000 Miss E Daniel Master M Sampson
2001 Miss C Walter Master M Andrew
2002 Miss L Crick Master I Sampson
2003 Miss J Morris Master L Curtis
2004 Miss N Smale Master L Clarke
2005 Miss B Radford Master D Furse
2006 Miss A Neil Master S Shadrick
2007 Miss J Gifford Master T Vallance
2008 Miss H-J Richards Master M Carter
2009 Miss L Dunn Master J Bentley-Jones
2010 Miss E Parry Master G Carter
2011 Miss D Bailey Master D Fenney
2012 Miss S Richards Master A Dunn
2013 Miss M. Poole Master J. Parry
2014 Miss L. Shepherd Master K. Trivett
2015 Miss S. Hudson Master N. Allen
2016 Miss A. Disney Master A. Poole
2017 Miss H. Chamberlin Master G. Wellington     
2018 Miss L. Sargent Master H. Dack
2019 Miss M. Curtis Master N. Slade
2020 Miss E. Foster Master E. Shadrick


The Creative Arts


The creative arts obviously includes the full range of traditional art based activities but also extends to things like drama, music and beyond this the way in which they are able to apply a creative approach areas like writing, mathematics and science.


The development of creative thinking skills which enable children to solve problems, investigate and "think out side the box" are one of our key aims as a school.


In 2008 we decided to honour outstanding effort and achievement in the above for the first time in recognition of the school's developing ethos and its impact on the things that we do.


  Girls Boys
2008 Miss J Stracey-Cheel Master M Smart
2009 Miss S Kent Master B Payne
2010 Miss H Brauns Master B Dunn
2011 Miss G Maynard Master E Pomeroy
2012 Miss R Ley-Moyse Master J Ensore
2013 Miss I. Old Master P. McCabery
2014 Miss A. Wright Master S. Odlin
2015 Miss B. Hill Master A. Johnson
2016 Miss Z. Gilhespy Master W. Baker 
2017 Miss E. Hoddinott      Master S. McCabery
2018 Miss C. Wade Master C. Stevens
2019 Miss S. Garrett Master J. Lui
2020 Miss H. Graley Master F. Francis


Gold Award


We give our annual Gold Award to a child, chosen from across the school, who has demonstrated an exceptional attitude to all aspects of school life throughout the year.

This was first awarded in 2012. 


2012 Miss R. Maynard
2013 Miss M. Sutton
2014 Miss M. Sutton
2015 Master C. Johns
2016 Miss L. Bird
2017 Master M. Dubois
2018 Master T. Polhill
2019 Master J. Ludwell
2020 Master J. Shere