Health & Safety

The aim of our school is to create an atmosphere of carefulness both in and out of school, this is for all users of the school; children, school staff, parents and the community as a whole.


Members of staff, and other individuals operating on our school site, are expected to take responsibility for their own health and safety, and that of others, and are required to report any issues or concerns to either a senior member of staff or to one of our administrators in our school office.



We aim to help the children in our care develop the skills they need to make assessment s about their own health and safety so that they are able to take personal responsibility and exercise control to ensure their own personal safety, and that of others. 


Health and Safety includes:


• The ability of each individual to protect him/her self
• Concern and consideration for the safety of others
• Knowledge of what to do in certain situations
• Alertness and control
• Cultivation of good habits


For children, good safety habits are taught as part of the curriculum and as a part of day-to-day policies and procedures. This can be through topic work and specific teaching and involves outside agencies such as the police, fire service, road safety officers, etc.


Health and Safety is also taught through a health related topics, which also involves input from outside agencies.


At Bradworthy Academy all members of our school community are encouraged to develop healthy habits through good health and hygiene routines, for example regular exercise, care of themselves, personal hygiene, etc.

A positive policy for balanced, healthy eating is maintained at school.


You can download our Health and Safety Policy here: