Be Healthy and Stay Safe


Being Healthy and Staying Safe is all about the care, guidance and support that we offer our children so that they are safe and their needs are being met.


It is also about their physical, mental and emotional health and the extent to which our children adopt a healthy lifestyle.


This is also concerned with the way in which we promote equal opportunities for all of our pupils and the way in which we all understand and tackle discrimination.


Safeguarding is all about ensuring the safety of all of our children.


In the first instance this is concerned with our policies and practices and the way in which we ensure that we are all vigilant to things like abuse, children’s safety and bullying.


It is also concerned with the way in which we help children to develop themselves so that they understand issues relating to things like bullying, drugs, sex, crime and anti-social behaviour, and are able to develop the personal skills needed for them to take responsibility for their own safety and well-being, becoming active and positive members of our society.