Ordering Uniform

The following items of uniform can be ordered from school at the amounts shown:



The children are required to wear a cap as a part of their uniform when they are outside of their Class.
This is especially important when they are outside on trips or simply travelling to and from the academy at the start and end of each day. 

Caps are available at a price of only £3.50 each.

You can order them from our School Office or by using the link below to e-mail us.


The central part of our uniform is the royal blue jumpers which all children are required to wear throughout the school year.
The jumpers are embroidered with the school's badge which is very  important because it promotes the children's pride in both themselves and their school.


These jumpers also form the core of the children's sports kit.


The jumpers are available from school at the following prices:


Up to size 34" - £10.00 each
36" and larger - £12.00 each



Our school uniform also requires that the children wear a yellow polo shirt which is properly badged with school logo.
They must be worn by all children throughout the school year except in the case of girl's who opt to wear School Dresses during the Summer Term.


These school polo shirts also form the core of the children's sports kit.


School polo shirts are available from school at the following prices:


Up to size 32" - £7.50 each
34" and larger - £10.50 each



Boys are expected to wear short grey trousers throughout the school year along with knee length grey socks.

We would be grateful if these shorts were not the stye that has cargo pockets on the outsode of the legs.

Please ensure that these shorts finish above the knee. 

Short Grey Trousers - £6.00
Knee Socks - £1.00



Girls are required to wear knee length grey skirts throughtout the school year.
These must be worn with white knee socks, or grey tights.

During the Summer Term girls have the option of wearing the blue Gingham School Dress shown in the picture. These must also be worn with white knee socks must be worn. 



In 2021 we introduced the school coats which are shown in this picture.
They are waterproof with a taped "roll-away" hood and fully lined so that they provide insulation on cold days.
Whilst not compulsory we encourage their wearing.

They are available at the subsidised cost of only £15 each.



Sports Kit


All children must have a basic sports kit which consists of blue shorts, knee length blue sports socks, a blue school jumper and yellow polo shirt.
The children are also required to wear trainers.

In addition to the above older girls in Years Five and Six will also require a royal blue games skirt which they will be required to wear when they are involved in support. They will be leant these by the school.

The children are encouraged to wear a school leotard when taking part in gymnastics and dance.


Royal Blue Sport Shorts - £3.00
Knee Length Sports Socks (sizes 12.5 - 2.5) - £3.50
Knee Length Sports Socks (sizes 4 - 7) - £3.50
Leotard - £10.00



Sizes :     Polo shirts, Sweatshirts and Dresses - measure your child around the chest.
Shorts and skirts - measure your child around the waist and give their age.
Socks by shoe size.

School coats - by height or chest size 

We are also able to supply quality items of second hand uniform at a cost of only 50p per
item which represents excellent value for money. If you would like to purchase second hand
uniform please get in touch and we will do our best to supply the items and sizes that you

If you require non-standard sizes please get in touch because we can make arrangements
where this is necessary.

You can order by downloading our order from or by contacting our school office
Payments ca be made by either cash, cheques (please make them payable to Bradworthy
Primary Academy) or bank transfer: