Click here to get information about your work while you are off school.

The "Coronavirus Thing" means that most of you are going to be off school for a few weeks.


It is important that you have things to get on with while you're away from school and, although it's going to be a bit weird not having people like Mrs Brauns and me around to help you, I know you'll do your best to get things done.


Please don't get stressed out if you don't get something - it's not worth it !!!


 We've set up a "blog site" so that we can help you and so you can help each other.
Go to the "Children" Tab on our web-site and click "Blogging".
You've been given log in details but please get in touch if you're having problems.


I'll be on-line to give you "live support" and I'll let you know when on our Class Page each Sunday for the week ahead.

You can blog each other whenever you want.

You can also blog me at other times, although I may not get straight back to you.


Your Work:


Work will be set on your Class Page.
Use the "Click here to download you work" link to get to it.


You have been given log-on details for EdShed which will help you practice basic number and spelling skills.
Make sure you spend about 15 minutes each day on each of these areas.


You have log-on details for Espresso which has a huge range of resources.
You will sometimes be given activities to do but feel free to explore this and do your own thing.


Your log-on details for Bandlab, a music package, can be found on our Blog page.
Mrs Turner is going to set you a project but feel free to play with this as much as you want.


You need to read for 30 minutes every day.


In addition to specific weekly tasks you will also be set ongoing topic work.


Simon has set an Art Project for the coming weeks, and in addition to this you'll be hearing from people like Teena (who has already posted a recipe), Elliot (who will be helping you stay fit) and Mr Sentence (who will be providing poetry tasks and "Brain of Bradworthy" and stuff like that).


All of this can be downloaded by clicking the "Click here to download your work" link on our Class Page.


Click on the link "Click here to make sure you're up-to-date with you work" to make sure you are getting the things you need to do done. 


Don't forget to use our "Blog Page" for help and support.