Out of Hours Child Care

After School


As a result of our recent consultation we are now offering parents the opportunity to pick their children up from school as late as 5.30pm each evening.


The service is running on a recreational basis and it is our intention for it to compliment, not replace, the clubs that we have always offered at the end of each school day.



It is being run on a voluntary basis by our staff giving the children who stay the opportunity to use the computers, watch DVDs, play on games equipment and generally use the school's facilities in a recreational way.


We don't offer food as part of this service but there is no reason why the children can’t bring a snack and drink from home if they are staying late in school.

Each morning we will make a list of children who are staying late, so please ensure that your child knows what they are doing each day. If arrangements change please ring the school office, on 01409 241365, to let us know. This is especially important if your child travels to and from school on one of our school buses.

All children who use this service must be signed out, in every instance, by the adult who collects them when they leave. Older children, who walk themselves home, may sign themselves out with the permission of an adult.


The service is completely free.


Breakfast Drop In


In response to local needs we offer a breakfast drop in service so that our parents can drop their children off each morning before they travel to work.


Children can be dropped off as early as 8.00am and are free to use school facilities in a recreational manner.

Please note that children will need to have breakfast before they arrive in school.


All children must be signed in on arrival on the sheets which are kept in either their classrooms or in the library. Older children can take responsibility for this themselves.


The service is completely free.