Back to the Future: The Day the Music Died

Back to the Future: The Day the Music Died


Our Key Stage 2 pupils finally got the chance to perform our Christmas play last week - in the middle of February!  Unfortunately, due to illness we had to postpone this play twice, but it is safe to say the performances were well worth the wait.  


We were thrilled to be able to perform to three packed audiences, and share all of our hard work with everyone.  Our Year Six pupils took centre stage, playing the leading roles with confidence and incredible amounts of talent.   Year Five made up our choir, and sang with amazing enthusiasm throughout the 90 minute performance.   Years Three and Four played parts in scenes set in the Basement Rebel DJ, and Smalville High's Championship Football Game, and we were blown away by their singing, and stage confidence.  


It was wonderful to see all of the children throwing themselves into their performances, and we are incredibly proud of them all.  Thank you to everyone who came and watched, and for all of your kind words and encouragement!