Bikeability 2014

This year Class six have been doing 'Bikeabilty', an instructor called Ian came to teach us how to ride our bikes safely on the road.

We started off on the playground. The first thing we did in the playground was to practice starting safely. To start safely we had to hold our left and right breaks down, we had to put our pedal in a position where we could push off quickly and finally we had to look behind and start pedalling. After that, we practiced our emergency stop. To do an emergency stop you need to hold both breaks down, straighten your arm's then lean back on your seat.

Then we went to the village to practice on the road, where we worked on turning with a signal. For this you need to firstly do a safe start, and then look behind you, carefully making a signal to the way you're going with a straight arm. With fingers pointing outwards, we then look behind again, then turn.

Finally we went on a long bike ride which was four miles long. To start off with, we went down a big hill, but we then had to go up a even steeper hill! After a mile a sheepdog started to follow us. But Ian got a bit annoyed so he said to us we should cycle as fast as we can away from the dog.

When it was time to go home, we said good bye then went home knowing a lot more about cycling safely.  We all enjoyed doing Bikeabilty and we are looking forward to doing it again.

By Aaron and Jess