The children in Years Five and Six have spent the last two weeks of the half term working with our wonderful Bikeability instructors Tom and Ian.  Everyone has been having a great time developing our cycling skills and gathering experience and qualifications.  Millie and Stanley from Year Five have written the report below to explain what the children have been learning!




Bikeability is where you learn how to ride a bike using the right skills. In bikeability you learn to ride a bike sensibly on a road while staying safe and having fun.


Ian and Tom, our instructors, taught us how to check if our bikes are in good condition and safe to ride. You need to have two brakes on either side of the handlebars so if you go down a hill you won't crash.


We started off in the playground where we learnt how to brake and to signal to cars behind us. When we were on the road we were learning how to do the life saver, safe stop, safe start and an emergency stop.


In year 4 everyone passed their level one and we hope this year we all will pass our level two as well.


We would all like to thank Ian and Tom for helping us with bikeability and we are all looking forward to seeing them next year and completing level three.


By Millie and Stanley - Year Five 2017.