Bird Boxes

On Monday 27th April Class Six and I went to Julian’s Farm to look at some rare habitats and to help the wildlife that was in this environment by building some boxes for them to nest in. It was really fun on the farm.

The first thing we did when we got there was dip our feet in disinfectant made from iodine and water. This was to make sure we didn’t infct the land with anything form outside. We started of with assembling some “habitat houses” which were for little mammals and birds. One of the bird boxes had metal on the front.

After this Year Six went on a habitat hunt. The first things we found were a couple of butterflies, a lizard, some frogs and lots of caterpillars.

We’re going to go back in a few weeks when the caterpillars have metamorphosised into rare butterflies called Marsh Fritillaries – you only find them on Culm Grass.

Finally we made our way back to the farm to have a late lunch and after this we went back to school.

I’ve learnt about where caterpillars live but my favourite part was assembling the boxes.

By Keiron