Class 4 Museum 2014

On Thursday 3rd April, class 4 set up a museum and pretended they were historians for a day. We had been planning this event for a couple of weeks.

Mr Lewis gave us a sheet of information to fill out , on the sheet there were questions like what topic are you going to do? WW1, WW2 or Egyptians etc?  What things do you need to make your stall? What games are you going to do?

Some people brought historical artifacts in from home to use for their stall, as well as that we had to learn 5 amazing facts.

Before morning break we made sure everything was ok and Mr Lewis gave us a wish list which we could write 3 things we wanted like laminating, photocopying and printing.

After break we opened the Museum and throughout the day had over 150 children through our doors and parents as well. It was hard work but once we got further into the day it was a lot easier.

On Friday Alan Strike came and brought in WW1 artefacts to show our class. He brought things like a rifle and barbed wire etc and told us all about them. He said he dug them up from Belgium and France. The stuff was really cool because to see all the things used in the first World war and to think about how long ago it was.

By Adam and Erin (Year Four)