Climbing Competition

We recently took part in our first Climbing Competition in Exeter.

There were 23 participants from Bradworthy, and we were the only school team in the competition.

Group D had the dark greens as their first route. The dark greens were group D’s easiest climb.

Their second climb was the floral greens that had three small ledges.   Their last climb was floral pink which hardly anyone completed and was very hard.


Group C had the yellow as their first route.

Their second route was the fluorescent orange the had a small ledge.  Their last route was the salmons which was very hard.


Also all the Groups had to do three boulder challenges.

You got three attempts at each bouldering challenge and were graded on the furthest hold that you got to.


The wall we climbed on was a lot higher than the one that we have in school which felt daunting, however we gave it our best shot and enjoyed ourselves very much. We look forward to training more with Simon and hopefully competing again in other climbing competitions.

By Stephen, Lily and Evie