Dartmoor on a Sunny Day !!!

Amazing Dartmoor Trip!!!


After the first Dartmoor trip was cancelled due to Storm Eunice, and a red weather waning, and disastrous weather for the second trip, which caused us to cut the route short, Bradworthy’s Dartmoor second group finally got to walk 14 miles in amazing sunshine!


We walked from our start at the North of the Oakhampton firing range all the way to Dinger Tor where we stopped for a break. Then we pressed on all the way to the top of Fur tour where we had lunch. This was around 7 miles and we still had to walk all the way back!


On Thursday 24th March at 7:45 the whole of our Dartmoor group were at school in there walking gear and we all got onto the bus ready for the 14 miles we had to walk. As we got of the bus we could feel the warm breeze and we all new it was going to be so much fun than last time!

We had a few stops on the way to Dinger Tor but we never stopped for long and by the time we got there I had already finished off two packets of sweets and a whole bottle of water. We crossed some really rough ground, which was exhausting, and got to Fur Tor and had lunch. There was an amazing view. After lunch before we set of to finish the last seven miles that we had left but we all had lots of fun running around and playing games before we set off!


The way back was the best part because we found lots of sheep bones and we even found a smoke grenade but it did not work.
We also got to jump into huge rivers almost as deep as us. We found lots of jelly ground and it was brilliant to jump up and down on it and feel the ground shake. Jelly ground is a peice of grass that has lots of water underneath it and when you jump up and down the ground wobles!

When we were almost back at the start we came across another river. We were allowed to plunge into the water and it was even deep enough to dunk our heads under in one place!
We never wanted to leave because it was so enjoyable.

We are all looking forward to the challenging 25 miles camping trip in the summer and lots the other walks too.


By Cerys