Gliddon and Squire Cross Country - Race Two 2021

We took our team of 36 children back down to Northam Burrows for the second race of our cross country running season on Sunday 7th November.


We are having a great season and these are our latest results:


Under Nine Girls -


Holly (Year 4) finished 7th on Sunday and is 3rd after two races.

Felicity (Year 3) finished 9th and is 8th after the second race.

Our team is currently in 2nd place.


Under Nine Boys -


George (Year 4) finished 6th and is in 2nd place after two races.

Nathan and Seth (both Year 4) are 7th and 8th after two races.

Our team is 2nd.


Under Elevens -


Our girls’ team is 3rd after two races.


Toby (Year 6) won his second race of the season and is in first place after two races.

Our boys team has moved up a place to 3rd.


Our under eleven school team is currently 2nd.


Our next race is at Coxleigh Barton in December and we’re looking forward to some more positive results.