Hartland Quay 2021

If you've been looking at our news items you'll know that Year Six have been spending a lot of time on Dartmoor this term. At over 600m the highest points of Dartmoor, such as Yes Tor, are officially high enough to be classed as mountains.


As you can see from these photos we've also been spending time visiting our coast.
Hartland Quay has some World famous rock formations and the general "lay-of-the -land" here means that we can study geology, and the way in which our landscape has changed recently and over hundreds of millions of years, really effectively.
It's an amazing place to use deduction to work out what ahs been going on - and using "brain-power" to work things out is much better than someone just telling you !!!


If we bring rivers into this loop we can join our mountains and the sea and start to see our environment as a "joined-up" cycle of events that both destroy and create our planet.


If you want to learn about geography you need to go "out-and-about" !!