Jabberwocky - Class Five

As part of their English work this term, Year Five have been studying the poem Jabberwocky.   To support their work they spent the day at Rosemoor Gardens, taking part in a range of activities.  Brooke and Oscar have written a report about the day to explain what they got up to!


Class 5 have recently been on an exciting trip to Rosemoor. We got put into group,s and each group learnt a different verse of the poem Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll. We did it in sign language and learnt it by heart. Then 2 week‘s later we filmed the whole poem  at Rosemoor.

We found a good spot and started to film with Alex, we all had the best time in the world. We did the filming in the forest and the park.   We are going to put our video on the YouTube page when it is finished.


Also we did Jabberwocky Go, with our awsome teacher Mrs Turner. We also counted the petals on some of the flowers so we can do an investigation when we get back to school.


Mrs Brauns and her group went down to the forest and started to get lot‘s of ideas, describing words and vocabulary ready for the stories we are going to write.


After that we sadly went back to school, but the next day we wrote a Jabberwocky story in our own version!!!

By Brooke and Oscar