In literacy, class 5 have been working on a poem called  Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll.

This poem is a nonsense poem ,about a boy who went in to the woods in search of a Jabberwock. It has imaginary beasts in it such as Borogoves, Jub Jub bird, Slithy Toves and the Jabberwock (of course!) It has also got imaginary plants including the Tum Tum tree.

On the 13th of September we went to Rosemoor gardens. We went to Rosemoor to become Jabberwock hunters. At Rosemoor we found evidence of the Jabberwock. We found Jabberwock footprints, Jabberwock snot, Jabberwock’s victim’s blood and last but definitely not least Jabberwock dung.  We took photos of the evidence we found to prove that Jabberwocks are real.

Ever since our visit to Rosemoor we have been learning about the Jabberwock in our literacy work.

Be careful when your in the woods and keep your eyes open for the Jabberwock!

By Lauren and Blythe