London 2016

We've had a great night out at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre where we saw a powerful performance of Macbeth.
The number of compliments that we got from members of the public, who were impressed with how incredibly focussed the children were on the play, was amazing.

As if this wasn't enough for one evening we then went into town to see the lights.

We're safely back at the hostel again and everyone is asleep; which is good becasue our itinerary isn't going to "let up". 


Day Two.

We're back in the hostel after an historic time at Westminster Abbey, a terrifying time at The London Dungeon (although a break away group followed Shrek on an Adventure instead - equally spectacular but much less dark !) and a scientific time at the Planetarium.

We've been on the Underground, The Docklands Light Railway, and on the River Thames; and we've also walked miles !!

It's incredible how relaxed everyone is in "the big city".

We've having tea at the minute before heading to The Globe Theatre to watch Macbeth. Hopefully there'll be photos of this later.

Thanks for all the messages - keep leaving them !