Magnificent Macbeth



A dark night and three witches meet once again .

Where will they meet? in thunder , lightning or rain .On the heath .There to meet Macbeth.

This is the terrifying , dramatic start of William Shakespeare’s most famous play.


Class 6 had been working on Macbeth for a few weeks with Sir. When we’d finished the story we went to watch Macbeth at the Plough Theatre in Torrington and it was outstanding. There were only 3 actors (All Woman!) and they did all the different parts. Keith (The Bell Man) was in the audience and he

helped out.


The style wasn't anything like what we had been learning in school. Every one in the hole class had been wondering what it was going to be like as it was going to be a comedy.

There were three female actors and the were amazing; the thing that probably amazed a lot of people most was when one of the actors, or even two of them, had to be two characters at the same time. They would use a bar to hang the costume on so when they went into a different character they could still have the other character in the scene.

Bear in mind that they had to change characters really quickly – it was very clever.

The play was very funny and enjoyable especially when Macbeth was doing his speech and the other two were playing a Clarinet and Fiddle and she got cross because they were ruining the big speech.

When Lady Macbeth had blood on her hands she used sanitiser to try and get it off!

They also used a bike-powered background. They had to peddle the bike to change the scenery.


The play was Magnificent. Everyone loved it, even our teachers.
The actors were called The Handlebars and I would rate them Five Stars . It was AMAZING !!!!!


By Scarlett and Isla