Netball League 2022

Happy New Year everybody,


apologies for the slow upload on this, we had a very successful run of fixtures resulting in a top of the league finish in the Torrington Netball League.


Over the course of four weeks we played against Langtree, Torrington Bluecoats, St Helens and Monkleigh. 


The five-aside league was very competitive, our players played some excellent possession based play with quick interchanging of position and passing that allowed our forwards to score some excellent points, the scoring was shared amongst the team, as is the case with the rotational nature of the game. 


The results:


Bradworthy 5-0 Langtree


Bradworthy 6-0 Torrington Bluecoats


Bradworthy 7-3 St Helens


Bradworthy 5-0 Monkleigh. 


The final match against Monkleigh was called off at half time due to some insane weather, the court got flooded by a freak rainstorm accompanied by some vicious winds, Monkleigh were offered the chance to replay at a later date or call the fixture as it is, fortunately they called it there and then, due to our already dominant scoreline. 


Well done team, Mr Lapham and I are very proud of all who played for the team, their effort and enthusiasm levels have been superb, hopefully more to come!