North Devon Tag - Rugby

Year six tag rugby teams faced a challenging tournament on Wednesday 13th June 2012 against a lot of schools roughly in the area.

We enjoyed a great 45 minute journey to Barnstaple for the big day. Half an hour after we arrived and trained with Ian our sports coach, we packed up our stuff set off to our first match. We set off to a wonderful start with excellent players of team B passing and scoring. Oscar passed a great ball to Bertie, Who raced down the line with a brave face and Shannon made too impossible for anyone tag her. The final,succeding score was 4-1.

In team A we started with a fabulous team,every one was scared,because the opposition showed tough expressions and teamwork . Although this happened we stormed in front of Great Torrington A and made them look angry. Callum took a risk and did a sharp turn and passed an extremely accurate throw to Will,who then raged with fear shot down the centre and scored a tri.

Both teams played exceptionally well and because of our hard efforts we came to the quater - finals and then became the teams who rounded to the semi - finals and unfornuately we got to golden - goal from a fantastic 4-4 down to a massive mistrake and we slipped to 5-4.

Luckily we still had our other game still going on and we kept our heads up and smiled,until yet another golden - goal,but unexpectedly a boy made us look another way a struggled round and scored a tri and unfortunately we ended up losing 6-5.

Despite the unfortunate loss of both final games we still made the most of our day and witnessed another tight match and then we marched with pride back to the mini bus to go back to school,so we could go home and rest for the evening.

By Ella-Rose and Frankie Members Of Class 6.

Thank you to sir, Ian and and all the children who played. We had the best time ever. Well done Bradworthy Primary Academy.