North Wales 2012

Day Four Update

Its Thursday evening and we have once again found a wifi connection!  We've had a wonderful day climbing Snowdon, and there are currently some very tired faces currently having showers at the youth hostel!  (There are also some very cheeky faces trying avoid showers at the moment!!!)

Please scroll down the page for some photos of us enjoying our activities.  We are off to the cinema this evening, and then heading to Alton Towers tomorrow.  Traffic allowing we will see you all at school at 11:30pm - if we are going to be much later than this we will ring as usual. 

Day Three - Update!!!

It is Wednesday evening, and we have finally had some success in our bid to find a wifi connection!  Everyone has had another brilliant day (despite the weather) and we are looking forward to an evening of climbing or hill walking after dinner!

Hello from North Wales !!! Everyone is safe and well and we're all having a fantastic time despite the somewhat challenging weather.

We've spent the day climbing, kayaking, hill walking and canyoning and we're just about ready for some well earned hot drinks before we settle down for bed. Finding an internet connection is proving very difficult.
The internet cafe in Llanberis didn't have internet this evening - which makes it just a cafe I guess !
I'm typing this via a satellite link which is too slow for pictures.
We'll have another go at up-loading tomorrow. Feel free to leave messages and sorry about the lack of technology up here !!


Our first stop on Monday was at the Black Country Museum.   Here we were taken around by Victorian guides and shown the many different buildings which make up the ‘village’.  We learnt that all of the buildings in the museum have been moved from other sites and rebuilt to show a typical Victorian mining village.   After exploring lots of the buildings (and devouring our packed lunches!!) we were able to go on a tour of the Dudley Canals, where our guide showed us how canals were built into the tunnels and hills of the Dudley area as part of the mining industry.  We were also lucky enough to take a tour of a Victorian mine, and find out about how coal was mined and the different jobs within a mine itself.


Having left the Black Country Museum we headed across through North Wales to the hostel.   Everyone enjoyed the scenery as we worked our way up through the mountains and we were relieved to get to the hostel just in time for tea!   After a substantial (!!!) tea we were able to explore the hostel and get ourselves established in the games room – a very competitive Jenga tournament has started!


Throughout Tuesday and Wednesday we have been working in groups taking part in a range of activities.   These have included kayaking, canyoning and climbing.  Everyone has had lots of fun trying new activities, and our guides have been impressed with the attitude the children have demonstrated to their challenges!


This evening half of the group are heading to an enormous indoor climbing centre, while the other half are exploring in the hills behind the hostel.    Once we are back at the hostel it will be time to prepare for our ascent of Snowdon tomorrow and have another early night!

Everyone is in very high spirits, eating and sleeping incredibly well!  We will do our best to update again tomorrow – technology depending!

Please keep posting comments – we will do our best to get them to the children whenever connections allow.