Penzance Residential 2019

Hello again everyone.  I wanted to update this page once more, to add some photos from our fun filled day at Camel Creek Adventure Park on Friday.  We have hours of fun playing in play areas and on lots of different rides.  We also enjoyed a sneaky ice cream before we headed back to Bradworthy.   As you can see from these pictures everyone made the most of the opportunity to run off any lingering energy!


Over the course of the trip we have been inundated with compliments about the behaviour and manners demonstrated by the children.  They have been absolutely amazing to spend time with, and a real credit to both their families and their school.  I would also like to say an enormous thank you to Ellie Runeckles,  Caroline Stevens and Elliot Lewis.  Their endless enthusiasm and hard work has made the trip run incredibly smoothly, and I am incredibly grateful!  Most of all I'd like to thank all of the children in Year Three for being such superstars!  Well done & thank you!!