Penzance Update - Day One

It's just after midnight on Day One and everyone is fast asleep!  We've had a fabulous evening ten-pin bowling and disco dancing, and all of the children have gone to bed with enormous smiles!

We hope you enjoy our team photos and action shots!  The winners from each lane are looking forward to receiving their prizes during the week! (And Miss D is very much looking forward to her prize as she had the highest score of the evening - what will Mr Furber buy?!)


Everyone enjoyed their dinner before we headed to Falmouth for a game of ten-pin bowling!

It's early evening on Day One and we are just finishing our dinner and getting ready to go bowling!  We've had a fabulous day at the Eden Project and really enjoyed our rainforest session!!


These photos show us during our Rainforest Rangers session where we learnt how to use plants that grow in the rainforest to help us survive.   We were officially awarded a 'Rainforest Ranger' certificate which means that we passed our survival tests!  William (our resident Rainforest Expert) has spent the rest of the day guarding the certificate very carefully!


Jasmine and Phoebe acted as wonderful ambassadors for the school in The Core - the hands on section of the Eden Project!  They certainly recieved some funny looks!

Having arrived at the hostel we have all found our bedrooms and settled in!  The staff were then kept entertained by everyone's attempts to make their beds - I'm sure the photograph below gives everyone an idea of the carnage that followed!


We are just finishing an enormous dinner and heading off for the evening!  Please check back later for some amusing bowling photographs!!

The Year Four Residential Trip is to Penzance this year.