Penzance Update - Day Three

It's almost ten o'clock, and we have just returned from a fabulous evening at Laser Tag!  We were split into teams and played against one another in a pirate themed course.   Everyone had lots of fun, and the blue team were victorious - winning by an enormous 20,000 points!!


As you can see from the team photos, everyone has had a great time playing Laser Quest this evening - there have been lots of requests to play again tomorrow!


We're heading off for hot chocolate before bed now.  Miss Daniel will start typing up the postcards in a while, so please check back to have a look at them! We'll also check in at breakfast time tomorrow!

It's coming up to 7pm on Day Two and we have just finished our evening meal and headed up to change.  Today has been action packed, and we have had an amazing amount of fun!  Unfortunately the weather has scuppered some of our original plans.  Luckily our back up plans have worked out well, and we had a brilliant morning exploring Pendennis Castle in Falmouth before heading to the National Maritime Museum this afternoon.


The weather has once again beaten us this evening and the Minack Theatre have contacted us to tell us that the Twits has been cancelled.  (We've had a sneaky look at their live webcam and we are relieved as it looks fairly miserable at the moment!!).   Luckily, our second back up plan of the day has worked out (!!) and we are heading off to a laser quest centre for this evenings activity.    When we get back this evening Miss D will do her best to update this properly with lots more pictures!!


Everyone has slept really well and we are currently eating an enormous breakfast before we set off on today's adventures.  As you can see from the photo most of us are bright eyed and bushy tailed, and looking forward to todays activities (even the teachers!).  Thank you for your messages so far - its lovely to hear from everyone while we are away!  Keep checking back as we will try to update again this evening!