Poundstock 2014

Class 5’s Amazing Trip to Poundstock Gildhouse.

On Thursday the ninth of October, class 5 went to Poundstock to experience what life was like in the Tudor times.

First we entered the banqueting hall where we met our guides, and put our bags on the chairs. After that she talked to us about what we were going to do there such as: making bread plates, ginger beer and Master Tim will talk to us about the building itself. Well that’s what we were doing before lunch. Mrs Turner split us into three groups: Penfound, Trebarfoot and Calmandy, who owned the building. Anybody from the poorest person to the richest could come to the feast in the banqueting hall if they brought two shillings to pay for the food which was made by the poor people, maids, and the servants.

Next we went down stairs to get into poor Tudor outfits to do the bread making and ginger beer and talk about the building. The outfits helped us get into the mood of Tudors. The girls were wearing a blouses, long skirts, shawls and bonnets. The boys were wearing: belts, socks, hats and a tunic. Then we made the delicious bread by using flour, butter, yeast , milk and water. The ginger beer was made from yeast, water, lemon and ginger. And the building was made of cob, stone, wood, glass, but only the rich had glass, in the Tudor times they would have cows horns and wooden shutter’s.

After such a busy morning it was time for lunch.

After that, we had to get into the rich Tudors costumes before learning a Tudor dance. As a couple, spring to the left, spring to the right. Take 3 little runs forwards and pause. Repeat it again. Face your partner, the man’s hands on the lady’s waist, her hands on his shoulders. Both bend knees, and she jumps high as he lifts her. Join hands with partner and circle on the spot for a count. Repeat the dance from the start, making sure you keep well spaced out.

Finally we learned about the musical instruments used in the Tudor times, and played children’s Tudor games and tried writing with feathers and ink.   We had a fantastic time at Poundstock and really enjoyed such an AMAZING SCHOOL TRIP.

BY Maya Schiffer and Dylan Crothall