Pyjama Party!

On Friday 10th February 2017 Bradworthy Academy held a Pyjama Party to raise money for Cancer Research UK. This event was organised by Holly Chamberlain, Evie Hoddinott, Lily Drake, Olivia Guy and Charlie Orsler with help from others from Year 6 during the cake sale.

The children all contributed £1 to come to school in their PJ’s and purchased cakes during break times with all proceeds going to the great cause. The children really enjoyed themselves and there were big cakey smiles all round!

Pupils and parents from across the school worked to produce cakes and sweets for the sale.  Thank you to everyone who donated cakes - we are incredibly grateful for your efforts.

They were delicious… and sticky!

Holly and her team would like to thank everyone for being so generous and helpful. A good time was had by all and the children managed to raise a brilliant total £262.84p!