Sandy Brown 2014

A few children from year Six went to Sandy Brown’s workshop just before Easter. Sandy brown is an internationally famous potter and sculptor who works in Appledore.

In the first part of the morning we did clay work. Sandy told us that we should let our hands do the work and not plan. E had to make something to do with flight. We made birds and butterflies but Sandy made flying saucers !

After a snack she let us do whatever we wanted with clay. Everyone was really creative and we ended up with lots of different ideas and creations.

Later on we had a look around in her gallery upstairs where Sandy had lots of wonderful pots. After a good look we went back down and she had put out tiles and glaze. Glaze is what decorate pots with. We decorated our tiles with glaze and everyone had two different colourful tiles by the end of the afternoon.

I had a great time ( I think we all did ) and I wish I could go again.
A big thank you to everyone who made this possible.

Raily (Year Six)