Sponsored Walk - 2011

At 9.30am the rain was hammering down and it looked like our walk would be off !!!
But we held our nerve and after a delayed start we went up tot he Tamar Lakes and set off and as you can see by the time we stopped for lunch, and more importantly to build a sand motorbike, the sun was out and the day was lovely.


We crossed farmland, went through a wood, followed the new path all the way around the lakes and had lunch by the dam.
Year Six are training for Dartmoor so they had to carry the camping gear, set up camp and filter and boil some water from the lake before thy could eat.
Then we had to go all the way back again.
We walked about six miles but it was worth it because we had a free ice cream on the lawn at the farm when we got back and we're going to raise loads of money.