Ten Tors Challenge - 2011

This photo shows us at the successful completion of our Ten Tors Challenge.

This event is always our most extreme sporting challenge but this year's event was even more challenging than usual !!!
In the end we spent two consecutive days on the moor in non-stop driving rain and visibility that got down to as little as 50 metres. We covered nearly twenty miles and managed to reach all ten tors - where the sun came out for the first time !!

The photos show us up in the clouds on Yes Tor, in our emergency shelter beside the river Taw after coming down from Hound Tor, inside our shelter on Black Tor and crossing open moor on a compass bearing.

We've been training for this event all term and it's just as well we have because we needed ever single skill and every bit of stamina and fitness to complete the challenge.

This is something we're always going to remember.