Ten Tors - Final Training

These are our final preparations for our Ten Tors Challenge which will be taking place on Monday and Tuesday of next week.
These "Tent Heads" are smiling despite the gale force winds and driving winds which we endured last Wednesday evening at Culliver Steps on Dartmoor - but then they are inside their tent.


The trip started with us having to put our navigation to the test.
With only a set of grid references to guide us we had to find our way across the moor to the location where our camping gear had been hidden.
By the time we had found it, it was raining but we managed to gt our tents up before it got too bad and w were set for the night - which was wild !!!


We found enough cover under some trees to cook our tea and then headed to the shelter of our tents for the night.
We didn't get a lot of sleep - but this wasn't entirely the fault of the bad weather !!
The next morning we had to walk several miles to get back to our minibus.
By the time we got back to school it was sunny but at least that meant we could dry our kit out so it's ready for the next trip.